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Small Business Owners are the most unsupported of any industry sector, by a long country mile. As a sector, we also have the highest percentage failure rate and yet we work the longest hours, often unpaid. As a Business Owner myself of 25 years, I hear you screaming! But over 2 decades, I have learnt many valuable insights I wish I had known when I bought my first business at the ripe young age of 19 years old! (read my full story here)

I made the life choice a few years ago to share my experience and help guide other small business owners around the pitfalls and traps of running a small business, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I have nurtured many businesses from the seed of an idea to multi-million dollar operations, and I realised a few years ago that the most joy in my life, besides giving birth to my son, marrying my husband, and leaving the big smoke to live a quieter life in the hinterland of Byron Bay, has been to capture the spark of an idea that is generated from somewhere inside the creative mind, and to watch it grow into a thriving business and take on a life-form and personality of its own.

What makes me unique as a Business Mentor is that I can help you jump into the express lane of optimising your business. I can’t guarantee your success, your success is based on what you do with the opportunities that you create, however I can help you identify what is important, what is worth growing and what is flogging a dead horse and needs to be left behind (by the way, I’m pretty straight up.)

So You’re Starting a New Business….

If you have a new idea that is the beginnings of a concept, CONGRATULATIONS. Let that idea be there. Allow the joy around “possibilities” to be there. This initial phase of your business is very fertile, creative and powerful. My favourite quote about starting a business is by Walt Disney, who said….

Mickey Mouse® popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad . . . when the business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at their lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner.
- Walt Disney®. Producer. Director

I just love that. The feeling that possibilities are endless. That the world is your oyster. That you can do anything and achieve anything, if you put my mind to it, and with the right tools.

So let’s harness the power of the fertile early days where ideas and concepts are still in fusion or “in utero”, so to speak. I have several specialties. One of them is to help businesses START and I can point you in the right direction to get your project off the ground.

I came to Francesca because I wanted to learn how to increase my likes on Facebook but I got a whole lot more than I bargained for when I actually received a person who has become instrumental in the growth of my brand, my confidence, my dreams and my spirit. In a few short months, my Facebook page has more than quadrupled, my business plan has grown beyond what I thought I could achieve and I attribute this to the person I call ‘the wind beneath my wings’. But these things are nothing compared to the real heart of what I have received through my work with Francesca. Francesca believed in me more that I believed in myself, and her unerring support has given me the courage to dream big. I recommend Francesca to anyone that will listen, as she can bring insight and mojo into any business, and her ability to think outside what you think your square is, is a true gift. Francesca, I thank you, and I’m so proud to call you my mentor, and now, my friend.” - Danielle Colley, Author, Photographer, Producer, Blogger, Mum @ Keeping up with the Holsbys

Perhaps You Want to Grow, Streamline an Existing Business or get UNstuck….

I also know alot about growing an existing business and fixing the problems that are holding back growth. In my first business (a mushroom delivery run!) my first task was to cull customers that were not profitable. My partner thought I was crazy! There were only 16 customers! But instinctively I knew we could not grow the operation carrying dead weight. It was expensive to run trucks out to shops that were out of the way or poor payers. Thankfully my rash decision paid off, we continued to add new (more profitable) customers, streamline processes and put systems into place. The business grew and we never looked back. We sold the business at a healthy profit a few years later and my passion for business was ignited.

If you have bought a going-concern or run an existing business, you may have inherited some issues or you may have developed some patterns that are no longer serving you. You know it. I know it. Something has to give. And some hard decisions need to be made, whether it be about staff, products or processes. You simply can not pull ahead with the way things are now. I know the picture all too well.

And existing business owners, especially of 10 years or more, have an extra special challenge. And that is boredom, lack of motivation, fatigue or passion wearing thin. In the early years you could operate on the smell of an oily rag, pure passion and promise, to pull through. But now the daily grind has set in, things are looking a little lack-lustre and you are yearning for a better-oiled machine so that you can claw your life back. I know the gig. And guess what, once we fix the underlying problems, you will not only get your life back but your passion will also reignite. Or perhaps we need to get your business ready to sell? Either way, and for whatever reason the original passion is gone, you need some help to achieve these goals. I can help you GROW, become more efficient and become more profitable. I can help you find your passion again. I can help you get UNstuck.

A Bit About Me….

You can read my full story here, but anyone that knows me or has worked with me, can tell you I’m highly motivated, always juiced up, uber energetic and very abundant. {Yes of course I’m not like this 24/7, that would be inhuman, and I do take down time, but when I’m with you, you always get the best of me.} And as I am also highly creative, there are never any shortage of original ideas, which I will happily gift to you. However it’s my business acumen that you can most benefit from. I am also a professionally trained IT Business Analyst and worked for many years in the IT department of many large companies like Qantas, Macquarie Bank (Stock Exchange), Energex, Country Energy, NorthPower, AGL, AAPT and more. And all the while, alongside my corporate career, I kept my private businesses running with staff managing the operations. These private businesses ranged from IT recruitment & consulting to wholesaling, tourism and retail. You could say that I’ve had two careers running in parallel across the private, corporate & public sectors (I like to excel and I like to be busy). Across the span of all my careers, I have also worked alongside many marketing departments, legal departments, boards of directors and consumer groups. Therefore nothing shocks me or phases  me – I’ve seen it all and this can benefit your business because I offer my vast experience and depth of insights to you….

Business Coaching

On a personal level, I’m a straight-up, no B/S kinda gal. I am friendly and upbeat, my friends describe me as passionate, warm, kind, generous and cheeky. As my valued client, I will always have time for you. I have a husband, son and 3 step children whom I adore hanging out with, doing crosswords with and watching films with (at the moment we are a little obsessed with Swedish crime dramas!) I love the moments I have to steal time and catch up with girlfriends for a soy chai latte and a laugh. Zumba keeps my mind fresh and my body sane (or is it the other way around? ha ha). And except for when I need to wear heels, I wear my Zumba (Bloch dance) shoes every day, 7 days a week, so that I can zip around and grab small bursts of interval exercise, when the moment takes me. I have also been known to dart up sets of stairs whenever possible. I am majorly driven by Mojo, Ju-Ju, Ebb-and-Flow, creativity, excellence, opportunity and passion. However what really inspires me to work with you, is the desire to enable humanity with the opportunity to do meaningful work that has a purpose, work that is juicy, passion-filled, sustainable and awe-inspiring. I like that alot.

On a more philosophical note, I was raised a Christian. I subscribe to Buddhist philosophy, and I have many Muslim, Jewish and atheist friends. Therefore I am moderate in my actions, compassionate and thoughtful of all people and respectful of all ways. I like to be inclusive. I like to have balance.

So if I sound like the right person to support you, let’s hook up.

Here’s How I Can Help You….

  • let’s meet in a cafe or over the phone
  • we can also meet at my office at SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay if cafes are not your style
  • you get to borrow my brain
  • we brainstorm
  • we get clear
  • we solve your most burning problems to get you out of any pickle you may be in, and then we plan for a better way to run your business
  • the topic can be whatever you need clarity on or solutions for (business, facebook, social media, online marketing, creative process, personal/business goals, achieving your dreams, developing your voice online, honing your brand, identifying your target market, you choose or I help you identify what the problem is)
  • and since I have a heavy IT background as well as business, we may even (and most likely will) touch on technology and system issues that need to be addressed (no business can run efficiently these days without effective systems in place. I can advise you in this area too)
  • my strengths are also branding, marketing and social media for business and no mentoring session is complete without touching or diving into these areas to a lesser or more degree
  • ideas, ideas, ideas…. having a very creative & active brain, I have plenty of them. I can therefore brainstorm any topic or project with you and help you find solutions, options and pathways
  • if we’re meeting for a coffee, you can bring your laptop if you like (as we’ll be meeting at a cafe with WiFi, but a laptop is optional and will often slow us down)
  • my sessions are $220 for 2 hours face-to-face (or phone-to-phone)
  • this includes a complementary Action Plan of the Top 5 Actions we discussed, emailed to you within a week of our session together
  • if you prefer a full written report including a measurable action plan of the areas I think you need to work on, this is also available upon request. These action plans are tailored specifically for your business, giving you a worksheet that you can work through and tick off with achievable steps and measurable results (these written reports are a separate cost and a price is available upon request depending on the complexity of the business or project) 
  • all sessions are fully tax deductible and include GST (tax)
  • the reason why sessions are 2-hours, is because we need the time to nut out the nitty gritty, and often the first hour of any session is establishing where you are up to (if it’s the first session) or how steps have progressed (if it’s a follow up session). Then the second hour is action stations….
  • Longer sessions are also available, up to 4 hours. These are beneficial when we are preparing for product launches, however I avoid these in business planning simply because there would be too much homework that would come out of a 3-4 hour session! I like to keep my eye on the big picture, and so it’s important that we set goals that are achievable, and that starts with booking sessions (and Action Plans) that are achievable. However if you prefer to work in longer stretches, please enquire about price….
  • ask about our long term rates for regular ongoing sessions
  • house/office/shop visits are sometimes available depending on my schedule (additional travel fees apply)
  • for reviews of my work and how I have helped other small business owners, click here
  • I’m  an enabler and I am your sounding board. I’m here to help you feel reinvigorated about your existing business, or confident about your new business. To book a 1-on-1 session with Francesca, click “Add to Cart” just below and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment time and location with you.
Sessions are 2 hrs each for AU$220
{A Tax Receipt will be automatically emailed to you}
{*For phone sessions within Australia, we will call you.}
{*Please note for International calls, you will need to call us.}

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OMG her expertise is incredible. Francesca not only knows everything there is to know about FaceBook and social media for business but she also helps us re-evaluate our own individual businesses. Her enthusiasm is infectious her generosity awesome. Her insight and experience in helping small businesses like mine is wonderful. Check out her facebook manual “Novice2Ninja”, you’ll be so glad you did - The Bangalow Naturopath

facebook business specialist

Just can’t thank or sing Francesca’s praises highly enough! After a mentoring session with Francesca at The Like Effect, the businesses of “Annie Zorzo Accessories”, “Dandelion Wishes”and “The Corner Store (Evans Head)” now have a much clearer idea of what we need to focus on to carry on building our businesses. If it wasn’t for Francesca we would still be floundering without a clear direction. Thank you so much for lifting the fog and letting the sunshine in!!! If you’re considering a mentoring session with Francesca, don’t hesitate, it’s the BEST thing you could do for your business!!” – Annie Zorzo Accessories

My Approach….

  • I’m a big believer in the 80/20 rule. I focus you on the top 20% of your priorities and the rest goes onto the back-burner, for now. Yes, we all have our own unique super-powers, but super-human is not sustainable. I focus you on sustainable growth that is comfortable to manage. So if you want to propel your business forward like a rocket or inch along comfortably, that’s up to you, I can go as fast or as slow as you like, but I recommend….
  • Working on your Top 5 Actions (Priorities) daily, weekly or monthly. We will talk about what’s realistic and achievable for you, and this pace is set by you. I am guided by you, so we work together to achieve your goals
  • We can meet as often or as little as you like depending on your budget, the time you can devote to business growth and how quickly you want to achieve your goals

Your Role….

  • Being Mentored is a learning process too. Many folks have had a soccer, tennis or netball coach as youngsters, but most haven’t been coached in business. All you need to do is to keep an open mind, an open heart, and understand that the work we do together is a two-way street. If you are finding that the goals we’ve set together are not achievable, this needn’t be stressful. The next time we meet, just be honest about it. We will then review and re-focus, and set a revised plan that is more achievable for you. I want you to achieve your goals as much as you do, but in my experience, very few can sustain break-neck speed over a long-term period. However, you may be the exception. If you are, I’m up for it….
  • Be honest about where you’re really at in business. Profits really low? Sales dismal? Direction unclear? Have you hit a wall? Banks breathing down your neck? Tell me where you’re really at, really, and I can help you more effectively and authentically than if you make things sounds rosier than what they are. Remember, I’ve been there too, so don’t be ashamed, I never judge. Nothing surprises or shocks me. However I can’t help you if you don’t help me, help you… honesty is key….
  • I operate like a doctor, your full privacy is fully guaranteed, always and forever

I have just had my first mentoring session with Francesca and can’t believe how much we accomplished in one sitting!! She refers to herself as a Business Consultant but to me she is ‘The Business Doctor’. Francesca I can’t possibly thank you enough – you are an inspiration!” – The Gift Post

The Process….
I will step you through the following stages….

  1. Identifying Goals
  2. Defining Strategies
  3. Being Accountable

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Being Accountable….

Accountability is important. It means our work together is…

  • Measurable (we can see the results)
  • Fluid (we can fine tune as needed)

However, because everyone’s different, Step 3 (Being Accountable) can be taken one of 2 ways….

Self-Led: Self-Led accountability means that you are welcome to get back to me when you’re ready. Self-Led will suit you best if….

  • you feel easily boxed in by other people
  • you don’t like your style being cramped
  • someone checking on you feels like a nuisance
  • you are the sort of person that can achieve your own goals
  • you can motivate yourself
  • you work best unstructured and undisturbed

If you are this sort of person, there’s no pressure to report back to me within any pre-set timeframe. Just get back to me when you’re ready to refocus with me again. However, I do recommend that we meet at least monthly for optimal results and to ensure a minimum momentum on your progress is kept.

I-Lead-You: I-Lead-You accountability means that we set an achievable plan for us to meet over a period of time. I-Lead-You will suit you best if….

  • you’re a stresser
  • you’re feeling overwhelmed with where you are right now in your business
  • you tend to procastinate
  • fear and self doubt are blocking you from moving forward
  • you have difficulty commencing or completing a project
  • you are stuck and not sure what’s wrong in your business
  • you are prone to a high level of self criticism or are a perfectionist
  • you start 74 tasks at once but get nowhere with any of them
  • when a task is due, you stay up all night to get your “homework” done (otherwise the shame would be too great)
  • you are nodding furiously reading this or welling up with tears

If you’re this sort of person, then you need me to keep you accountable, in a friendly and compassionate way. Regular pre-organised session times then may suit you best. If this is the case, then let’s set weekly, fortnightly or monthly 1:1 sessions. Whatever fits your schedule, timeframe, needs and budget.

business coaching

Remember, this is an investment in your business growth. There is no “school” for business success. It’s called “real life”. I am a specialist with 25 years experience running successful businesses, and I will give you specialist advice. Here’s my BIO and My Story. If you’re stuck or overwhelmed, starting out or still going, reach out to me if you want more (joy, sales, profit, time) than what you’re getting at the moment in your business. Because I was born to help….

Business Coach

To book now and schedule a 1-on-1 session with Francesca, click “Add to Cart” just below.

Sessions are 2 hrs each for AU$220
{A Tax Receipt will be automatically emailed to you}
{*For phone sessions within Australia, we will call you.}
{*Please note for International calls, you will need to call us.}

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What people are saying about 1-on-1 mentoring with Francesca….

Darren Bell, Owner, Play Quest, says…

Thanks for the session today Francesca. I’m not easily impressed but your knowledge of not only social media marketing but web design and it’s integrated application has really pulled me out of the rut i was in. I thought i would only find this degree of savvy from the US. The fact that you’re only half an hours drive from me is quite remarkable. I’ll be in touch. Darren”

business coachingfacebook coachAngela Mathew, Director, Team Ashton, says…

WOW! what a totally awesome day we had together yesterday The Like Effect. We are energised and excited to move forward on some projects for Team Ashton :) Thank you Francesca, mentor extraordinaire!” I am so glad to be working with such an inspiring mentor like you! Just thought you might like to know…. have an awesome day, Ang” Angela Mathew, Director, Team Ashton

business coaching marketing

business success tips

Eve Heath, Heath’s Old Wares, Business Owner, says….

Francesca taught me so much, she is generous and patient.”  www.heathsoldwares.com.au

Business FacebookMarketing Small Business

Rebekka Battista, Director, “Our Kids” Northern Rivers, says….

business mentorbusiness coaching

Melinda, says….

Francesca was amazing to work with as a mentorfor my business. She was efficient, insightful, compassionate and very knowledgeable. The depth of her knowledge just blew me away. She took my business from a holding pattern and propelled me forward, but what I loved most was that she tailored everything to suit my business which was great, I didn’t feel like I was getting generic advice. She really knows her stuff. I can highly recommend Francesca to streamline any business. ”

Annie Zorzo, Director, Evans Head, says….

Just can’t thank or sing Francesca’s praises highly enough! After a mentoring session with Francesca at The Like Effect, the businesses of “Annie Zorzo Accessories”, “Dandelion Wishes”and “The Corner Store (Evans Head)” now have a much clearer idea of what we need to focus on to carry on building our businesses. If it wasn’t for Francesca we would still be floundering without a clear direction. Thank you so much for lifting the fog and letting the sunshine in!!! If you’re considering a mentoring session with Francesca, don’t hesitate, it’s the BEST thing you could do for your business!!” Annie Zorzo, Business Owner, Evans Head

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business marketing mentor

Rose Bartolotta, Marketing Director, Royale Limousines Australia, says….

The Like Effect gets results! Thanks for the hints, tips and Social Media strategy advice Francesca” www.RoyaleLimousines.com.au

Business Mentoringbusiness mentor

Marina K. from Sydney, says….

Wow, I love thelikeffect the book. I love thelikeffect the people. These guys are really great. Francesca is very warm and friendly and really knowledgeable. I setup my Business Facebook page ages ago but I was stumped with what to do and found myself staring at a blank screen. Then I found thelikeffect. I didn’t know how to move forward but Francesca quickly got me onto the right tracks. She knows so much – she’s absolutely brilliant at what she does. I highly recommend Francesca to anyone that is frustrated with their Facebook Business page that’s not working for them.”

Click here to read more reviews of my work. And I look forward to supporting you to create a more prosperous and joyous life xx Francesca

Francesca Esposito-Rose B. Inf. Tech

Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Social Media Business Specialist, Author & Speaker