Top 3 Tips to Get Your “Business Social” on {and Why Facebook for Business is not “Set-and-Forget”}

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The theme of a lot of discussions this week during workshops and mentoring has been “so how do I get my Business Social on?” And by “Business Social”, I mean…..

  • what do I say and how do I say it on my page?
  • what sort of photos should I use on Facebook for my business?
  • how personal should I be on my Facebook Business Page?

One of the biggest things to get your head around when you are getting used to using Facebook for your Business, is that it is not “Set-and-Forget”. And by this I mean that if you set up the Page and walk away and don’t maintain it, it will fail.  You need to….

  • “turn up” for your Fans every day
  • whilst not letting Social Media take over your business or your life
  • and at the same time be chatty on your Facebook FanPage without being creepy or cheesy

Eeeeeeeek! It sounds like too much hard work to be awesome?!?!? Not really, once you know what to do and not what to do, managing your Facebook Business Page effectively becomes second nature, like riding a bike or driving a car….. Here’s how to get your business social on without suffering awesome-ness-fatigue…

Top 3 Tips to Getting Your “Business Social” on and Why Facebook for Business is not “Set-and-Forget”

1. Be Visual. Human Visual. Photos, photos, PHOTOS are one of the biggest drivers of Facebook Business. Being “Business Social” means we need to know who we are talking with in your business so that we can become part of your community. We want to know the human behind the business not just the product sheet. We want a relationship with you so that we know what sort of service you will give us after the product is bought. We want to trust you so that we can decide whether to buy from you

As a writer I was taught to SHOW not TELL my story….

Therefore you need to carefully select the photos you use on your Page to SHOW us, your customers, what is happening in your business. This is what works for me and my clients….

  • Profile photo – choose a photo that is a human face. Your face preferably. Humans connect with other humans. So it is not surprising that, statistically, Fans engage with a human face more than a logo or photo of your product. Remember that your profile photo is also going to be shrunk down to thumbnail size when you leave comments around Facebook, so ensure your photo is centred and is not going to look weird when shrunk. If a photo is taken too far away the face will be indistinguishable when shrunk to a thumbnail. So an up-close head-shot is ideal, doing something fun is even better. And a photo of a face with sunglasses just doesn’t cut it. We need eyes. Eyes mean trust.
  • Cover photo – this is the first visual a Fan sees when they enter your Page. Make it a compelling photo that shows the feeling of your product, or even better, use a compelling photo of the feelings of someone using your product. The keywords here are compelling and feeling. Lock onto these.
  • Photos in your Posts – these should be equally high quality and as beautiful as possible. Think of your Facebook Page as a glossy magazine. The more beautiful the photos, the more often you will buy the magazine and the more of it you flick through right? Same rules apply on your Facebook for Business Page….
  • Your Face is key – be prepared to show your face. This was a huge step for me, to allow myself to be photographed for photos that would later be uploaded into Facebook. We want to know who you are. It’s a natural human instinct to want to know who we are talking with, to see your eyes, to connect and to trust.
2. Your Business is Your Story. Another major driver of Facebook is STORY. It’s important that as a customer of your product that I get to know your company ethos. I want to know the culture of your business. It’s not like the 80′s and 90′s anymore, in the 00′s I am a savvy consumer now and it is not enough to simply buy your product, I want to belong to a community. Take the Apple brand for example, Apple is the biggest brand on the planet, hands down. bigger than Microsoft, bigger than Coke, bigger than McDonalds. And when you talk with a Mac user, they talk about Mac as if it is their devout religion and they will shoot you down in flames if you saying anything untoward about “their” Apple products. You see, Apple are not just selling iPads, iPhones and iMacs as electronic devices, they are selling a community. When you buy Mac, you buy religion, you buy into the Apple community. We can all learn from Apple. When building your brand on Facebook, take a leaf out of Apple’s book and know that your ultimate goal is therefore to build a community. To do this, you need to give your customers something to connect with. Something tangible. Something more than just the colours & sizes of your goods and the charter of your services. You need to give your customers something to believe in. You need to give them community. You therefore need to give them your story. We all know the Steve Jobs story. And similarly, your customers are hungry for your story. Here are the sorts of stories your customers may want to hear from you….
  • Successes – if you have reached a milestone, share this with your Fans. Share the success stories of your customers too and they will feel very special. We all want to hear a feel-good story.
  • Staff – customers want to know who is looking after them when they call you or use your product. Any staff arriving or leaving are therefore excellent stories to post. It’s old fashioned good PR to let your customers know whom they are dealing with.
  • Plans – if you are planning a new product, share your excitement with your Fans. This will whet the appetites of your consumers and leave them hungry for what else is in stall for them. Create a buzz with what the future holds for your company.
  • Research – if you are unsure whether to get the blue menu covers or the red menu covers, ask your Fans. Post a survey and see what they actually want! Asking a question on your Facebook FanPage is the cheapest R&D on the planet, and IT’S FREE!

3. Get Over Yourself. Reveal Yourself. Some of my clients say….

  • I am too shy to talk about what I really think on my Facebook Business Page
  • I don’t want to sound like I am trumping my own horn or like I have tickets on myself
  • I want to keep my real opinions private
My advice to you is to GET OVER YOURSELF. Privacy is dead and Social Media is holding the smoking gun

Sure, I don’t want to hear about your kids’ music recital tonight or your trip to Majorca last week, that would be bad taste in any business practice, be it when I greet you at my store, deliver a product to you or post to my Facebook  Page. As your customer, I do however want to know how you feel about some things. There is a boundary though, a line that should never be crossed. Here’s some pointers that work for me….

  • Add value to a post – if you are sharing a post, always let me know your thoughts on why you are sharing that post. As your Fan, it would be very useful to me if you told me why you think this post will be useful for me to read? If you can save me time wading through the information overload that barrages me every day, if you can help me by pointing me to the good stuff, chances are high that I will seek you out next time I need to buy the product that you sell.
  • Industry news – don’t sit on the fence when there is a kerfuffle in your industry. Come out of the closet and tell us what you think about the latest goings-on. Of course, no politics, religion or hate-rants please. But don’t be vanilla {yawn}, vanilla is so boring. Keep it upbeat, but expressing your objective opinion would be very much appreciated, thank you very much.
  • Wisdom – you have a whole lot of knowledge you’re sitting on over there right? So share your wisdom with me and I will become your loyal Fan and customer. However if you’re not bothering to give me any advice about anything, I’m going down the road to Jo-Blo who will be bothered to give me the tips I am after. Be prepared to “put out” for your Fans and they will reward you by buying from you, when they are ready.

If you can’t fathom turning up daily for your Fans on your Facebook Page, then get off Social Media, it’s that simple. However your business won’t thrive into the future, because unfortunately for the Facebook-unbelievers, Social Media for business is here to stay….

So overall….

  • be yourself, be a real human not a corporate auto-bot
  • have fun, make your page a happy place to be
  • be authentic, give us the truth and be accountable for it
  • facebook is not designed to be set-up-and-walk-away, facebook is meant to be set-up-and-build-a-community-and-a-brand-online, therefore you need to turn up for your fans, every day (or almost every day, a day-off won’t kill anyone, no-one’s died yet of Social Media Abandonment)
  • reveal your passion and share some love on your page
  • give us some of your juicy wisdom and we will look to you as the leader in your industry and buy from you in the future, naturally….
  • don’t be vanilla, have an opinion and don’t sit on the fence, we want some clear direction so be a leader in the areas you are expert in…
The biggest hurdle I see for many small business owners is learning how to get out of their own way. Allow yourself to “be” the expert that you already are, in the areas that you already know the best. Give yourself some credit and share your wisdom and we will love you for it…

To discover more of what to do and what not to do on your Facebook for Business Page, my book contains a 10-step method to help get your FanPage rocking, to purchase the book click here….

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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