Business Mentor

Is your business stuck in the same wash-cycle and not really going anywhere?

Do you feel like you’re just pushing-paper and not really getting the return for the effort you put in?

Are you an existing business feeling overwhelmed with keeping your business current with Social Media and Online Marketing?

Are you a new business not sure where to start?

Or not sure which Social Media platforms will best suit your business moving forward?

Guess what, the main obstacle to your business thriving is you! (I’ve been there myself).

The best solution is to SEEK HELP from someone who’s been there. HIT THE PANIC BUTTON and let an experienced Business Mentor guide you towards a more profitable, easier and joyful business life.

As a Business Coach, I will help you….

  • get crystal clear on your goals
  • set plans that match your big dreams
  • tailor strategies for your sustainable growth
  • and better still,  hold you accountable to the goals we get clear on

 For a limited time only, I am offering my very popular Mentoring Magic in smaller chunks. Yup, if you want to try me out or solve a bunch of problems holding you back, I’m offering my personal mentoring sessions on an hour-by-hour basis. No contract, “no strings attached”.

I’m calling these, my very juicy “Hit-The-Panic-Button” sessions.

You see, I have 24 years experience running successful businesses. So I know where you’re at. I’ve been there. I get it. I get business. I get solving problems quickly and efficiently. From a strategic level to how it translates for you at a daily level. And because I’ve worked in so many different industries across all sectors (private, public and corporate), I will “get” your business and your industry very quickly and intuitively.

I’ve got the know-how and tool-kit to give you the support you need and deserve.

I am also a former geek (shhhh) which means I can also pull a techie rabbit out of a hat (which comes in handy if you need a Facebook shop setup quickly for example).

Here are some ways I can help you…

  • You may want your Facebook Business Page made-over (so that you’re getting the most out of your Facebook Page)
  • You are aching to brainstorm what’s blocking your business from thriving (and finally get the returns that match your efforts)
  • You dream of winning those sales you keep missing out on (that’s what we all want, right?)
  • You have a business model that’s not working, but you feel the pressure to grow your business to the next level, and what to tackle first – stability or growth – is doing your head in (I can help you set a clear path for sustainable growth AND cement your stability in your industry)
  • You’re generally feeling “stuck” in your business and it’s not giving you the profits you want (but the idea of someone “unsticking” you and propelling your business forward on a more juicy trajectory, sounds like heaven)
  • Your business is ticking over great but you want to look at some seriously juicy ways to build your business. Maybe you have some ideas of your own, maybe you don’t (psssst, let me give you some)
  • You want to be flourishing, rather than just surviving (this is a truly achievable goal!)
  • Or maybe you just want to check me out before diving into one of my 1-on-1 mentoring 12-week programs ?
  • For a very limited time only, I am offering my Business Coaching services @ $150 per hour, no contract, “no strings attached”, that’s how confident I am with how much I can help you in just 1 or more hourly sessions. You choose how much time we spend.
  • Oh, and you’ll also get a free copy of my eBook “Novice2Ninja Facebook for Business” for 4 hours or more.

Pssst, this offer is only available for a very short time, and only available to the first 25 businesses that reach out to me!

SO STOP WASTING TIME, hit the PANIC BUTTON, and feel how good it feels to finally get the support you need. If you’re sick of “just surviving”, let me help your business thrive and flourish. All you need to do now is to watch this cheeky short video (3 secs)…..

  1. then click this button here Hit the PANIC BUTTON Now and tell me your business problem (a bit of background about where your business is at….)
  2. I’ll send you a quote for how much time we need to solve your problem…
  3. and I’ll be at your service in lightning speed…..

Note, because I get so many requests every day, my support policy is, replies within 24-72 hours (I promise), during Australian business days, 9am-5pm AEST

So you know what to do…


Francesca Esposito-Rose
Chief Juicy Business Builder & Inspired Problem Solver