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Don’t know where to start in Social Media for your business? Got a Facebook Business page that’s going nowhere? “Novice2Ninja” will have you kicking arse on your Facebook Business page by the end of this eBook. Compared to “Facebook for Dummies” BUT FUNNIER, with loads of case studies, real examples and a 10-step method that is proven to make your Facebook Page successful, this is an opportunity to learn the pitfalls from someone who’s been there. CLICK BUY NOW and stop wasting time.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains seriously juicy information, only read if you are open to changing your views about marketing (for the better) and are dead-keen to build your business.

Here’s what everyone’s been saying about this book!

Novice2Ninja is THE 101 for Facebook success – Channel Seven
This book inspired me to build a personality for my company that is “likeable” and easy to interact with – Salumi Australia
This book not dry and boring. It’s very light and easy to read. The information is very accessible for normal non-IT people like me. It’s really useful too, I now go to it as a reference – Circle of Life Botanicals
She is a genius – Wicked Waiters
One of the best investments I have made in my business – Semi D’Oro
This book has got me results! – Royale Limousines
Well written and fun and the succinct summary tables are really helpful – Topless Events
This is Brilliant stuff – David Freund Photography
I have already picked up some valuable tips - Stewarts Menswear
This book is an ideal tool for businesses everywhere – FasterLouder & Canstar
I now have the confidence to use Facebook for my business and for my clients – CalabashMedia

OMG her expertise is incredible. Francesca not only knows everything there is to know about FaceBook and social media but she also helps us re-evaluate our individual businesses. Her enthusiasm is infectious her generosity awesome. Her insight and experience in helping small businesses like mine is wonderful. Check out her facebook manual “Novice2Ninja”, you’ll be so glad you did – The Bangalow Naturopath

I really enjoyed Francesca’s presentation last night at The Stella Group. Needless to say I purchased her eBook “Novice2Ninja” the next morning and I’m loving it – DJ Deb Music

I am working through the basics in “Novice2Ninja” and finally have a clear vision of what my business is about! Loving your book. Francesca, I can’t possibly thank you enough – you are an inspiration!” - The Gift Post

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Started reading the book “Novice2Ninja” today. Even though we already have a Facebook page, I have already picked up some valuable tips.” Sue Walker, Owner, Stewart’s Menswear,

Need more convincing? Keep reading……

The Internet is entrenched in the daily lives of so many of us these days it’s hard to believe it was only made public in 1992. The Internet hasn’t even had its 21st birthday and businesses are already faced with a new onslaught of Internet hysteria, “Social Media”. With the explosion of MySpace® YouTube®, Twitter® and Facebook® in the last seven years alone, it’s no wonder we’ve all been scratching our heads wondering how this new phenomena is going to fit into today’s society. You have probably also heard that Facebook is the biggest of all Social Media sites otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this book. Let me confirm your suspicion. Fact: Facebook has singlehandedly changed the face of business forever. Your business may already be on Facebook or perhaps you are just at the very beginning of exploring Social Media. Either way, you’re thinking, we’ve just had a global economic crisis and a stock market crash in recent history, how is Facebook going to save the world? It’s not. Want to know why your business still needs Facebook? You’ve come to the right place.

This book thelikeffect™ Novice2Ninja will….

  • Explain why it’s essential for your business to be on Facebook
  • Show you how to make your presence on Facebook not only successful, but also influential
  • Guide you through, step-by-step, on how to master the world’s largest Social Media platform
  • Teach you the skills to progress from Novice-to-Ninja on Business Facebook
  • Provide you with handy checklists that will give you confidence and a clear path to success
  • Coach you on everything you need to know to make your Facebook Business page kick arse

As a lawyer I do ALOT of reading and I’ll tell you why this book is excellent, Francesca has done very well at packaging what is essentially a multi-faceted and sometimes very complex material in an accessible and enjoyable way. This book is so very well done, that I would have to give it “top marks” and it hands-down “goes to the top of the class” in the topic area of Social Media and Internet Marketing. This book is a massive pat on the back for this author and a wonderful credit to Francesca as a writer; it is the only Social Media book (and I have read quite a few) that has really helped me understand how to truly integrate Social Media into my business effectively and successfully within the area of law.” NC, solicitor (name withheld upon request due to professional reasons)

Facebook for Business How ToActual Book Cover

This book “Facebook Business Success in 10 Minutes a Day” has been replaced by “Novice2Ninja”. Buy eBook now $39.95 or Printed book $77 (free delivery in Australia)

In November 2007 FaceBook released Pages for Business. This is changing the way we trade and getting your business onto Facebook is unavoidable. It’s not a matter of “if” you get your business onto Facebook, it’s a question of “when”. And now is the best time to join. Why? Because in 2012 your customers are flocking to buy everything online and businesses need to “get social” to keep up with where their customers are.

The good news is that Facebook provides a solid gateway into the internet economy. No other form of free mass marketing has ever given businesses direct access to customers like this before. Facebook is quite literally marketing on steroids and every business, in any industry, with or without staff, has to get onto Social Media or risk being left behind in the nineties.

Buying this book is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. I loved it to bits. It was simple to read and gave me every step I needed to go from the very beginning to advanced. I had no clue where to start in Facebook but this book gave me everything I needed to know and I haven’t needed any other resource – “Facebook Business Success” had everything I needed in one neat package. I loved the real examples, the method was easy, the quotes were inspirational page after page. Where’s the “love” button? I’m stoked that I’ve graduated to “Ninja” status of managing my Facebook business page in 10 minutes a day. Woo-hah” Kerry

Yes the Social Media Economy is taking over in 2012, but don’t worry, it’s not too late to start today.  This book is all you need for your Business to succeed on Facebook. It combines a step by step guide taking you from Novice to Ninja status and kicking arse on Facebook in no time at all. Using thelikeffect™, a highly successful 10-step method, this book equips you with an action plan that works for any business model and partners perfectly with your current marketing strategy. It also teaches you exactly how to manage your business on Facebook efficiently and successfully and also teaches you the skills to do this in 10 minutes a day. It’s been designed as a “How To” manual for businesses with guided help and examples every step of the way; however it’s a great tool for Social Media Optimisers as well. For SMO’s, the robust Vertical and Horizontal Methodology will have you mastering the ropes quickly and easily.

Wow, I love thelikeffect the book. I love thelikeffect the people. These guys are really great. Francesca is very warm and friendly and really knowledgeable. I setup my Business Facebook page ages ago but I was stumped with what to do and found myself staring at a blank screen. Then I found thelikeffect. I didn’t know how to move forward but Francesca quickly got me onto the right tracks. She knows so much – she’s absolutely brilliant at what she does. I highly recommend Francesca to anyone that is frustrated with their Facebook Business page that’s not working for them.” Marina K. Sydney

thelikeffect™ is jam-packed with first hand experiences, real companies, real examples and compelling insights into the psychology behind Social Media. This book takes you behind the scenes and shows you powerful statistics that will prove, without a doubt, that you need Facebook for your business. It will also show you why “Like” is the new currency and what you need to do to make your business flourish and thrive right now.

The Like Effect is THE 101 for Facebook success, and the insights in this book offer timeless advice that can be applied to all marketing vehicles. Even if Facebook as we know it was wiped off cyberspace tomorrow, the concept of user generated content, and the use of social media to engage customers is here to stay!! The creation of unique content to entertain and relate to your customers is a concept that is relatively new in the timeline of marketing. Never before have we had such personal access to our current and potential customers. So many businesses struggle with how to deal with this personal relationship and The Like Effect demystifies this with a clear and concise Back to Basics approach.  The Like Effect guides you through the process, and encourages you to stick with what you do best as a business, and embrace the fact that ‘You are your story’! It also demystifies the fear of inviting unbridled customer feedback. This book’s positive approach to feedback as an opportunity for product development and genuine discussion, is a refreshing take on ‘putting your money where your mouth is’. Both as a Media professional with 20 years experience, and as the wife of a Director of a Small to Medium business, I say this book is a must read!”  Philippa Spork, Integration Strategist, SMG Red, Seven Network, Brisbane

Still sceptical? Jump in. Take the chance. Almost 20% of the planet have already discovered Facebook. Your business needs to join them.

I recently read thelikeffect and it’s a must read! As the executive director of a national events business I felt I didn’t have time for Facebook. How wrong was I! We now realise that it’s an integral cog of our marketing mix. I have now engaged a new strategy to improve my online presence. I found the chapters on frequency of posting especially relevant. We found the book was well written and fun and the succinct summary tables are really helpful as I will be using my Melbourne manager to manage a new campaign for our business. Thanks to thelikeffect for pulling us into the 21st century! And for older businesses and the non tech savvy that are complaining about the online curse stealing away their incomes – it’s time to embrace and glean the benefits of the e-revolution.” Tuc Markandu, Executive Director,

Buy eBook Now “Novice2Ninja” Only $39.95

Buy  Printed Book Now “Novice2Ninja” Only $77 (free delivery in Australia)

But if you still need more convincing, let’s take a look at what thelikeffect™ delivers….

This book covers….

  • A practical “Getting Started” guide to setup your Facebook Business Page correctly from scratch
  • A guided step-by-step plan to define how/when/what you need to talk about on your page
  • Skills you can copy to ensure you always have something to say on your page
  • The 10-step thelikeffect™ method to ensure successful results and to guide you around the common pitfalls
  • Real examples, real companies and compelling insights
  • Fast and effective checklists to manage your page in 10 minutes a day
  • A “ToolKit” that works
  • The best (and fastest) ways to attract Fans to your page
  • Linking Facebook from your website
  • Setting up Facebook Ads from scratch
  • Learn the psychology behind Social media
  • Understanding the most important metrics to measure
  • Understanding Facebook Insights
  • A Facebook “Online Etiquette Guide” for Businesses
  • Includes the latest Facebook Timeline Changes released on the 30th March 2012
  • And lots more!

And for the SMO’s….

  • thelikeffect™ is a 6 vertical and 4 horizontal stepped strategy that any business can use to achieve marketing success in the context of Social Media
  • It combines practical techniques and social psychology to stimulate customers to interact with a business and thereby increase brand awareness and brand engagement
  • thelikeffect™ is a system of collating and harnessing the various online channels in the sphere of Social Media in a way that makes it understandable, easy and accessible for any business that wishes to include Social Media as a marketing tool
  • It’s a system of methods that presents Social Media in a series of sequential processes and repeatable steps that can be applied in any industry
  • The system combines a grid method, known Business Analysis tools and other business methods together with intensive experience of Social Media psychology and applies these to the new and unique Social Media environment
  • The Vertical and Horizontal strategy within thelikeffect™ is a unique and successful way to approach the implementation of Social Media

I have been involved with social media for several years now, both with business and personal aspects. The Like Effect gave me the confidence to have a voice instead of taking a back seat and just observing what is going on around my profile. It inspired me to build a personality for my company that is “likeable” and easy to interact with. All within a time frame of ten minutes a day. Thanks Francesca!” Michael Dlask, Co-Founder, Salumi Australia,

And if you already have a Facebook Business Page….

thelikeffect™ is full of great ways to tweak and optimise (optimize) your Facebook Business Page. There may be data you’re missing and you want to be optimising (optimizing) your page to ensure you get the best results….. Watch this video below to get the  The Top 7 Essential Tweaks to Optimise (Optimize) your Facebook Fan Page, for free, right now….

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your Facebook business journey together today. This book is all you need to get from start to finish with great results.

This book “Facebook Business Success” is taking me ages to read. Why? Because although I thought I knew social media and Facebook, I obviously don’t. I have to keep stopping reading to fix something I am doing wrong. Brilliant stuff. ” David, David Freund Photography,

Buy eBook Now “Novice2Ninja” Only $39.95

Buy  Printed Book Now “Novice2Ninja” Only $77 (free delivery in Australia)