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The 7 Tweaks Every Business Needs to Apply to their Facebook Page

If you already have a Facebook Business Page, you may be missing out on some vital data. In this post Francesca shares the 7 optimisations (optimizations) every business needs to apply to their Facebook Business Page to ensure they are getting the most out of their Fan Page. You can watch this video here or read the transcript below….

Here’s a transcript of this video here….

Hi, I’m Francesca and I’m your Facebook Business Specialist. I’m at my Retreat in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland and a lot of my clients lately have been asking me how to best optimise (optimize) their Facebook pages since the new timelines were released on 31st march.

Now, a Facebook Page is very easy to setup but what my clients are finding tricky is knowing what to do to best optimise their Pages so that search engines can easily find their businesses.

I’d like to share with you today my Top 7 Tips on how to best optimise (optimize) your Facebook Business Timeline. This is also called “SEO” or (Search Engine Optimistion” for your Business Facebook Page.

Firstly, the Cover Photo. Facebook has been very generous and the Cover Photo is the whole width of the page. My tip is ==> go crazy! Don’t hold back! Choose the most beautiful photo that represents your business. Choose the most appealing photo – it is the 1st thing that a new visitor will see. So make sure you capture the attention of a new visitor enough so that they feel compelled to click the Like button on your Page. Make sure it’s a high quality, high resolution photo and just remember, it can’t be a promotional photo or anything salesy so choose a fantastic photo that really represents your business overall.

My second tip is for the Profile Photo and Facebook allows 180×180 pixels for your Profile Photo. Most people use their logo or another great high quality photo here but my tip is to check how this photo actually looks when it’s used a thumbnail which is only 32×32 pixels, because it is this Profile Photo that is reduced down to a mini size as a thumbnail which is propagated all over Facebook when you leave a comment on another Page. So my tip is to check the thumbnail and if it looks squashed or strange or cropped in a weird way, then you can resize this photo to make it look good in both sizes. Get familiar with a photo editing program like PhotoShop or get a friend to do this for you. It is important to get this photo resized and uploaded so that it looks good in both sizes both as a Profile Photo and also as a small mini thumbnail size.

My third tip is about the Application Boxes. There are 4 of these that you can see straight away on the right hand side but you can actually have up to 12 of these if you click the triangular button on the right. The first application box must be your photos and you can’t change this. I do recommend your 2nd box to be your Likers. It is nice for a new visitor to see how many Likers you have, it is something that a new visitor will naturally look for. Now your App Boxes are meant to be a channel or view of your business. So my recommendation for App Boxes is to set up your 3rd box as a video channel. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. And a lot of people don’t know this, but YouTube is a very common place these days where customers are searching for products and services. YouTube is not only a place to find videos, customers are also now using it as a search engine like Google or Yahoo. My advice is to make sure that a customer can find your business on YouTube. This means you need to get some videos happening! Record them on your SmartPhone or check your digital camera as a lot of them will have a video recording function. Or perhaps you own a camcorder or can borrow one from a friend? But I will talk alot more about how to choose topics to video that are relevant for your business in another video. But if you’re stuck for ideas to record, then why not create a how-to series on a topic related to your business? That’s always a good place to start. Either way, it is important for you start generating some video content that you can upload into this 3rd App Box on your Facebook Business Page. Also so that you can load these videos into YouTube because by having some YouTube videos, this will start to generate a lot of link juice for the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your Facebook Page. Your website will also start to rank higher in all the search engines too. Simply having a presence on YouTube will have positive search engine impact for your business. Videos are really great content to have on your Facebook Page.

My fourth tip is about your vanity URL. This is the nice neat short link into your Facebook Page. When you first setup your Page, Facebook assigns a name that has lots of letters and numbers and it’s really long and quite unattractive. I do recommend applying for your nice and tidy Facebook vanity name so that you have an appealing short name that you can use on your business cards and also to link from your website. To do this just go to facebook.com/username and you can apply for your vanity URL there.

My fifth tip I’d like to share with you today is about the Description box, also called the About box. I see a lot of great descriptions on Facebook. You actually have 2 sentences to play with here so you need to describe your business as best you can and make this your best BIO ever.  But I see 2 things missing time and time again from many About boxes and one of those things is keywords. Make sure you include the core keywords that will link to your business in your About box. This will trigger a search not only in Facebook but also in other search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is so that when a customer is looking for a product or service that you offer, the keywords in your About Description will actually make your Facebook Page come up in their search when they type in those keywords. By including keywords in your About Box, you’re making your Facebook Page more easily found both in search engines and also within Facebook itself.

The 2nd thing I see missing a lot from the About Box is the URL that links back to the company’s main website. It’s really important to include the www. FullDomainName that links back to your primary website. Make sure it also includes the http:// at the start of the website name. The reason I recommend this, is because this makes your Facebook Page friendly to search engines so that they can more easily find you. This also ranks your primary website higher. So by including Keywords and a Hyperlink back to your main website from your About Box you will be generating quite a lot of search engine juice or Search engines optimisation (optimization) for your business. I talk lot about tips like this on how to optimise (optimize) your Facebook Page so that it’s more easily found in search engines, in my book. So it is important to setup your Facebook Page so that when a customer is searching for a product or service that you offer, that your business comes up first at the top of the list so that any new customer can easily find your business. Being optimised and having a Facebook Page that is search engine friendly is a great way to bring new business to your door.

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My sixth tip is about Highlights, Milestones and Pin Posts. One thing I found myself talking about with one of my clients this week is why it’s important to use the different types of posts in the course of a week. I do recommend mixing this up and using a variety of different posts during the course of a week simply to make your Page interesting enough so that a new visitor will more likely Like your Page. By mixing up the different types of posts, this also makes your Page engaging so that a Fan will visit your Page again. One of my clients also thought she could only pin a post that was recent. A lot of people don’t know that the pin posts that you can feature at the top of your page for 7 days, can actually be any posts from last week, last month or last year, so I just wanted to share with you that you can actually pin a post from the past. This means that if you have a successful post, one that attracted a lot of comments or Likes, why not run it again and feature it at the top of your page for 7 days? This will hopefully attract more Likes and more comments from new visitors since the post was successful before, so why not run it again?

My seventh tip is about the Friend Activity area. A lot of people haven’t noticed this yet but it’s on the right hand side in the middle of your new Timeline. This area shows the Friends that have Liked the business and Friends that have commented on your Page. The most important tip for this area is that it’s not only important to collect Likes, it’s also important to collect comments. So what I mean by this is, if a Fan leaves a comment on your page, make sure you respond to them within 24 hours. And keep the conversation rolling, because comments are 4-5 times more highly valued by Facebook than a Fan that only clicks Like on your post. Lots of comments on your Page show Facebook that people are actually interacting with your Page because Facebook knows that it’s harder to engage a Fan in a conversation than it is to just Like a post. It’s really important for you as a business to really cherish these comments, really engage your Followers. Because it’s one thing to have Likes and Likers, but the more highly commented your Page is, the higher your Facebook Business Page will rank in both Facebook searches and also in search engines. I know this sounds very interesting! But it’s also a proven fact. Again, we’re talking about really tweaking and optimising your Page here to get the best results so that your Facebook Page is as friendly as it can be to search engines. You really want your Facebook Page to rank as high as possible so that your business is more easily found by a customer that is searching for a product that you sell, so that you can be generating more sales.

So these are my top 7 tips to optimise your Facebook Business Timeline and I do I talk about lots and lots of these sorts of tips and tricks in my book so that you can best optimise (optimize) your Facebook Business Page for best results. So grab a copy if you’d love to read the juiciest information and the best methods to help you optimise (optimize) your Facebook Page to be more easily found both in Facebook and also on search engines. My book is called “Facebook Business Success in 10 minutes a day” and you can purchase this for $39.95 at this link here  and I promise you it will be the best 40 dollars you will ever spend…. and of course it’s tax deductible.

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My main message to you today is that it’s not only important to have a Facebook Page setup for your business so that you can keep social in this new online economy, but it’s also really important that you know how to setup your Facebook Page so that it has the most search engine juice that will allow your business to be easily found by customers. So you’re looking for tweaks and optimisations (optimizations) that will give you the best SEO.

If you loved this post and found it useful, please do leave me a comment in the box below, I’d love to hear from you. If you want more great tips like this please click the Like button (on the righ hand side of this page) and join my Facebook page on www.facebook.com/TheLikeEffect and you can receive all my updates there as well. So if you love this video, you know what to do, leave me a comment and Like my Page.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon.



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New Facebook Timeline Changes for Business


Facebook is rolling out the new Timeline format for Business Pages on the 30th March 2012…. Is your business ready?

*** crackle alert everyone – sorry – buying a new video camera tomorrow to replace the old webcam I’ve been using – lucky I’m not in the business of video production. LOL ***

Get your business ready with the eBook “Facebook Business Success in 10 minutes a Day” including all the latest Timeline changes. Also get a step-by-step guide on how to market your business sucessfully on Facebook. This is the guide you must have including a 10-step method to give your business lift-off on Facebook in 2012 …..

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Here’s a transcript of this video here….

Hi Again, I’m Francesca and I’m your Facebook Business Specialist. Just a quick “hello” today and I wanted to touch base with you and talk about the new changes that Facebook is rolling out on the 30th March which is not long to go now. These are the biggest changes that Facebook have rolled out since they were invented 5 years ago. Lots of brand new never-seen-before features and I’m really excited about them because it’s just going to supercharge marketing your Business on Facebook like never before. So lots of new features.

The main thing to remember is don’t panic. Everything will be okay. If you already have a Business Page, your Page will roll over into the new format seamlessly on the day. So there are a few things you need to do like uploading your Cover Photo and perhaps resizing your Profile Photo and if you have a Personal Profile then you would already have a taste for what the new Timelines are going to look like.

Business Pages though will have quite a lot of extra features that the Personal Profiles doesn’t have. So the Business Timeline will be very different with lots of new features that the Personal Timeline doesn’t have.

If you’re new to Facebook “Welcome” and I hope you do join us online, we’re having a lot of fun with our Facebook Pages. Now really is the best time to join because you get to join at ground-zero and embrace the new changes that everyone else is having to learn with the new-look Facebook. So it’s a perfect time really.

To join and add your business to Facebook just go to www.Facebook.com/Pages and setting up your Page will only take about 15 minutes. That’s the easy part. Where you may get stuck is what to do after that. And I’m here to help. I’ve distilled my 3 year journey of cracking Facebook for Business into an eBook and it’s called eBook “Facebook Business Success in 10 minutes a Day” and that’s also out on the 30th March.

Buy eBook Now Only $39.95

My book covers all of the new Facebook changes including all of the new Timeline features and it also gives you a 10-step method that’s successful that I use with all of my clients and it’s easy and it works. I’m very excited to be sharing my insights with you. It’s a training manual, you sit with your laptop or PC and you get stuck into every step as we go along so it’s a hands-on practical and you’re moulding your identity on Facebook as we go along.

I also teach you the thinking behind Facebook, the psychology of Social Media.  I teach you what to do to make your Page successful and how to manage your Page in 10 minutes a day which I think is very important for every business. But I also teach you why you’re doing it, so you’re not just blindly following steps, you’re actually understanding what you’re doing.

If you need to hit the panic button, I offer a range of support packages, whether you’re a beginner or whether you’re already using Social media in your business, or whether you’re an SMO and you need to fill some gaps in your knowledge. Check out the packages on my website www.thelikeffect.com . There’s a range of one-on-one packages to support and care for your business. Just reach out and let me know if any of these suit you and if I can support you in any way.

My Social Media thought for today is that Social Media is not about being perfect! And that might sound a little strange since I talk about being successful on Facebook all the time. It’s not about perfectionism, it’s about being transparent and being authentic and allowing your customers to connect with the human behind your brand. So it really is about developing your voice and developing your identity online. You are actually developing your digital identity online. So you’re learning how to be social within a business framework. I talk a lot about this in detail in my eBook. And I can also help you mould your identity online with my one-on-one weekly support packages if you prefer one-on-one mentoring and coaching rather than reading a book. So there’s a range of support I offer depending on what suits you.

So reach out, I’d love to connect with you. Remember to leave your comment in the box below or send me an enquiry through www.thelikeffect.com website and remember to Like our Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/TheLikeEffect and join the conversation there.

Connect with you soon….



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