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How To Go Viral {or 11 Ways To Get More Shares, Comments & Likes on your Facebook Business Page}

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A local Italian restaurant “La Vida” just down the road in Lismore, went “viral” on their Facebook Business Page recently with a post about dreaming of a holiday on the Amalfi Coast….. check out their form here…. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=291387257627424&set=pb.144039622362189.-2207520000.1365601870&type=3&theater

This single post attracted over 60,000 likes and 20,000 comments. Not bad for a l’il local taverna, ey? And since then, “La Vida” have become somewhat of an urban legend around these parts….

So at The Social Media Club jamming session last night, we brainstormed “How To Go Viral“.

{Definition} Going Viral on Social Media is generally defined as having a post or a Page that attracts 10,000 or more shares, comments & likes. Give or take.

We all know it’s not easy being awesome 24/7 and aiming to have a post that goes viral is seemingly impossible. However understanding the elements that make a post or a page go viral, is not unknowable. We can break it down, deconstruct it, and understand the Viral Nature of Social Media. I know you’re saying “but that will never happen!” And I agree with you that “going viral” is a very rare event…. But my motto is….

If you shoot for the moon and miss, you will always land among the stars!

So what you want is just a piece of that Viral action. Even just a teensy-weensy bit. If you can inspire your Fans (and their Friends and their Friends of Friends) to click Share, Comment or Like on your post, you will be….

  • increasing your visibility in the newsfeed by having your Business Page exposed and revealed to more people
  • increasing your potential to gather more Fans the more often your post is shared because your Page will be viewed more often
  • most importantly, improving your position in the News Feed because the more shares, comments and likes your posts receive today, the higher your posts will display in the News Feed tomorrow. {This News Feed position is determined by the Facebook Algorithm called EdgeRank. I have written about this News Feed weighting and ranking of posts in a previous blog post, click here….}

But first we need to work out what makes your Fans’ hearts flutter (and their friends’ hearts, and their friends of friends’ hearts). We want lots of fluttering hearts…. 

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Who’s with me? Let’s do this!

Here’s the Top 11 Ways to Get more Shares, Comments & Likes on your Facebook Business Page, or, How to Go Viral….

Put simply, the posts we analysed at our Social Media Club brainstorming session had already gone viral, and displayed some, most or all of these qualities below….

  1. Engaging and Enticing, “asks a question”, easy-to-join-in
  2. Simplicity, Yes/No, a “no-brainer”, an instant answer
  3. Beauty and Joy. Positive and UpBeat. Goodness.
  4. Easy breezy and Charming
  5. An element of Surprise or the Unexpected, “out-of-the-box”, a breath of fresh air. Unpredictable. A mystery.
  6. CHEEKY, Quirky or New. Unique and Original
  7. Fantasy or Fun. An invitation to Escape, Dream or Desire
  8. Open, Raw, Honest and Real
  9. “Connecting with the every day”, RELEVANT, Universally Appealing
  10. An “X-factor“, or how the French say it, “Je ne sais quoi”
  11. And above all, the posts were SHAREABLE & SOCIABLE

Bottom Line: To go viral, it’s all about the QUALITY of your posts….

  • Aim to include at least a few of these elements above, EVERY TIME you post. This will give you a higher chance of your posts spreading further through Facebook
  • Allow your Page and your posts to have a VOICE
  • Develop your brand through PERSONAL CONTACT, interacting with your Fans and Clients
  • Project the PERSONALITY of your business through posts about your products

So “Going Viral” is not entirely pot-luck. Well, there is an element of random luck, right-time-right-place, but more importantly, a post does not go viral unless it speaks to the people. If you endeavour to craft posts that inspire and speak to your Fans, you have a much higher chance of going viral than if your posts were dull, boring, unexpressive, uninteresting or irrelevant to your Fans.

Good luck and if you have a post that goes viral, I’d love to hear about it!

If any of these tips have helped you, I would be as blubbery as a fluttering heart, if you shared this blog post in your favourite online playground.

Cheers for now!  Thank you for reading. And here are the buttons to share the love with….

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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Top 3 Tips to Get Your “Business Social” on {and Why Facebook for Business is not “Set-and-Forget”}

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The theme of a lot of discussions this week during workshops and mentoring has been “so how do I get my Business Social on?” And by “Business Social”, I mean…..

  • what do I say and how do I say it on my page?
  • what sort of photos should I use on Facebook for my business?
  • how personal should I be on my Facebook Business Page?

One of the biggest things to get your head around when you are getting used to using Facebook for your Business, is that it is not “Set-and-Forget”. And by this I mean that if you set up the Page and walk away and don’t maintain it, it will fail.  You need to….

  • “turn up” for your Fans every day
  • whilst not letting Social Media take over your business or your life
  • and at the same time be chatty on your Facebook FanPage without being creepy or cheesy

Eeeeeeeek! It sounds like too much hard work to be awesome?!?!? Not really, once you know what to do and not what to do, managing your Facebook Business Page effectively becomes second nature, like riding a bike or driving a car….. Here’s how to get your business social on without suffering awesome-ness-fatigue…

Top 3 Tips to Getting Your “Business Social” on and Why Facebook for Business is not “Set-and-Forget”

1. Be Visual. Human Visual. Photos, photos, PHOTOS are one of the biggest drivers of Facebook Business. Being “Business Social” means we need to know who we are talking with in your business so that we can become part of your community. We want to know the human behind the business not just the product sheet. We want a relationship with you so that we know what sort of service you will give us after the product is bought. We want to trust you so that we can decide whether to buy from you

As a writer I was taught to SHOW not TELL my story….

Therefore you need to carefully select the photos you use on your Page to SHOW us, your customers, what is happening in your business. This is what works for me and my clients….

  • Profile photo – choose a photo that is a human face. Your face preferably. Humans connect with other humans. So it is not surprising that, statistically, Fans engage with a human face more than a logo or photo of your product. Remember that your profile photo is also going to be shrunk down to thumbnail size when you leave comments around Facebook, so ensure your photo is centred and is not going to look weird when shrunk. If a photo is taken too far away the face will be indistinguishable when shrunk to a thumbnail. So an up-close head-shot is ideal, doing something fun is even better. And a photo of a face with sunglasses just doesn’t cut it. We need eyes. Eyes mean trust.
  • Cover photo – this is the first visual a Fan sees when they enter your Page. Make it a compelling photo that shows the feeling of your product, or even better, use a compelling photo of the feelings of someone using your product. The keywords here are compelling and feeling. Lock onto these.
  • Photos in your Posts – these should be equally high quality and as beautiful as possible. Think of your Facebook Page as a glossy magazine. The more beautiful the photos, the more often you will buy the magazine and the more of it you flick through right? Same rules apply on your Facebook for Business Page….
  • Your Face is key – be prepared to show your face. This was a huge step for me, to allow myself to be photographed for photos that would later be uploaded into Facebook. We want to know who you are. It’s a natural human instinct to want to know who we are talking with, to see your eyes, to connect and to trust.
2. Your Business is Your Story. Another major driver of Facebook is STORY. It’s important that as a customer of your product that I get to know your company ethos. I want to know the culture of your business. It’s not like the 80′s and 90′s anymore, in the 00′s I am a savvy consumer now and it is not enough to simply buy your product, I want to belong to a community. Take the Apple brand for example, Apple is the biggest brand on the planet, hands down. bigger than Microsoft, bigger than Coke, bigger than McDonalds. And when you talk with a Mac user, they talk about Mac as if it is their devout religion and they will shoot you down in flames if you saying anything untoward about “their” Apple products. You see, Apple are not just selling iPads, iPhones and iMacs as electronic devices, they are selling a community. When you buy Mac, you buy religion, you buy into the Apple community. We can all learn from Apple. When building your brand on Facebook, take a leaf out of Apple’s book and know that your ultimate goal is therefore to build a community. To do this, you need to give your customers something to connect with. Something tangible. Something more than just the colours & sizes of your goods and the charter of your services. You need to give your customers something to believe in. You need to give them community. You therefore need to give them your story. We all know the Steve Jobs story. And similarly, your customers are hungry for your story. Here are the sorts of stories your customers may want to hear from you….
  • Successes – if you have reached a milestone, share this with your Fans. Share the success stories of your customers too and they will feel very special. We all want to hear a feel-good story.
  • Staff – customers want to know who is looking after them when they call you or use your product. Any staff arriving or leaving are therefore excellent stories to post. It’s old fashioned good PR to let your customers know whom they are dealing with.
  • Plans – if you are planning a new product, share your excitement with your Fans. This will whet the appetites of your consumers and leave them hungry for what else is in stall for them. Create a buzz with what the future holds for your company.
  • Research – if you are unsure whether to get the blue menu covers or the red menu covers, ask your Fans. Post a survey and see what they actually want! Asking a question on your Facebook FanPage is the cheapest R&D on the planet, and IT’S FREE!

3. Get Over Yourself. Reveal Yourself. Some of my clients say….

  • I am too shy to talk about what I really think on my Facebook Business Page
  • I don’t want to sound like I am trumping my own horn or like I have tickets on myself
  • I want to keep my real opinions private
My advice to you is to GET OVER YOURSELF. Privacy is dead and Social Media is holding the smoking gun

Sure, I don’t want to hear about your kids’ music recital tonight or your trip to Majorca last week, that would be bad taste in any business practice, be it when I greet you at my store, deliver a product to you or post to my Facebook  Page. As your customer, I do however want to know how you feel about some things. There is a boundary though, a line that should never be crossed. Here’s some pointers that work for me….

  • Add value to a post – if you are sharing a post, always let me know your thoughts on why you are sharing that post. As your Fan, it would be very useful to me if you told me why you think this post will be useful for me to read? If you can save me time wading through the information overload that barrages me every day, if you can help me by pointing me to the good stuff, chances are high that I will seek you out next time I need to buy the product that you sell.
  • Industry news – don’t sit on the fence when there is a kerfuffle in your industry. Come out of the closet and tell us what you think about the latest goings-on. Of course, no politics, religion or hate-rants please. But don’t be vanilla {yawn}, vanilla is so boring. Keep it upbeat, but expressing your objective opinion would be very much appreciated, thank you very much.
  • Wisdom – you have a whole lot of knowledge you’re sitting on over there right? So share your wisdom with me and I will become your loyal Fan and customer. However if you’re not bothering to give me any advice about anything, I’m going down the road to Jo-Blo who will be bothered to give me the tips I am after. Be prepared to “put out” for your Fans and they will reward you by buying from you, when they are ready.

If you can’t fathom turning up daily for your Fans on your Facebook Page, then get off Social Media, it’s that simple. However your business won’t thrive into the future, because unfortunately for the Facebook-unbelievers, Social Media for business is here to stay….

So overall….

  • be yourself, be a real human not a corporate auto-bot
  • have fun, make your page a happy place to be
  • be authentic, give us the truth and be accountable for it
  • facebook is not designed to be set-up-and-walk-away, facebook is meant to be set-up-and-build-a-community-and-a-brand-online, therefore you need to turn up for your fans, every day (or almost every day, a day-off won’t kill anyone, no-one’s died yet of Social Media Abandonment)
  • reveal your passion and share some love on your page
  • give us some of your juicy wisdom and we will look to you as the leader in your industry and buy from you in the future, naturally….
  • don’t be vanilla, have an opinion and don’t sit on the fence, we want some clear direction so be a leader in the areas you are expert in…
The biggest hurdle I see for many small business owners is learning how to get out of their own way. Allow yourself to “be” the expert that you already are, in the areas that you already know the best. Give yourself some credit and share your wisdom and we will love you for it…

To discover more of what to do and what not to do on your Facebook for Business Page, my book contains a 10-step method to help get your FanPage rocking, to purchase the book click here….

However if 1-on-1 is more your style, I can help you progress further with a personal session, to enquire about a coaching session click here

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge Engagement on your Facebook Business Page {or Getting Back on the Horse after Holidays}

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If you have not posted much over the holidays, chances are highly likely that the “number of people talking about” your Page has dropped significantly in your absence. So if you have had a few weeks of “light duties” since Christmas and have not maintained your Facebook Page very much, you may be feeling a bit like this little guy above , a bit bamboozled by the loss of Engagement on your Page. {I am guilty as charged Your Honour!}

There is nothing wrong with taking some time out to spend with family and friends (and this is entirely healthy) but once you’re back on deck, it doesn’t take long to see that the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page has dropped to a very low level. If this has happened to you too, then read on, I will share some Engagement-rescue-tips with you below….

A successful Facebook Page needs to be managed regularly, but taking time out to unplug from gadgets and technology is just as important.

But don’t panic, we can get your Engagement levels back up again in a jiffy. And the reason you want as high an Engagement rate as possible, is so that your Page can be more easily found (which will in turn help your Page grow faster and spread through Social Media.)

You can measure “Engagement” on your Page by dividing the “number of people talking about this” by the “number of Likers” x 100. This will give you the percentage “Engagement” on your Page.

So if your percentage Engagement has dropped significantly (as mine has too), I have outlined some easy steps below to help fix this post-holiday-too-slack-to-post-problem….

And thank you to all the folks that inboxed me this week asking me how to remedy this issue, it’s a timely reminder that a successful Page is a Page that is maintained. IGNORE your Page and Facebook will never work for your business….

So if you’re just getting back on the horse this week, here’s my Top 3 Tips to help boost the engagement on your page and get your Page rocking again….

Getting Back on the Horse – Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page after being too slack to post over the holidays….

1. Schedule Some Posts. Take a bit of time this week to pre-schedule a handful of posts for the coming few weeks. Believe me, with a workshop only a week away and lots of mentoring sessions booked in, the “schedule” button is a god-send to me right now! This takes the pressure off you as you get back on deck with everything else you also have to do in your business. At the same time, having some pre-organised posts will help to ensure that your Facebook Business Page does not drop any further in its level of Engagement, and we don’t want that! The steps for how to schedule a post are listed here and the reason why you don’t want to lose too much more engagement is because of EdgeRank, which I also explain here.

The “average” Engagement level across Facebook across all industry types is 2%, so if you are sporting an Engagement level that is higher than this, give yourself a pat on the back right now. But ideally, you want to aim for “super-engagement” which I explain here, but don’t worry about being “super-engaged” this week, you’ve got the rest of this year to be super-awesome. {No pressure. LOL}

2. Post Juicy Content. And by JUICY I mean content that YOU KNOW will be highly engaged. From my extensive research for my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” I discovered that some posts clearly did better than others. For example, videos are more highly clicked than most other types of content, hands down. Photo Albums are also highly interacted. So take some time when you are scheduling posts this week to really cherry-pick some great content that you know will be more highly engaged than just a plain message without a visual.

Even just posting “Visual” content alone will help to boost your Engagement very quickly because it will naturally attract more shares, likes and comments.

And if you want the full lowdown on what is the best content to post, when to post it, and who to post it to, half my book is dedicated to this topic, it is that important!

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here

3. Plan a mad rush to your Page. One of the the quickest and most effective ways to boost your Engagement is to organise a way for your Fans to stampede towards your Page. I am not joking! Through the use of the “checkin” feature or via  “Fan uploads”, you can arrange for a rush towards your Page. I know this is a little “manufactured” but this is a powerful way to instantly boost the engagement on your Page. So pick an event you have coming up soon, ANY EVENT, and set up a competition where Fans win a prize when they “check-in” to your Page. For example, if you run a bar and have Happy Hour this Monday night, why not empty out that cupboard-full of promotional material you’ve been hoarding from the liquor companies the last 2 years and offer your patrons a cap or t-shirt in exchange for a “checkin” to your Page? If you run a play centre or restaurant, offer a freebie in exchange for a “checkin”. However if your business is not face-to-face or not group oriented, then run a promotion where the best review or comment, or best photo or video that is uploaded to your Page, wins a prize.

There are many ways to effectively use the “checkin” feature and getting a customer to upload a photo, video, comment or review to your Facebook Business Page is just as powerful as a “checkin”. Either of these functions will trigger the Engagement on your Fan Page to shoot up almost instantly soon afterwards.

Basically because the quick rush to interact with your Page makes it look very popular as it suddenly becomes more highly engaged.

Using “checkin” or “Fan uploads” is like a double-word-score = you not only get super-charged Engagement, but this in turn feeds the Facebook EdgeRank machine, giving you more EdgeRank points than a standard post, spreading your Page even further than before. This gives your Page the “snowball” or “viral” effect which is a phenomena that I explain in detail in my book.

For more advice on how to build a positive brand online, the next Facebook MasterClass starts soon in Bangalow. This is a 3-day Intensive and Interactive Workshop with myself stepping you through the 10-step process to build a successful Facebook Page. The Workshop is run at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. For more info or to book your seat, click here…. If 1-on-1 is more your style, I can help you progress further with a personal session and to enquire about a coaching session click here. Or if you prefer to discover at your own pace, my book contains a 10-step method to help you get rocking on your Facebook Business Page, to purchase the book click here….

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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Storm in an F-Cup {Koche vs. Breastfeeding Mums and the Power of Facebook}

Facebook for business

It’s a sad day when breastfeeding mothers have to “protest” with a boob-in to make public breastfeeding acceptable. (If you missed the controversy between lactating mums and Australia’s famous “Sunrise” Show this morning, click here….)

Me, I’m a pro-public-mammary supporter, but it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, the Storm in an F-Cup this morning proved five things….

  1. Koche, the respected hero of the Sunrise show and esteemed business-man, didn’t see the protest coming. Why? Because all the chatter and brewing discontent happened online over the weekend. And the producers of “Sunrise” were none-the-wiser.here’s a snippet of the growing disgruntledness that no-one saw coming….
  2. Social Media can’t be ignored. Despite the “Sunrise” show turning down the blinds (quite literally) and not broadcasting the protest that was brewing outside their studio window, the protest continued on Twitter and Facebook. And after 2 hours of “ignoring” the nurse-in, the producers of the show decided to “tackle” the issue. This is the power of Social Media – Tweet after Tweet, the snowballing protest, eventually, could not be ignored.
  3. Communities are formed online. These breastfeeding mothers are all part of an online community. Some of them blog. Some of them Tweet. Some of them Facebook. And they have one thing in common. They are all connected. To eachother. To events. And to a wider community of like-minded people. YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO BUILD A COMMUNITY and leverage the power of the Internet.
  4. Your brand can be made or broken online. The “Sunrise” show was in serious damage control this morning. They swiftly pulled out every positive story they could think of and every happy-go-lucky angle to show their support of women and breastfeeding. I think the show did redeem themselves slightly by tackling the issue (eventually) even though they tackled the issue quite poorly (in my opinion) by pre-ambling “the debate” with a lampooning boob-centric weather report-skit. Quite poor taste but at least they addressed the issue. They had no choice really, if they continued to ignore the issue, the show would have been murdered, and the presenter, crucified. Online at least. I can only imagine the effect on TV ratings this would have if they refused to address the issue!
  5. It is vital that you understand your demographic. Why-oh-why would the Sunrise show, who’s major target market is MUMS-AT-HOME, drop a “feedback question” about “discreet public breastfeeding”? Surely the producers did not think this one through.
And after all the fuss, there is now a call-to-action for laws surrounding public breastfeeding to be reviewed. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE INTERNET. That you can organise a rally on an issue and get national coverage and perhaps affect real change. Maybe your business doesn’t hit such core-social-issues like this, but every business can learn from this Storm-in-an-F-Cup. I believe that every business needs to be mindful of some Basic Business Etiquette that the Sunrise Show clearly still needs to learn….


Here are My Top 5 Tips for Business Etiquette….

  1. Build a brand that is POSITIVE, both offline and online. Keep your brand upbeat, authentic, accessible and fresh. ALWAYS. There is no need to delve into the negative issues (there’s enough negativity in the world). Use Social Media to BUILD your Profile, not to draw negative attention to your company. These days, Social Media should be part of your front-line marketing strategy, so use Social Media to spread the word about what you do, how awesome your business is and to raise visibility about your company’s products and services.
  2. Use the power of online “community” to build up a following of Fans (and customers) that love your brand and will rave about your business. This is a powerful way to build a strong customer base that will buy repeatedly from you.
  3. Address all issues, especially negative ones. You can run but you can’t hide, so it’s best to remedy the issue on the spot, admit you’ve made a mistake and offer solutions. You can even turn a negative situation into a positive one, if handled correctly. Everyone’s human, so just be real and most folks are fairly forgiving, they often just want an apology, to be heard, or a replacement product that works and meets their basic expectations.
  4. And the obvious one, never, ever, ever “dis” a minority group (or any group for that matter). Not mums, not the vision impaired, not those with special needs, not those of ethnic decent, not white, yellow, pink or indifferent. Never put anyone’s nose out of joint, or that stuff that hits the fan will boomerang right back at you.
  5. Understand Your Demographic. A passing flippant comment can be very damaging to your brand. Make sure you truly understand what your customers want and need, and ensure your business fulfills these needs and solves a real problem.
If you want to discover how to build a positive brand online, Facebook is the number one Social Media platform, and can help you BUILD A COMMUNITY for your business. If you want to leverage the power of the Internet, the next Facebook MasterClass starts soon in Bangalow. This is a 3-day Intensive and Interactive Workshop with myself at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. For more info and to book your seat, click here….


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Why “Buying Fans” & “Liker Ladders” Could Damage Your Facebook Business Page {and Tips to Build your FanBase without them}

business Facebook liker ladders

Earlier this week, some of my Clients and Fans were offered massive amounts of “Liker Ladders” from a company that is doing regular shout-outs on Facebook. For 2-3 shout-outs per day, for a period of 3 months, the cost being offered is a once-off payment of $20. Sounds like a bargain right? Unfortunately not. One of my clients texted me early Monday morning and by the time I wrote back to her by midday advising against entering into this $20 deal (high-finance, I know), she had already done the deal. Some of my other Fans that also signed up said “it was a limited time deal, only available for the next 5-minutes, I couldn’t resist the allure of gaining more Fans without working for it!” Others inboxed me saying “I saw an opportunity to grow my Fan base real quick, and went for it, but have I done the right thing?” These reactions are fair enough. Who doesn’t want loads of new Fans on their Page, yesterday? But guess who is the only company benefiting from these schemes? Not yours.

There are two activities raging through Facebook at the moment which I would like to draw your attention to, if you are not aware of them already. The first is “Liker Ladders”. And the second is “Buying Facebook Fans”. Both are as soul-less and futile as the other. I will explain why both are not going to help build your brand on Facebook, and how both can be potentially detrimental to your brand, in a cataclysmic way.

Firstly, “Liker Ladders”….

This is where, for a limited time only (eg “for the next half an hour“) someone hosts a “Liker Ladder” on their Facebook Business Page. The sum total of this activity involves one company declaring a “Like event” on their page and everyone rushing to their Page to Like all the pages that leave a comment on their Page. It is basically on “online Like party”. At the surface it sounds as though this sort of reciprocal love would be nourishing for your Facebook Business Page, right? Wrong. The problem with this is that only a tiny amount (if any) of the Fans that will like your Page during one of these “blitz” events, will ever be in your demographic. Therefore only a minuscule number of these Fans (or none) will generate any engagement on your Page. So how many of these Fans do you think will buy from you in the future? Zip. So don’t expect big love from any of these Fans that you have picked up during a “Liker Ladder” event. I explained to my clients that…..

“Liker Ladders” is like “rent a crowd” for your party, there is never going to be any love in the room with this sort of event

So why is everyone doing it? Short answer. To shortcut the work involved in building their Fanbase. Long answer. Sorry peeps, there is no shortcut. If there was, I’d be doing it. A “Liker Ladder” will definitely increase the number of Fans on your Page, but it will decrease the love (Engagement) on your page too. You don’t want to lose your Engagement level as this affects your ranking in the News Feed (see my post about EdgeRank to learn more about this). More importantly, the only company a “Liker Ladder” event is helping, is the host company itself. THEY get loads of engagement by everyone hitting their Page all at once, Facebook thinks “Phoaw, this Page is popular!” and gives them more EdgeRank points.  So you ARE helping somebody get better Engagement, but that “somebody” is not your FanPage.

The Social Media strategy I advise my clients is primarily based on Engagement (love) not prowess (bigger/better). The size of your FanBase is secondary if you are not engaging your Fans….

If all you want to do is grow the number of Fans on your Page, then you are missing half the picture. Yes growing your FanBase is important, but Engagement is the other half of the story that can’t be ignored and it is the more important half. Ignore Engagement and your Facebook for Business Page is doomed to fail.

The ONLY time I would say that a “Liker Ladder” blitz event is worth your $20, is, if, AND ONLY IF, the “Liker Ladder” team was in a very targeted market that was very aligned with your business. And this is a big if. Therefore if you are synergistic with the Liker Ladder “host” company, then go for it, and see how it works for you…..  If however the audience of the “Liker Ladder” host party is very general or the FanBase has nothing to do with your market, then your $20 is better spent on two tubs of good quality ice cream to share at your next dinner party where your real friends do turn up to.

So in a nutshell, “Liker Ladders” are short sighted at best, and in the long run, the Fans you’ve won via any dial-a-rent-a-crowd-scheme, will become a noose around your neck –> you will never be able to hit any high Engagement notes with these empty fans that won’t love you back (because they won’t engage with you). Your Page will eventually drop in ranking (EdgeRank) and your Page will grow at a slower and slower pace in the future until it grinds to a halt. Sad story, but so true. I’ve seen many folks use “Liker Ladders” to give them instant speed & satisfaction, and then come to me for help to “fix” their Pages once the damage is done. It is repairable, but we’re basically back-to-the-drawing board, building their FanBase from scratch. So why waste this precious time in the first place?

I advise a slow burn is a better strategy in the long run. In my view, the turtle wins the (Social Media) race, every time. So if you’re tempted to enter a “Liker ladder”, if you find them irresistible, then you need to ask yourself “which race am I running? Speed to reach a certain number of Fans by a certain deadline or Quality of your FanBase? PLUS remember that the rented crowd will never buy from you. AND they will “Unlike” your Facebook Page at some point in the future because they were never really interested your business in the first place.

The second of the “empty joys” is “Buying Facebook Fans”….

Oy vey, I get “deals” like this offered to me every day! The going rate is about $500 per few thousand Fans. My emphatic advice, don’t be tempted. Here’s why….

Issue#1.  Illegal on Facebook Business Pages. It’s against Facebook Terms & Conditions to “buy” Fans. “Buying Fans” is Facebook Black Market on steroids. And Facebook actively shuts down 20,000 accounts a day that it’s suss about, for whatever reason. So imagine all your hard work to date, thrown out the window. Pfffft. Gone forever. And there’s no Facebook Court, there’s no getting your Page back. Once a Facebook Business Page goes to the Sin-Bin, it rarely comes back.

Issue #2. Loss of Engagement. There’s the “No Love” problem (no engagement) for all the reasons above.

Issue #3. Integrity. When I see really big fan counts or Fan Counts that jump up really quickly, I’m already suss about it. Any big Fan Count can be faked by buying Fans. If someone has a really big Fan count, I am already questioning the Integrity of the business. Guilty before proven innocent, Your Honour. And it is only because I know for a fact that this sort of “Buying Fans” racket is so rampant that I jump to this conclusion. So to separate the Good Pages (the Pages I want to trust) from the Bad Pages (the Pages I don’t want to follow), I always look at the “number of people talking about this”…. if the Fan count is huge but the engagement is low, I know there’s a good chance the business bought their fans….. That doesn’t impress me, so I don’t follow them – I can’t trust a business  that needs to “fake” their FanBase! (Because it’s hard not to jump to the next conclusion, what else are they faking? A natural conclusion, right?)

But if a Page has a huge Fan count AND a big “talking about this”, then I’m uber impressed. That’s why “super engagement” is so great to see on a Business Page, you have to be really rocking to be “super engaged” and it’s reasonably rare. (You can read more about super engagement here). Anyone that has a “super-engaged” Page is a Rockstar, in my opinion, at least Online….

My TOP TIPS to grow your FanBase on your Facebook Business Page

There are lots of actions you can take to increase your FanBase on Facebook. Keeping in mind that your Fan count will increase naturally over time with everything you do. The primary strategy is to be active.  If you choose to increase your Fan count with any of the “rent-a-crowd” schemes (which is what “Liker Ladders” and “Buy Fans” are essentially), this defeats the purpose of having {love + soul} on your Page. I understand most folks feel the pressure to get a gazillion more Fans in a hurry, but it will happen. It took me 3 years to organically build a 2,000 strong FanBase on the SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay Page (my other business). I am not saying that it will take you this long (I had no-one to help or teach me, that’s why I share my successful strategy, to help other small business owners also achieve success with their online marketing)…. Therefore I’m a big believer in a “soulful marketing” strategy that will ensure you build a FanBase that is….

  1. within the Facebook Business Page guidelines
  2. attracting love on your Page
  3. converting Fans to Sales
  4. building a Page that also builds Integrity and Trust for your business

Here’s my Top Tips on how to increase your FanBase organically, without the aide of Buying Fans or Liker Ladder schemes…..

1.       Keep active on FaceBook. Keep a consistent (daily) approach with your Social Media

2.       “Like” other businesses that are synergistic with your business

3.       Shout-out regularly with “mentions” and “tags” on your own Business Page. Share the love and you will get the love back

4.       “Share” posts from other businesses whose Fans are in your target market (this will reveal your business to their FanBase)

5.       Identify who are your peers, advocates, industry leaders, and….

6.       …..Leave posts on their business pages (this will put you in front of the fan base that is the right demographic for your business)….

7.      There are loads more steps you can take, which are all outlined in detail in the second half of my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business”.

8.      Rather than posting randomly, establish a clear  “Facebook for Business” strategy, which is half about Engagement and half about building your FanBase. Both halves of this strategy are shared in full in my book, including case studies and worksheets. (And if you are currently posting “randomly” with no strategy, read here why you need to remedy this STAT).

The main thing to remember is that once you establish a clear Social Media Strategy, be consistent with your Social Media. KEEP IT UP. Over time, you will develop a “Unique Voice” on your Page which will pay off in the future, when your dozens of Fans turn into hundreds, and your hundreds turn into thousands. And once you’re staring at multiple thousands of Fans, you will be wondering what all the fuss was about, a few thousand Fans ago.

My final thought to leave you with today is….

Liker-Ladder and Buy-Fans “schemes” are like “white-bread” = Full of empty calories. You are better off reaching for the multi-grain and establishing a solid Social Media strategy that will nourish your Page. Don’t be soul-less on your Page, be prepared to “turn up” for your customers by engaging with them online. If you connect with your Fans both online + offline PLUS deliver a great product to your customers once you do win their business, you have a winning formula.

Are you ready to build a clear and solid strategy for your business on Facebook? If so, sign up for my upcoming Facebook For Business Workshop where we build your Facebook for Business strategy from scratch. Or come along to the next Social Media Club where we brainstorm different authentic & soulful online marketing strategies every month. All this helps to support and grow your brand online in a positive way. Are you ready to kick-off your business year for 2013 ? If you need some direction, I’m here to support you, my 1-on-1 mentoring sessions could also help.

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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Busting The Myth about “Add Interest List” – the {not-so} “Quick Fix”

marketing Facebook businessRiding on the back of this Facebook Business hotbed of controversy, are those that are trying to implement a “quick fix”. I don’t blame you, I’d love one too. But as with all “quick fixes”, they are either “not so quick” or “do not fix”. And this solution is both (not quick and not fixing)….

Yes I’m talking about the “Promoted Post” drama which has been going on for weeks now (I blogged about this last night too here….)

Every Business Page I see today seems to be advising their Fans to click the “Add to Interest Lists” button to ensure that their Business Page remains in the NewsFeed of their Fans.

There are two problems with this “quick fix”….

  1. You can only “Add to Interest List” from your Personal Profile. So if you’ve been clicking on the “down arrow” underneath a business’ cover photo and wondering why you can’t see it, this is why, it’s because you are viewing the other Business Page from inside your own Business Page. You need to hop over to your Personal Profile and “Add to Interest List” the other business Page from your Personal Profile…
  2. Adding a business to an Interest List does not add the business to the regular News Feed where most Fans spend most of their time surfing. It only adds the Business Page to the News Feed of the “Interest List”, which is a different News Stream altogether. This is great in theory, but is really only useful if the Fan is in the habit of using their Interest Lists. When was the last time you hopped out of your regular News Feed to surf the feed inside your “Interest List”? Yup, you get where I’m going with this…. a bit impractial….

“Adding to Interest List” is one of those “quick fixes” that is great in theory, but is not going to work very well in reality.

I doubt many folks will finish surfing their regular Facebook News Feed and say “okay great, now I’m going to surf a whole new  News Feed in my Interest Lists because I haven’t had enough News Feed Surfing tonight”. Nope, I think they’re most likely going to say “I’m done”, skip over the News that is sitting in the Interest List and step away from their computer…

So this is not a fix at all really.

Some folks are claiming that “Adding to Interest Lists” is restoring the visiblity of that Business Page to their News Feed. But which news feed? Their Personal Profile news feed? Their Business Page news feed? Or their Interest List news feed? I am testing this at the moment too, so I will get to you with my results, but it sounds sketchy to me.

What is the only solid solution? I advise all Business Owners to focus on the 3 primary key factors to online success on Facebook, and they are ENGAGEMENT, CONTENT + FANBASE.

I share my extensive research on these 3 topics in detail in my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business”. Hope it can help you too.

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How Scheduled Posts can Save You Time & Get You More Fans

Business FacebookHave you discovered the “Scheduled Posts” feature on Facebook yet? There are some Facebook features that are “take it or leave it”, but every once in a while, Facebook actually adds a function that is really, really neat. And the “schedule” button is one of those functions that really gets me rocking and rolling. It’s only been introduced very recently, so it’s not surprsing if it hasn’t caught your eye yet. It’s been a real life-saver really.

This little beauty allows you to “calendarise” your Facebook posts.

So if you wanted to release a particular post at 7pm tonight but you’d rather be watching the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother” with your teenager, then you can schedule the post to be released at 7pm tonight, without the need to be in the same room as your PC at all, during this essential-TV-viewing-teenager-bonding-time.

There are significant benefits in using the “Schedule” button….

  1. You can quickly type your posts when it is most convenient for you (eg during a quiet period of your business) to be displayed “out of your standard business hours”. This means you are not tied to your PC when you would rather be having a life {shock horror}
  2. Conversely, if you have an event coming up (or an uber-busy work-week planned), and you think you will be too busy to post during work hours for a while, then you can schedule your posts out of hours, to be released during business hours, at a time when you know you will be tied up. Your business then still appears in the News Feeds of your Fans, rather than missing out on visibility all together during that time period. This gives your business the crucial exposure it needs, when it needs it most, and the potential to gather more Fans, even while you are too busy to “be there” on Facebook.

Some crucial pointers….

  1. Don’t use Hootsuite or any other “External” programs to post to Facebook.  Yes you can use these programs to post to Twitter and other Social Platforms, for sure, but not for Facebook. It will affect your Edgerank (Facebook Business Page Ranking), and not in a good way. I have written a previous blog post about what Edgerank is here. This is crucial to understand for Facebook Business Success, but in a nutshell, you need to be “inside” Facebook when you post. So don’t be tempted to post from an outside program to save you time, instead, the best time-saving function available to you within Facebook is the “Schedule” function. So use it to your heart’s content.
  2. Think about the best “times” to post. I share my extensive research on this topic in detail in my book and give you loads of tips on how to work out the best times for you to post in your business. You need to meet your target market at the best times, otherwise you are wasting your time on Facebook and I show you in my book the steps to figure this out specifically for your business (every business is different and hence the “best times” to post is different too). However if you would like some personalised help to work out the best times to post for your business, we can explore this in a 1-on-1 session together if that suits you better.

So, where to find this said “Schedule button”… {drum roll please}….

As this is only a new-ish feature (September 2012), most of my clients haven’t noticed this button yet, which is not surprising since Facebook seem to be moving the furniture around almost every day….

Funnily enough, the “Schedule button” is actually right under your nose …..

scheduling Facebook posts

  1. To setup a “scheduled post” simply click inside the “Status bar” and start typing your post
  2. When you are finished typing, click the small clock icon on the bottom left hand corner of the status box (note that this tiny clock icon does not appear until you actually click your cursor inside the status box, and then it appears, as if by magic)
  3. When you click the clock (try saying this ten times fast!), a “Year” pops up. Just choose the year you would like your post to be displayed. I suggest keeping your posts to within the week (too much can happen in your business between now and next year!)
  4. After you select a year, a month option pops up, and so on for day, and time
  5. Click the Schedule button on the bottom right of the status box, to diarise this post for the time you have specified. For this dummy example above on “The Like Effect” Facebook Page, I entered 7:30 tomorrow morning so that my post could “appear” in the Facebook news feed starting 7:30am

But what if I change my mind?

Do not fear, Facebook have thought of this as well. To change the posts that you have “scheduled”….

  1. Click on “Edit Page”
  2. Select “Use Activity Log”
  3. And you will see all your scheduled posts there in a list
  4. Here you can change the date and time of the future-dated posts, or cancel them all-together, so you still have full control over your posts even though they are diarised….

activity log Facebook for Business

If you’re looking for more information on this topic, or want to discover how best to use Facebook for your business, join us for the upcoming Facebook for Business Workshop, get my book or reach out to me for a 1-on-1 mentoring session…. And let’s get this party started!

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Social Media for the Time-Poor Small Business

Business facebookLast month, we launched “The Social Media Club”, the world’s first. We had a great night of laughter and connection, and most importantly, brainstorming with like-minded business owners where we got to find out that every small business owner is in the same boat. When you’re a crew of one, you have to work smarter not harder, be savvy and efficient, whilst standing on one leg and singing la-la-la-la-lahhhh, in tune. So on this night, all “Clubbers” discovered that they were not alone, and that there are better ways of doing things… especially in the world of “Social Media”….

“The Social Media Club” is being held on the 4th Thursday of every month and at each “Club” meeting I will be giving a short talk on the hottest “Social” topic of the month, as well as answer your BURNING QUESTIONS that have been concerning you, in your world of Social Media.

Last month, the topic on everyone’s lips was “How do I manage my Social Media when I am time poor?” Do I hear you screaming too?

I thought I’d blog the talk I gave, in case you missed it, and the champagne, and the fun…. but come and join us for the next “Social Media Club” coming up on Thursday 25th October 6.30-8.30pm, and join in the fun, in person……

So here’s my Top-7-Tips on “How to manage your Social Media when you are Time Poor” (READ: How to Save your Sanity whilst riding the Social Media Train)….

  1.  Choose 1-2 Social Media platforms and DO THEM WELL. There is no point stressing about jumping onto all the social medias. There is simply no point being a jack-of-trades and master-of-none. It’s not going to help to brand and position your business in the market-place if you “do” a Social platform badly. I recommend to my clients to choose the one or two that will best suit their business, and focus on those. (If you need some help selecting these, reach out to me, I can help you get clear on what social platforms will best suit your business). The key here is to give your customers “some” way of  “connecting” with you on one or two of the Social platforms. But don’t worry about meeting all customers on all the platforms. It’s simply unrealistic in the real world of small business, to be everywhere. In my extensive research in writing my book Novice2Ninja, I discovered that Facebook is THE ONE platform that just about every business needs to be on (which is why I wrote a book about it). It’s very powerful, and THE platform that 1 billion peeps spend, oh, only 3 billion hours on, DAILY. And once you get the hang of Facebook, only THEN look at a 2nd platform. Perhaps Twitter, or LinkedIN or Pinterest, but this would depend entirely on the type of business you’re in and what your “personal strengths” are. For example, if you don’t like to write, then there is no point starting a “written” blog. However, you may consider starting a “visual” blog, if you like to take pictures, and if a visual blog would suit the aims of your business! This is part of the “Social Media Strategy” that I can help you define and get clear on in a 1-on-1 mentoring session….
  2. Add “Social Media” to your DAILY ROUTINE. Yup, good ol’ fashioned, “if it’s not in your routine, it won’t get done” trick. You know, like your mama always says. So when you’re sitting down to do your emailing or phone calls, your ordering or processing your enquiries, just add 10 minutes to that routine for Social Media management. Until you get the swing of it, it may take longer than 10 minutes a day, but once you get your head around it, 10 minutes a day is achievable. The key here is manage your Social Media DAILY. So whatever you do every, tag your Social Media management onto the end of that routine. Then you know it will get done. Consistency is key here.
  3. SCHEDULE your posts. There are some Facebook features that are “take it or leave it”, but every once in a while, Facebook actually add a function that is really, really neat. And the “schedule” button is one of those functions that I ADORE. It is a life-saver really.  I have written a separate post about how to use the “Schedule” function here, but bottom line is that it allows you to “calendarise” your Facebook posts. So if you wanted to release a particular post at 7pm tonight but you’d rather be watching the latest episode of “How I met your mother” with your teenager, then you can schedule the post to be released at this time. I have found this function to be the most-time saving of all functions because I can quickly type my posts when it is most convenient for me, and I am not tied to my PC when I would rather be having a life {shock horror}. Also don’t use Hootsuite or any other “External” programs to post to Facebook.  Yes you can use these programs to post to Twitter and other Social Platforms, but not for Facebook. It will affect your Edgerank, and not in a good way. I have written a previous blog post about what Edgerank is here, this is crucial to understand for Facebook Business Success, but in a nutshell, you need to be “inside” Facebook when you post. So don’t be tempted to post from an outside program to save you time, instead, the best time-saving function available to you within Facebook is the “Schedule” function. Use it to your heart’s content.
  4. Take the pressure off ORIGINAL CONTENT and supplement your posts with CURATED CONTENT. I do recommend in my book “Novice2Ninja” that posting about 2-3 times a week is ideal. If you wanted to read a more detailed guideline on how often to post and when to post, to suit your business, you can get my book here. But many business owners say to me “I don’t have time to write a post every day“. You don’t need to. Yes you do need to COLLECT your own ideas and write your own posts based on what is happening in your business, a couple times a week. This is so that your story is seeping through to your tribe of loyal fans. But for the other 4-5 days a week, just CURATE content instead and take the pressure off yourself! This means, share posts from your news feed! This will save you loads of time, and hopefully dispels the myth that you need to post something original every day. I don’t have a blog post about this topic as this subject area has many implications and can not be simplified in a blog post, however the best advice I have about HOW TO COLLECT & CURATE CONTENT, is in my book. In fact I have dedicated half the book to this topic, which should signal to you that the topic of content is of vital importance to your online success, on any Social platform platform, not just Facebook. TIP: When you share a post from your news feed, make sure it’s relevant to your business though. I talk alot about what is “relevant” to a business, and what is not, in  my book as well.
  5. REPLY to comments. On some days, this is all I have time for. But it’s SOMETHING. It is an activity that WILL get your business into the news feed of your Fans, and remember, the more eyeballs that see your posts, the better (more fans leads to potentially more sales. This is grossly over-simplified, again, the full process and cause and effect, of how to make money in your business using the platform of social media, is fully explained in my book). Many businesses ask me “should I reply to comments?” My reply always is “would you ignore someone that  walks into your shop?” You get the picture. Don’t ignore your Fans. If a Follower has taken the time to visit your Facebook Page (which is essentially like your shop, but online), then take the time to RESPOND to their comment. It’s good business practice, it may lead to sales, and it also gives you a “quickie” social media “burst” in the news feed of your Fans, if your plate that day is like a juggling act. Hey, we all have those days where 37 hours is not enough, right?!?!?!? Therefore replying to comments is a quickie solution on days like this…
  6. Don’t see Social Media AS A PAIN. If your head-space towards Social Media is that it’s a thorn in your side, and the bain of your existence, then you are not seeing the true potential of Social Media and how it can really work for you. If you can find a way to use Facebook as market research, your mindset towards Social Media will shift (towards the positive). Imagine being stuck on which product to launch but knowing that you had a place where you could take your products to the market place, ask your target market their opinion on which product they liked, and then only launching the product that is most well received? Imagine how much money and time you could save by not being sucked down the rabbit hole of bad product-launch choices? Weeeeeeelllllll. Facebook is one such place! I encourage all my clients to “test” their products before launch, on their Facebook pages, to ensure their Peeps are into what they are doing. I advised my client to do just this, and to test her 2 x book cover choices on her Facebook Page. Check out Dani’s form here at this link….  This “market testing” is giving us valuable data that we otherwise would never have had access to! This is Market Research being streamed straight from the market-place!!! THIS IS GOLD ! You can’t PAY for this sort of market research. Well, you can, but it would cost you thousands. On Facebook, you can do all your market testing , FOR FREE.
  7. Get some Training. Social Media is just another platform for you to sell your products for your business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN –> these are all just systems that you need to operate to win these sales. And like all systems, you need some training to ensure you are avoiding the pitfalls and maximising the benefits. This is especially true for Social Media. I highly recommend reading a book, getting a mentor or doing a workshop in Social Media. And rather than begrudge this as “another thing you have to do”, see this as an investment in tech-proofing your business for the future. After all, there is no point building a Facebook page for a year and sucking at it. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hit the ground running, know what to do and what not to do? My November Workshops are just about sold out, so jump in and grab your seat now while’s there’s one waiting for you. But if group-love is not your ‘thang’, then 1-on-1 mentoring might suit you better if you prefer to learn at your own individual pace. Or if book-learning floats your boat, then my book Novice2Ninja starts you at the beginning, and takes you through to mastery level of Facebook. However you like to learn, I’ve got the support you need covered to help you get your Business cracking on Social Media…..

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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How to Add an ADMIN to your Facebook Business Page

Facebook business specialistDO YOU NEED TO ADD SOMEONE ELSE TO UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE? Here’s the steps to “Add Another ADMIN”….

1. The original page owner needs to login to the business page to add the first “extra” admin (once there is a 2nd person, that 2nd person can then add any subsequent people to manage the page)
2. Click “Edit Page” (top middle menu)
3. Select “Admin Roles” from the drop down menu
4. Enter the email address of the extra staff that needs to be added as ADMINS. Ensure it is the email address that the person uses to login to Facebook. This way FB can connect the email address with the person’s personal profile (if you have loads of trouble with this step, and FB keeps rejecting the email address, just ask the person what their “FB email” is…. There is no way around this problem, it MUST be the FB email that they use to login with or this step won’t work and the ADMIN won’t get added!!!)
5. You can add as many ADMINS as you like this way.
6. All the ADMINS will now have the ability to update the business page, not just the original Page owner….
7. I recommend adding only the absolute minimum people to be ADMINS. {Keep it tight.}

Has anybody had any trouble adding ADMINS to their page? Without the right email address of the person, adding an ADMIN can be very tedious!

Francesca Esposito-Rose
Facebook Business Specialist

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Super Engaged

Business MentorSo after working with me for 1 week, my client Keeping Up With The Holsbys has completely smashed the definition of “Super Engagement”. This is where the number of people talking about you is MORE than the number of fans that you have on your business page. This is so rare, I have only ever seen this once before on the Oprah Winfrey page! The average “Engagement” across Facebook is 2-3%. However this gifted mummy-blogger, writer and photographer, has skyrocketed to 169% engagement after applying the methods from The Like Effect for only one week. Now that’s what I call TOTALLY SMOKING. Go Danielle !

Do you fancy a piece of this action? Yes or Yes? If yes, reach out to me and let’s talk about how I can help your business grow…… Book a Session with Francesca

And if you have seen a “Super Engaged” page around Facebook or if you have one yourself – please post the link below – I would love to check it out (or whistle woo-hoo’s your way !!!!)
For more great business tips and a 10-step method to get the most out of your Facebook Page, get the one and only book you need….. Buy Book Now “Novice2Ninja”

If you found this information useful, please share this post to your favourite online playground. I would be as happy as Oprah with appreciation for helping me share the knowledge and the love (I am a small business too)…

With Gratitude
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