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Does Facebook Jail Exist? (and how to avoid having your facebook business page deleted)

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Have you ever “Liked” a Page but noticed the “Like” didn’t stick? With the flicker of an eyelid, the “Liked” reverted back to “Like”? You click the ‘Like” button again, and nope, it still doesn’t stick? Or have you ever left a comment, only to find that the comment disappears? No, it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you or your PC playing up, this is “Facebook Jail”. If you have ever sat there and furiously Liked other business pages and left more comments in one day than the number of breaths you have drawn, then you could very well be in Facebook Jail or in the express lane for it. It’s never talked about, in fact there is no official warning that you get from Facebook, YOUR LIKE BUTTON SIMPLY STOPS WORKING. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there myself personally (and got out) and I have known others that have landed themselves there too. There are some BIG perils attached with being in FB jail (like having your Page deleted), so here’s some tips on how to get out, and stay out, of Facebook Purgatory….

What is Facebook Hell……

If Facebook thinks you’re a spam-bot (an automatic program pretending to be a human), it will mark your profile as a potential “spammer”. If your Profile is marked as a “Spam” Profile, then your comments won’t display on other Pages. And forget trying to “Like” other pages, each “Liked” will simply revert back to “Like”. If your “Like” button has stopped working or your comments never show, then you need to understand how you got there…

The Road to Purgatory…..

Friending more than 50 people a day, Liking copious Pages ALL IN ONE DAY or leaving a gazillion comments ALL IN ONE HOUR will speed you into Facebook Jail. (Guilty your honour, I’ve been there once before myself earlier this year in a fit of excitement one day when I found a bunch of Pages that I reeeeally loved. I should know better, but hey, I’m human too, I also get excited. Plus it’s my job to test the boundaries right?)…. It’s not so much the number of Pages you like or the number of people you send friend requests to, but more the SPEED at which you liked and commented. So “high-5″ for being a Ninja at your keyboard. However, if you keep up this lightning speed, your login into your Business Page (and Personal Profile) could become disabled (Facebook Solitary Confinement) or worse, you could have both your Profile and Page deleted (Facebook Electric Chair). But do not fear, you can get out (and stay out) of FB Jail, here’s how….

How to get out of Facebook Jail….

  • Have a cuppa
  • Slow down on the likes
  • Back off from the comments
  • Work on another project outside Facebook
  • I don’t mean abandon Facebook (far from it), keep posting to your own Page and Profile for sure, but just lay off other Pages for a little while
  • Why? Because Facebook needs to see that you are a human and not a spamming-type-program or a spamming-type-human. I know you’ve got auto-bot-type-super-powers when you are at your keyboard (or on your SmartPhone), but you need to cool your heels...
  • So, Facebook just needs to see you slowing down. This is just Facebook traffic control. If everyone was a Keyboard-Ninja like you, the FB systems would overload and their servers could crash. So marking your profile as a potential “spammer” is Facebook’s way of slowing you down. And it has slowed you up, right? You can’t keep liking and commenting when your buttons don’t work! So this is Facebook’s preventative damage control.
  • And, if you fly under the radar for a little while, soon enough, your like button will start working again, as will your commenting (from memory, this was a while ago now, but my “Like” button started to work again after a week or two)

So how do you stay out of the Facebook Sin-bin…. ?

  • I recommend posting to your own Page 2-3 times a week. This varies from industry to indsutry, business to business. Experiment with this, see what best fits your audience
  • I also advise leaving comments that are only relevant to what you do and the services that your business provides
  • There is a full list of “Facebook Etiquette” for Business Pages in my book Novice2Ninja
  • Focus on the quality of your content and what your Peeps really want to hear from you
  • My book contains a 10-step method to build your FanBase steadily and also contains lots of advice about how often to post, when to post, what to say and who to post to. All great stuff to get your head around if managing your Social Media is confusing or overwhelming you, I’m here to help {and I’m also available for 1-on-1 mentoring if personal sessions are more your style}
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With Gratitude

Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.

Staying out of Jail This Time

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