SMO support for Facebook in Business


So you’re an SMO (Social Media Optimiser) or a Marketeer? Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, our team of Business Facebook Specialists can help fill in the gaps and accelerate your growth. (Or if you’re looking for a professional to do all the work for you, please click here)

My boss asked me to look after our “Social Media Strategy” one Friday lunch time – and I do have a traditional marketing background – but I was secretly freaked out – I had no idea how to run a Facebook Page for a business! I knew I needed to do something fast and a crash course over the weekend seemed like a good solution – then this book caught my eye. It was insightful and thorough, and I was able to get the job done quickly because the book shows you all the precise steps you need to do.  By COB Friday I’m freaked out and by SOB Monday I’m the expert. I loved thelikeffect so much that I also signed up for Francesca’s weekly email support. It’s just nice to know I have some security and personal support from a Facebook Business Specialist as I have needed to hit that “Panic button” a few times….. highly recommend to any business or SMO  starting out….” Nathan

Here’s how we can can help you as a Social Media Optimizer:-

Package One – “SMO Quick-Start”

Hit the Panic Button and get one-on-one weekly email support from an experienced Facebook Business Specialist; let us be your lifeline until you’ve nailed it.

This package includes….

  • Help getting your company started on Business Facebook
  • Get clear direction defining the voice and brand of your company
  • Solid content suggestions for your company’s Social Media Strategy
  • Advice on pipeline timing, call-to-action, brand awareness and brand engagement on your Facebook for Business page
  • Help building your Facebook Fan Page base
  • Advice every step of the way
  • Get a quick fix to any question you may have
  • Weekly email support (Support policy, replies within 24-72 hours, Australian business days, 9am -5pm AEST)
  • Free copy of the eBook “Facebook Business Success in 10 minutes a day
  • AU$250 per week (Total AU$3,000 for min 3 months*)Buy Package Now
  • We can also link your Business Facebook Page from your existing website or blog, starting from AU$150, please enquire here

Strategy Business Facebook Help

Package Two – “Digital Strategy

You’re setup in Facebook, you’re aware of a Social Community building around your brand and you’re ready to do some serious planning. You really want to work with a Facebook Business Specialist to design a “Digital Strategy” to suit your company and also learn the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

This package includes….

  • All of Package One PLUS
  • Weekly Phone calls up to 1 hour each offering tailored support
  • Get help designing a Digital Strategy
  • Optimising your Business Facebook Page for best results
  • Learn the best methodology from a Facebook for Business specialist
  • Learn how to build efficiency and success into your Digital Strategy
  • Benchmark and evaluation of statistics
  • Unlimited email support (Support policy, replies within 24-48 hours, Australian business days, 9am -5pm AEST)
  • AU$350 per week (Total AU$4,200 for min 3 months*) Buy Package Now
  • Let us link your Business Facebook Page from your existing website or blog, starting from $150, please enquire here

All Prices quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST (tax). Tax Invoice/Receipt with company ABN will also issued.

*Why are all our SMO packages a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks)? For two reasons. It avoids the urge to ask all questions unnaturally in the first few seconds leaving you in a state of overwhelm. We believe in working methodically, consistently and surely. The second reason is that it takes time to develop your company’s voice on your Facebook page, it’s a process of unfolding, allowing new habits to be implemented. We need at least 12 weeks to get to know and understand your business to help you achieve results. We only want success for your business and we only want to work with businesses that are committed to getting results, therefore a 3 month minimum shows that you’re ready to succeed. A clear desire from the company to develop new habits is an essential factor in your Digital Strategy Success. Please note that because we often give alot of our best information up front, a partially used package is not refundable. Simply because we’ll give you our blueprint for success up front so that you can hit the ground running.