The Juice in Your Business

Today I answered a “Burning Question” on one of my favourite blogs

The burning question was…

How do you say what you do? (Give your self credit.)

And my answer was…

I mentor businesses to find their voice online, establish client relationships and find the juice in what they do. I have developed a successful 10-step method to help businesses “get social”. I subscribe to grass-roots simplicity; half of what I do is marketing and methodology, the other half is focus. Half is science and strategy, the other half is inspiration. You can’t have the creative hand without the willing arm to move it. I help businesses connect with their passion and their customers….

This got me thinking about a major renovation we did a few years ago to support our re-branding of “SummerHills Resort-Style Accommodation” to SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. This upgrade did 2 things. It immediately gave the juice of what we were offering (a quiet retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy life) rather than just calling our place “resort style accommodation” (this could be anywhere and any type of accommodation). Secondly, it converted the guesthouse to self contained villas which was in keeping with the Tuscany feel of our Byron Bay retreat.

Our builder Dave, was installing the new Tuscany windows on the last day of a long 4 month project. We had the whole renovation beautifully planned which had all gone according to schedule. So far. What could possibly go wrong on day 120 of a 120-day build, right? Well, we hit a major speed bump we didn’t see coming. The “wind-proof” window arms I had imported from the US to hold the windows open and in place without banging even with the slightest breeze, were the wrong size. These levers had taken 3 months to arrive and were ordered from the only place on the planet that sold these special gadgets to do this particular job.

I had guests arriving the next day into our brand new beautiful villas. They had prepaid for the accommodation and the last job was simply to install these windows! I thought we were home and hosed. {Aargh!} Imagine my panic! Within minutes I kicked into backup-plan-mode and started to envisage places I could ring to relocate these guests into different accommodation. Problem was, it was a music festival weekend and we were all booked out months in advance.

I sat on the step with my head in my hands. I knew there was no back-up plan coming to the rescue, when Dave found me and sat next to me. He said…

Francesca, I don’t believe in building problems, I only believe in building solutions.

Th reason why I’m sharing this story with you is to show you that your customers are not buying your products. They are buying your energy. They are not buying your services. They are buying the message behind your brand. In this one statement, Dave gave me comfort and also confidence that the job would be completed on time. Those few kind words reminded me why I had engaged him as a contractor to begin with – because I believed in him as a capable person, not as a capable builder. His exemplary building skills were secondary to my decision in choosing him. The juice he gave me was strong confidence, clear committment and unwavering vision to do whatever was needed to get the job done. And that’s what he did. He put his tricky Ninja builder-brain to work,  burnt the midnight oil to weld and modify the levers for the windows to go in and the guests were checked in the next day. {Phew!}

So my question to you is….

 What is the juice you give to your customers? Do you build houses or create dreams? Do you mow lawns or manifest beauty? Do you take photos or capture joy? Do you massage bodies or nurture souls? Do you counsel patients’ problems or offer wellbeing solutions?  What is the essence of what you give in your business?

Business Mentor

Answering this question is a stepping-stone to your Facebook Business Success   and also the first step we cover in the 10-step strategy in my book. Getting clear on the essence of what you do is your first step to kicking arse with your Facebook for Business Page.

So I’d love to know, what is The Juice in your Business? I’d love for you to leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts or go to and join the conversation…. See you there !



About Francesca

Francesca Esposito-Rose is CEO of, a successful Australian Retreat. Also Digital Strategist, Business Mentor and Facebook Business Specialist. With extensive experience over many years in corporate and public management and private business ownership, a past life as a geek and too much internet experience to admit in public, she translates Facebook for Business into understandable language that others leave you wondering about. Francesca has a fresh and straight-talking style in both writing and management, getting the job done, quickly, efficiently and successfully.

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