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Vanity URL – How to Get One and How this Helps Build your Fanbase on Facebook

Facebook Business Vanity URLLook up to the very top of your screen on Facebook – where you see http://www.Facebook.com/YourBusinessName

Do you have a Facebook name with lotsa letters and numbers at the end? Like this….. http://www.Facebook.com/YourBusinessName8987234723-432802473

Ooooops! If you have one of these for your business, then you haven’t set your “Vanity URL” yet. Your Vanity URL is the fancy Facebook name for your page and guess what, you need to set this pronto! Why? Because a Vanity URL is one way to help build your Fanbase on your Facebook Business Page…..

Here are some great reasons why you need to get your Vanity URL now….

  1. It looks more professional when a potential fan/customer visits your page
  2. It gives you a nice neat name that you can put on your business cards and at the bottom of your email signature
  3. It “claims” your unique name on Facebook and therefore secures your brand “name” on Facebook. V. important to do this.
  4. Other people and businesses can more easily “tag” your business if you have a nice neat Facebook name (you may or may not come up in the list when someone is trying to tag your business. The lack of a vanity url could be one of the reasons why you’re not showing).
  5. If someone is able to “tag” your business, then you’ll appear in more news feed. What a great way to help build your fanbase!
  6. But most importantly, once you have a Vanity URL, your business is lodged in the Facebook directory, which  makes your business “searchable” in the top search bar. And we all want our businesses to be found on Facebook, right!

So, let’s fix this! Here are the steps to claim your very own “Vanity URL” for your Facebook Business Page…..

  1. Click on Edit Page (this is your Admin panel)
  2.  Select Update Info
  3. Click on Basic Information in the left hand side panel
  4. Click the Change Username in the middle of the page and set your fancy Facebook name there….

Some rules (of course!)….

  1. Letters are allowed, both uppercase and lowercase are okay
  2. Numbers and full stops are okay too
  3. No other punctuation is allowed
  4. Spaces are not allowed! So for example, “SummerHills  Retreat” needs to be SummerHillsRetreat (without spaces)….
  5. But most importantly, you will never be allowed to change your Facebook name ever again (yikes!) so be careful what you choose. Things to think about when choosing a Facebook name….
  • make sure the spelling is right!
  • think about other branches or offices you may have and decide if you are going to have one big Facebook page for all your offices or one Facebook page per office. If you’re going to have a Facebook page per office, then your Facebook name needs to be unique per office
  • make sure the name you choose now is a name you will be happy with in the future! something to think about….

Once you have your “Vanity URL” set, your business will….

  • start to appear in Facebook searches in the top search bar when someone is specifically searching for your business
  • be more easily “taggable
  • be your piece of “Facebook real estate” forver :)

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Francesca Esposito-Rose
Facebook Ninjette