Storm in an F-Cup {Koche vs. Breastfeeding Mums and the Power of Facebook}

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It’s a sad day when breastfeeding mothers have to “protest” with a boob-in to make public breastfeeding acceptable. (If you missed the controversy between lactating mums and Australia’s famous “Sunrise” Show this morning, click here….)

Me, I’m a pro-public-mammary supporter, but it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you sit on, the Storm in an F-Cup this morning proved five things….

  1. Koche, the respected hero of the Sunrise show and esteemed business-man, didn’t see the protest coming. Why? Because all the chatter and brewing discontent happened online over the weekend. And the producers of “Sunrise” were’s a snippet of the growing disgruntledness that no-one saw coming….
  2. Social Media can’t be ignored. Despite the “Sunrise” show turning down the blinds (quite literally) and not broadcasting the protest that was brewing outside their studio window, the protest continued on Twitter and Facebook. And after 2 hours of “ignoring” the nurse-in, the producers of the show decided to “tackle” the issue. This is the power of Social Media – Tweet after Tweet, the snowballing protest, eventually, could not be ignored.
  3. Communities are formed online. These breastfeeding mothers are all part of an online community. Some of them blog. Some of them Tweet. Some of them Facebook. And they have one thing in common. They are all connected. To eachother. To events. And to a wider community of like-minded people. YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO BUILD A COMMUNITY and leverage the power of the Internet.
  4. Your brand can be made or broken online. The “Sunrise” show was in serious damage control this morning. They swiftly pulled out every positive story they could think of and every happy-go-lucky angle to show their support of women and breastfeeding. I think the show did redeem themselves slightly by tackling the issue (eventually) even though they tackled the issue quite poorly (in my opinion) by pre-ambling “the debate” with a lampooning boob-centric weather report-skit. Quite poor taste but at least they addressed the issue. They had no choice really, if they continued to ignore the issue, the show would have been murdered, and the presenter, crucified. Online at least. I can only imagine the effect on TV ratings this would have if they refused to address the issue!
  5. It is vital that you understand your demographic. Why-oh-why would the Sunrise show, who’s major target market is MUMS-AT-HOME, drop a “feedback question” about “discreet public breastfeeding”? Surely the producers did not think this one through.
And after all the fuss, there is now a call-to-action for laws surrounding public breastfeeding to be reviewed. THIS IS THE POWER OF THE INTERNET. That you can organise a rally on an issue and get national coverage and perhaps affect real change. Maybe your business doesn’t hit such core-social-issues like this, but every business can learn from this Storm-in-an-F-Cup. I believe that every business needs to be mindful of some Basic Business Etiquette that the Sunrise Show clearly still needs to learn….


Here are My Top 5 Tips for Business Etiquette….

  1. Build a brand that is POSITIVE, both offline and online. Keep your brand upbeat, authentic, accessible and fresh. ALWAYS. There is no need to delve into the negative issues (there’s enough negativity in the world). Use Social Media to BUILD your Profile, not to draw negative attention to your company. These days, Social Media should be part of your front-line marketing strategy, so use Social Media to spread the word about what you do, how awesome your business is and to raise visibility about your company’s products and services.
  2. Use the power of online “community” to build up a following of Fans (and customers) that love your brand and will rave about your business. This is a powerful way to build a strong customer base that will buy repeatedly from you.
  3. Address all issues, especially negative ones. You can run but you can’t hide, so it’s best to remedy the issue on the spot, admit you’ve made a mistake and offer solutions. You can even turn a negative situation into a positive one, if handled correctly. Everyone’s human, so just be real and most folks are fairly forgiving, they often just want an apology, to be heard, or a replacement product that works and meets their basic expectations.
  4. And the obvious one, never, ever, ever “dis” a minority group (or any group for that matter). Not mums, not the vision impaired, not those with special needs, not those of ethnic decent, not white, yellow, pink or indifferent. Never put anyone’s nose out of joint, or that stuff that hits the fan will boomerang right back at you.
  5. Understand Your Demographic. A passing flippant comment can be very damaging to your brand. Make sure you truly understand what your customers want and need, and ensure your business fulfills these needs and solves a real problem.
If you want to discover how to build a positive brand online, Facebook is the number one Social Media platform, and can help you BUILD A COMMUNITY for your business. If you want to leverage the power of the Internet, the next Facebook MasterClass starts soon in Bangalow. This is a 3-day Intensive and Interactive Workshop with myself at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. For more info and to book your seat, click here….


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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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