First 10 Things You Need to Know about Social Media for Business {Strategy Tips}

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I had the absolute delight of teaching in Sydney last week and also giving a seminar to a business group in Bangalow this week. Here is some feedback….

Thank you so much for a wonderful lunch, fantastic gathering of beautiful people and the great social media talk by Francesca from The Like Effect……. an informative and relevant talk. ” Lisa Fitzpatrick @ Sacred Women’s Business

What a very special afternoon we enjoyed at Town in Bangalow yesterday. A huge thank you to Francesca from ‘The Like Effect’ for such a fascinating, inspiring and interesting presentation. Also for your very valuable time.” Rosemarie Toynbee @ Byron & Beyond Networking

Thanks for your inspiring talk today at Town….. you are very generous in your sharing of information – thank you.” Susan Garrad @ Womens Health Naturally

Mastering the Basics FOR Facebook for Business

Many folks nowadays are asking me about “advanced features” and I am starting a MasterClass very soon, however mastering the basics is still what will give you most benefit when using Social Media in your business. I operate on the 80/20 rule, knowing that 20% of the work you do will get you 80% of the results. And that the last 80% of your effort will only bring in the last 20% of results. So focus on the Top 20% and….

  1. Master the basics first before moving onto Advanced functions
  2. Walk before you run
  3. Get the hang of looking for content for your business
  4. Wrap your head around mastering how to engage people on your Page and how to deliver useful content, otherwise you have no social media for business strategy and posting randomly is never successful, believe me, I have tried it, it doesn’t work
  5. All of the above is covered in my book Novice2Ninja and this is also what we work through in my workshops. My 1-on-1 mentoring however would be the best place where I can help you with advanced functions (as well as my upcoming MasterClasses)

facebook for business

So if you’re just starting out, or in the process of sharpening your saw….

Here’s the First 10 Things you Need to Know about Social Media for Business….

  1. Master One. The “Big 4″ Social Medias are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN & Pinterest (in this order). However a Jack of all (Social Medias) will not serve you. Start with Facebook as it has the biggest population (over 1 billion followers). Get comfortable with this for at least for 6-12 months before considering adding a 2nd Social Media to your business.  
  2. Get Training. Learning Social Media is essentially learning a new system and a new way of marketing your business. Investing in training could be one of the most empowering steps you ever take in your business. More about my Workshops & Training Books here….
  3. Keep Personal Separate. Setup a separate Business account to keep your business and personal interactions separate. This allows you to have different settings in each account, keeping your personal settings private.
  4. Limit Your Time. To avoid getting sucked in to the Social Media time vortex (you have a business to run right?), apply a time rule and be diligent about it. Recommend 30 mins a day as you are learning. Then reduce to 10 mins a day.
  5. Schedule your posts. This allows you to plan your posts during your quiet times, knowing that when you are busy, posts are being released for you and your Social Media is still working for you. More about using the schedule feature on Facebook here….
  6. Show Up for your Fans. Daily. Reply to comments individually. Otherwise it’s like having customers in your shop that you are ignoring. Know that replying to comments could also potentially lead to a sale. Consistency is key.
  7. Embrace it. Don’t begrudge the time you spend on Social Media. This is a new and very powerful way to market your business. Highly targeted advertising is now at your fingertips, and besides any training costs and your time, Social Media is the most cost-effective business marketing tool available today on the planet.
  8. Persistence Pays. Adopt a daily routine of working on advancing your Social Media. It will pay off in 6-12 months as it takes a few months to build a Fanbase and develop a clear personality on your Social Media presence.
  9. Have Fun. Social Media is meant to be fun. Short, friendly and conversational posts are the most highly engaged. Positive Social Media is the most successful, so make your Social Media presence a happy one.
  10. Invest in great (or at least good) visuals. Start photographing everything interesting & relevant in your business. Get a digital camera (or use your iPhone camera) and do your best to capture good lighting and colour.

Mastering the Basics Facebook for Business

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So if you are ready to dive deeper into building and managing your Facebook for Business Page, join us at the next Facebook for Business Workshop coming up soon or come along to this month’s Social Media Club and enjoy the benefits of a fun evening of discussion on the best ways to use Social Media in your business.

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