How Not To Annoy Your Fans {Top 20 Tips to Avoid Negative Feedback on your Facebook Business Page}

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Last week at “The Social Media Club” we had a hearty and fun discussion about “How Not to Annoy your Fans on your Facebook for Business Page”. These ideas relate to all of Social Media really, whether it’s a Fan, a Follower, a Subscriber or a Liker as none of us want to lose Fans that we have worked hard for. However avoiding negative feedback is more important now than ever before, because recently, Facebook adjusted the EdgeRank Algorithm to now include “negative feedback”. So for the first time ever, when a Fan Unlikes your page, hides a specific post, hides all your posts from their news feed from now on, or worse, reports your Facebook Business page as spam, this now affects your visibility in the NewsFeed in the future.

A high percentage of negative feedback on your Facebook Business Page, will cause your Page to appear less and less in the NewsFeed. It is thus important, now more than ever, to ensure you are posting high quality content for your Fans to enjoy. You want your Fans to respond positively to your posts, and to reward you with a share, comment or a like. Your Page needs to be a place of joy, not frustration, for your Followers….”

So here’s my Top 20 Tips to Avoid Negative Feedback on Your Facebook Business Page, or How Not to Annoy Your Fans….

  1. Negativity and Whinging is a real turn-off
  2. as is Rudeness.
  3. Posting too often will get more Unlikes than any other reason
  4. as will posting information that is irrelevant to your Business and to your Fans.
  5. Posts that are too long are hard to connect with
  6. and Posts without photos tend to get overlooked.
  7. Political or Religious views can seem a bit like Spamming
  8. as does straight out Spamming.
  9. Adding a Twitter hash-tag to your Facebook post is one of my favourite bug bears
  10. as is sharing a photo or article without a comment.
  11. Constantly selling, selling, selling can be too much
  12. as is broadcasting your information and not taking any interest in your Fans.
  13. Being overfamiliar or too sugary can seem unauthentic
  14. and not replying to comments on your Page can upset your Fans.
  15. Writing in ALL UPPERCASE can seem like you are shouting and
  16. constantly asking “Please like me” can seem like begging.
  17. Poor spelling can appear like shabby work
  18. and Repeating your Posts is never a good look.
  19. Using too many mentions (@ symbol) in one post is hard to read.
  20. And lastly, posting from outside Facebook is not ideal because many times the share, like or comment button will be missing on these particular posts. This can be particularly frustrating if a Fan really wants to make a comment about a specific post but it is missing some or all these features. It’s therefore best to post from inside Facebook and not share your posts to Facebook when sitting inside another program like Twitter, YouTube or Hootsuite. Take the time to log in to Facebook and post from there and you will reap the rewards….

edgerank negative feedback algorithm change

Bottom Line: Your Facebook for Business Page needs to be a breath of fresh air for. What you say and what you do needs to delight your Fans….

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