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How to ReSize your Profile Photo & How this Helps Build your Fanbase on Facebook

Profile Photo on Business Facebook pageDid you notice the profile photo on your Facebook Business Page got bigger a few months ago? Is your Profile Photo now chopped off , distorted, stretched or weird looking? Is this bugging you? It should! Because you need to fix it pronto! This is one of the first things a potential fan will see (and possibly potential customer) when they first visit your page….

The reason why your profile photo may now look distorted, is because in April Facebook made a minor tweak, increasing your profile photo from 125 x 125 pixels to 160 x 160 pixels. So we all needed to make an adjustment to cater for this new size profile photo.  It’s also important that your thumbnail is still recognisable all over FaceBook. So here are the steps to fix both your profile photo + thumbnail photo….

Fixing your profile photo…

  1. Make sure you have a great photo to start with. This can be a logo or a great image of your business. Statistically, customers tend to connect more with a face than a logo, but hey, choose whatever best suits your business and brand
  2. In any photo editing program e.g. PhotoShop or iEditor, find the “size” function. Every photo editing program has one of these “image size” features, it’s just a matter of finding it
  3. In the “dimensions” setting, make sure the dimensions are to “pixels” and not “cms”.
  4. Set the height and width to 180×180 pixels. I know this is confusing, since I said that Facebook changed the new profile picture size to 160×160 right? But when Facebook displays your photo, it actually takes 20 pixels off all the edges for “padding”. So make sure your profile looks great in the 180×180 size and Facebook will re-size your profile photo automatically down to 160×160.
  5. Save this new size (180×180 pixels) and re-upload this newly sized photo via edit profile picture/upload photo which is the menu that will appear when you hover over your profile photo on your page

Fixing your thumbnail….

  1. Your thumbnail is a different size again (smaller). This is the photo that’s left all around FaceBook when you leave a comment or like a post.
  2. You actually can’t upload a thumbnail sized photo, but you can do 2 things to make sure your thumbnail is recognisable all over Facebook-town.
  • One, Make sure that there is a bit of padding around the core centre of your logo or face. That way, when the profile picture gets trimmed down, the main centre part of your photo is still recognisable. An unrecognisable photo all over Facebook is no good to you – it’s not representing your business very well….. A great thumbnail photo is one way to help build your Fanbase. By leaving a comment on another business page, this exposes your business to new potential Likers. By making sure your thumbnail photo is unique and not weird looking or distorted, your page will be more attractive to potential “Likers”. Voila – more “likers”! Yes please !
  • Two, once you’ve uploaded your newly sized profile photo, hover over the “edit profile picture” menu again and choose “edit thumbnail”. This will allow you to slide the photo to display the bits you want. (It slides 4 ways, up-down, left-right, so play around with it until you’re happy.) Or the other option is to tick the “scale to fit” checkbox. This shrinks the whole photo down to the thumbnail size so that you don’t have to crop it if you don’t want to. Again, play around with both these two options (moving the photo around versus scaling to fit) and see which option looks best. You can’t use both options at once, it’s either move the photo around or scale it down…. like this….

profile photo on faceboko fanpage

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Francesca Esposito-Rose
Facebook Ninjette