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Is your Business “Untaggable”? Tips for Tagging a Business

Facebook Tagging Photo Featrure

IS YOUR BUSINESS UNTAGGABLE? Yesterday, a business wanted to tag my business at the end of our first mentoring session to mark the occasion. But the tagging didn’t work. So I thought I’d explain why some businesses can be tagged, and others can’t. And while I’m here I’ll explain the rules for “Tagging a Business”…..


  1.  Since the beginning of (Facebook) time, we have always been able to “tag” a PERSON in any photo. The ability to “tag” a BUSINESS in a photo however, was only introduced in May last year
  2. The great thing for businesses about being “tagged” in a photo, is that you not only come in the news feed of your Fans, it is also great for the SEO of your page. So “taggability” is one great way to build your fan-base because being tagged exposes your business in the news feeds of friends-of-friends-of-friends who may then “Like” your page.
  3. The problem is, Facebook has only rolled out this “Tagging” ability to a limited number of “categories”. So if the “category” of your business is a “Brand or Product” or a “Person”, then your business can be tagged in any photo that a customer or fan uploads
  4. For the rest of us that are not in these categories, tagging won’t work if someone else is uploading the photo (for now, until Facebook rolls out tagging for the rest of us.)
  5. So what to do if you suffer “Tag Envy”. Change your category? Nah, it’s better for your business to be the right category than the wrong one. And we’ll get the “tagging” feature soon enough to the rest of the categories….
  6. In the meantime, any photos that YOU post yourself in your business, CAN be tagged by anyone. So this is one way around this problem (ie. YOU post the photo yourself and ask your Fans/customers to tag you AFTER you have uploaded the photo)
  7. For those of you that do have the tagging facility already but want to turn it off, just go to Edit Page/update info/Manage Permissions/Tagging ability and untick the box. But why would you? Tagging is one way to help build your fanbase around Facebook….

Do you suffer from Tagging Envy? I’d love to know if your business is “taggable”?

Francesca Esposito-Rose
Suffering Temporary Tagging Envy