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How to Change How Often Facebook Emails you (and Save your Sanity)

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Have you ever felt like you could scream at your PC with the number of emails you get about friends tagging other friends, friends checking in to a cafe, friends of friends of friends commenting on your next door neighbours daughter’s best friends cat? You’re running a business right? And all this is just cluttering your inbox (and driving you insane……)

Here’s the steps to turn your email frequency to “important updates only” rather than getting an email for every-single-individual-goddam-freakin-thing-that-ever-happens-to-your-friends-on-Facebook……..  here’s the steps to your saving grace before you kill someone….

  1. In your personal profile
  2. Click the down triangle (top right hand corner)
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click “Notifications” on the LHS menu
  5. On the top right hand corner, tick the “email frequency”. By ticking this box, you get important updates only and your sanity back. By leaving this box unticked, you get individual emails and you slowly write your ticket to a mental assylum or kill your friends, whichever happens first…

Simple solution. DONE.

Facebook is a revolutionary tool for business but now you can have your sanity back too. THANKYOU AMEN Hallelujah brother

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With Gratitude

Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.

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