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How To Go Viral {or 11 Ways To Get More Shares, Comments & Likes on your Facebook Business Page}

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A local Italian restaurant “La Vida” just down the road in Lismore, went “viral” on their Facebook Business Page recently with a post about dreaming of a holiday on the Amalfi Coast….. check out their form here….

This single post attracted over 60,000 likes and 20,000 comments. Not bad for a l’il local taverna, ey? And since then, “La Vida” have become somewhat of an urban legend around these parts….

So at The Social Media Club jamming session last night, we brainstormed “How To Go Viral“.

{Definition} Going Viral on Social Media is generally defined as having a post or a Page that attracts 10,000 or more shares, comments & likes. Give or take.

We all know it’s not easy being awesome 24/7 and aiming to have a post that goes viral is seemingly impossible. However understanding the elements that make a post or a page go viral, is not unknowable. We can break it down, deconstruct it, and understand the Viral Nature of Social Media. I know you’re saying “but that will never happen!” And I agree with you that “going viral” is a very rare event…. But my motto is….

If you shoot for the moon and miss, you will always land among the stars!

So what you want is just a piece of that Viral action. Even just a teensy-weensy bit. If you can inspire your Fans (and their Friends and their Friends of Friends) to click Share, Comment or Like on your post, you will be….

  • increasing your visibility in the newsfeed by having your Business Page exposed and revealed to more people
  • increasing your potential to gather more Fans the more often your post is shared because your Page will be viewed more often
  • most importantly, improving your position in the News Feed because the more shares, comments and likes your posts receive today, the higher your posts will display in the News Feed tomorrow. {This News Feed position is determined by the Facebook Algorithm called EdgeRank. I have written about this News Feed weighting and ranking of posts in a previous blog post, click here….}

But first we need to work out what makes your Fans’ hearts flutter (and their friends’ hearts, and their friends of friends’ hearts). We want lots of fluttering hearts…. 

facebook for business

Who’s with me? Let’s do this!

Here’s the Top 11 Ways to Get more Shares, Comments & Likes on your Facebook Business Page, or, How to Go Viral….

Put simply, the posts we analysed at our Social Media Club brainstorming session had already gone viral, and displayed some, most or all of these qualities below….

  1. Engaging and Enticing, “asks a question”, easy-to-join-in
  2. Simplicity, Yes/No, a “no-brainer”, an instant answer
  3. Beauty and Joy. Positive and UpBeat. Goodness.
  4. Easy breezy and Charming
  5. An element of Surprise or the Unexpected, “out-of-the-box”, a breath of fresh air. Unpredictable. A mystery.
  6. CHEEKY, Quirky or New. Unique and Original
  7. Fantasy or Fun. An invitation to Escape, Dream or Desire
  8. Open, Raw, Honest and Real
  9. “Connecting with the every day”, RELEVANT, Universally Appealing
  10. An “X-factor“, or how the French say it, “Je ne sais quoi”
  11. And above all, the posts were SHAREABLE & SOCIABLE

Bottom Line: To go viral, it’s all about the QUALITY of your posts….

  • Aim to include at least a few of these elements above, EVERY TIME you post. This will give you a higher chance of your posts spreading further through Facebook
  • Allow your Page and your posts to have a VOICE
  • Develop your brand through PERSONAL CONTACT, interacting with your Fans and Clients
  • Project the PERSONALITY of your business through posts about your products

So “Going Viral” is not entirely pot-luck. Well, there is an element of random luck, right-time-right-place, but more importantly, a post does not go viral unless it speaks to the people. If you endeavour to craft posts that inspire and speak to your Fans, you have a much higher chance of going viral than if your posts were dull, boring, unexpressive, uninteresting or irrelevant to your Fans.

Good luck and if you have a post that goes viral, I’d love to hear about it!

If any of these tips have helped you, I would be as blubbery as a fluttering heart, if you shared this blog post in your favourite online playground.

Cheers for now!  Thank you for reading. And here are the buttons to share the love with….

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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6 Mistakes to Avoid on your Facebook Business Page this year {and my Top 6 Tips to remedy them}

In the 1-on-1 Mentoring I do and Facebook for Business Workshops I run, I am asked all the time by small business owners to outline which are the major pitfalls to watch out for when managing their Facebook Business Pages. So I thought I’d list them…. Here’s the Top 6 Mistakes to avoid this year on your Facebook for Business Page (and my Top 6 Tips to Remedy them)….

Facebook Business

1. Breaking the Rules. It’s one thing to live life close to the edge, but breaking Facebook policies on your Business Page may result in having your Business Page shut down. For example, a client came to me recently with triplicate versions of the same Business Page. Running multiple Pages for the same business is one of the things that could get you shut down. Another fault that could get your Business Page tripped up is running a Business from your Personal Profile. A big no-no. So go forth and live on the wild side, but not on Facebook.

Top Rule #1: Play it Safe. Stick within the rules….

2. Posting Randomly. No-one likes willy-nilly. Everyone loves the comfort of a regular, repeatable routine to make them feel safe. It’s human nature. And if one of your goals is to build trust with your Fans (it should be), then you want to be dependable. So turn up for your Fans. Daily. At least for 10 minutes a day. Talk with them. Post information that your Fans will be interested in and information that is relevant to your business.

Top Rule #2: Post Regularly. Stay on-topic…

3. Not Responding to Fans. Again, no-one likes to be ignored. Check your Business Page at least daily, and respond to all comments that are waiting for you, at least within 24 hours. These Fans are reaching out to you and could turn into customers if you engage with them and respond to their questions in a timely manner. Don’t begrudge having to answer questions, a Fan on Facebook is like someone browsing in your store, they could end up buying from you. Consider a comment left on your Page as a potential sales enquiry. If you are not Engaging your Fans, if you are not talking with them, then you are missing a big chunk of Facebook Mojo. Social Media is all about interacting with your Fans, engaging them in meaningful dialogue about your business, and keeping them interested so that they may buy from you, when they are ready. Engaging your Fans is a big part of building a community of like-minded people on your Page. If you miss this bit, you are missing half the reason to be on Facebook.

Top Rule #3: Engage Your Fans Daily. Build a Community….

4. Posting one-sided statements. This flows on from my previous point. If you are posting statements rather than asking questions, you are “broadcasting”. And most people will tire of the same-sounding trumpet after a little while. So make sure you post surveys/polls, post questions and find out what your Fans are really thinking. Using Facebook as R&D is not only powerful, but also a very cheap feedback tool that every business can utilise when researching new products or ways to improve their services!

Top Rule #4: Don’t Broadcast. Engage in a Two-Sided Conversation instead….

5. Being non-visual. Statistically, Fans will comment, like and share more posts that have photos or videos attached to them, compared to plain status messages that have no visuals. So make it your aim this year to never-ever-ever post something without some kind of visual. Your Page will love you for it as it will spread further throughout Facebook (and your Fanbase will therefore grow faster). Your Fans will love you more as well as you have given them eye-candy to enjoy.

Top Rule #5: Be Visual. Always. No Exceptions.

6. Not Sharing the Love. There is enough negativity in the Press and in all other forms of media. Endeavour to BE POSITIVE on your Facebook Business Page. If your Page is the voice of doom-and-gloom, folks will soon switch off. And it’s not just about the tone of your Page, it’s also about what you do with your Page. Share posts from other Business Pages. Leave comments on other Fan Pages. “Like” other Business Pages too if they are “simpatico” with your business (translated from Italian, “simpatico” = sympathetic/synergistic). Spending a few minutes a day perusing your News Feed to share some love on Facebook will not only spread your own Page further on Social Media, but you will also get some of the love boomeranged right back at you, which is a good thing.

Top Rule #6:  Make your Page an UpBeat place & always Take the Time to Share the Love. It’s Worth it.

For more advice on how to build a positive brand online, the next Facebook MasterClass starts soon in Bangalow. This is a 3-day Intensive and Interactive Workshop with myself at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. For more info and to book your seat, click here….

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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Branding Just Got Social {Top 20 Tips to Make Your Business “Social” and Announcing Facebook’s new “Search” Feature }

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{BREAKING NEWS TODAY} Facebook has just announced they are launching a new feature called “Graph Search” which will allow users to search their Personal Friends, Facebook Business Pages and Connections, for data they are looking for. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that businesses must continue making their Facebook Business Pages more interesting and relevant.

I have assessed the impact of this Facebook change and my suggestion for Facebook Business Page owners is to ensure that your Page is fresh and up to date, to make that sure you are active on your Page, and to always post relevant & quality information that your Fans will be interested in.

So what the hullabaloo does this mean for your business exactly and, more importantly, what impact does this have on your Facebook Business Page?

At the last “Social Media Club” of 2012 (November), the talk I gave answered this very question (I must have ESP. lol)! The topic I spoke about was called “Branding Just Got Social” and we jammed it, sparking a fun and healthy debate….

Here is a summary of what we brainstormed about….

Top 20 Tips to Make Your Brand (Your Facebook Page, Your Business) “Social”…

  1. Use Q&A on your Facebook Business Page. Questions are interactive and not only a great way to get some free “R&D” on your Page by asking your Fans what they really want, but asking questions will also make your Fans feel important and involved. Asking questions is also great for the Engagement and EdgeRank on your Page (read more about this here…)
  2. Use your Facebook Page to network with other businesses. Take the opportunity a few minutes a week, to “Like” other business Pages that are synergistic with your brand. Take some time to share their posts. If you share the love, these businesses will love you back (and so will some of their 4,563 Fans).
  3. Share your Knowledge. Primarily, we visit your Facebook Page to learn about the topic of your business. Not to buy from you. However if you can keep me interested in your topic, the likelihood that I will buy from you down the track when I am in the market for your product, is very high. But for now, just keep me interested in what you have to say. Engage me now and I will love you later (when I am ready to buy from you in the future).
  4. Infuse your Facebook Page with Feeling. I visit so many Pages where the love has left the room, it makes me sad. If you love what you do, show it. If you don’t love what you do every day, you have bigger problems at hand.
  5. Paint a Picture for your Fans. Show your customers your Dream, the Vision of your Business, the Big Picture. Give your Fans ideas on how to use your product. Allow your Fans to have a Visual experience of your product. Give your Fans Style Guides, a  How-To series, Video Tutorials. A picture paints a thousand words.
  6. Share Memories on your Page. Share your own recollections of your business, your milestones, your achievements. Share the triumphs of your customers and celebrate your Fans successes on your Page. Make your Page a place of nostalgia, fun, support and community.
  7. Filter the News. Don’t make your Fans work for the juicy bits. It’s your job to trawl through the mountain of major stories from your Industry, Environment or Area and give your Fans the Top News that they would be most interested in. Remember, keep it relevant to your business. If you sell insurance, I am following your Page to find out Insurance Industry news, not to hear where to get the best coffee down the road from your office.
  8. Share the Love. Shout-outs are awesome and show that you are awesome too. Use “@Mentions” and “Tags” to give visibility to a company or person that has done something well. Everybody loves to be acknowledged for a job well done and there’s a lot of Kudos in Sharing the Love on your Page. It not only shows that you are collaborating online, it also shows that you are a top business to deal with offline.
  9. Tell Your Story. An existing business I started mentoring a few months ago said they had no stories to share on their Facebook Page. This made me very sad. “Seriously?” I said, “How about the story of when you first started? How about the Vision you had when you first started your business? How about any big project that you are working on? How about some exciting news in the Pipeline? How about that new trainee that started or that new product you are launching. There’s 7 stories right there.” Once I say to a business owner that YOU ARE YOUR STORY, Your Business is your Story, What is happening in your Business is your story, this opens the floodgates and the ideas start pouring out. Try this yourself by asking these very questions and see what story ideas you can come up with to share on your Facebook Page? If you need some help finding the Voice on your Page, this post here could help…. The 1st half of my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” also concentrates on how to develop a Voice and Your Story on your Facebook Page.
  10. Tune into your Customers. Respond to their questions. Read between the lines. “Listen” to what they are asking for. REALLY LISTEN. And RESPOND.
  11. Turn up for your Customers. Take the time to interact with your Fans. DAILY. Spend at least 10 minutes a day replying to your customer comments and seeing what they have to say. This will make your Page rich, inviting and a fun place to be. My book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” condenses into 10-steps the key elements to successfully manage your Facebook Page in 10 minutes a day.
  12. Add a Shop to your Page. There is no reason why Fans cannot become Customers on your Page. It is important that your Facebook Page is a productive Social Sales Channel or you are wasting your time on Facebook. Install a shop or direct Fans to a link on your website that will allow them to Buy Online Right Now. Customers should be able to buy from you, when they are ready to, without having to look too far.
  13. Reviews. Ask for them. Chase them up. Cherish them when you get them by sharing them on your Facebook Page. Getting reviews online is like asking your friends for the best company to use when you are looking for a service. Reviews or “Social Proof” are like pink diamonds, rare, extremely valuable and give your business loads of Street-Cred, Ju-Ju, Mojo & Status.
  14. Be Active. If you turn up, DAILY, that’s half the battle. Be consistent by maintaining your Page every day. 10 minutes a day is all it takes and I show you how to most effectively spend those precious 10 minutes in my Book and Workshops.
  15. Sell the Benefits of your product.  Why should a customer buy your product and not your competitor’s? Show them why you’re better than your competition down the road.
  16. Solve a Problem. Identify what problem your product is solving and communicate this to your Fans. As a business owner, you need to understand your customers’ needs, and how to satisfy them.
  17. Have a Compelling Message and Be Clear about it. If your message is confused, folks won’t buy from you. Simple as that. You must be clear about what you are selling and who you are selling it to.
  18. Inspiration and Positivity. There is enough negativity in the world, don’t you think? Keep your Facebook Page upbeat and cool people will hang around it. Let your Page run amok and it will be as pleasant to visit as the local dumpster. Make your Page a place of inspiration, a place to be uplifted. Let the joy be there. We all crave more joy.
  19. Keep it Relevant. Ensure you only post stories and news that will be relevant to your Fans. If you post randomly, your Page has little chance of success. If you need some help outlining a Social Media Strategy for your Facebook Business Page, my next workshop is enrolling now where we build your Facebook Strategy from scratch, assuming no prior knowledge or Facebook experience….
  20. Have a Focus. Have a Plan and ensure your Social Media activities are part of your overall Business Plan and are not just a tack-on. If your Facebook Business Page is an after-thought, you will never build a community let alone Convert Fans to Paying Customers…. put some planning into your Page and you will reap the rewards by way of a strong fanbase, fans that buy from you and become repeat customers and a vibrant active Facebook page that reflects your brand well….
Are you ready to build a Brand that is Social?  If so, building a Facebook Business Page is an excellent place to start. In my upcoming Facebook For Business Workshop we build your Facebook for Business strategy from scratch. Or if you’re just dipping your toe in the Social Media Sea for now, you are most welcome to come along to the next Social Media Club where we brainstorm a range of online marketing strategies every month. These are all steps towards growing and supporting your brand online in a positive way. If you are ready to kick-off your business year for 2013 and prefer some 1-on-1 guidance, my mentoring sessions could also help.
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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Strategist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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Maps with Benefits

Business Facebook

Adding your “street address” to your Facebook Business Page has more benefits than you think. And the benefits are worth it. Alot of folks running home-based businesses don’t want their “real address” publicly revealed, but the benefits of entering your street address far outweighs the very minimal risk that you may inherit a Facebook-stalker.

I blogged about the main benefits of adding your street address last year in this blog post here, so if you’re keen to discover the primary reasons why you need to enter your street address, I recommend reading this earlier blog post first.

But today I want to highlight another really important reason why you need to enter your street address on your Facebook Business Page. And that is, the “Recommendations Box”. Here’s what the Recommendations Box looks like below…..

Business Facebook

The Recommendations Box gives “Social Proof” like no other feature on Facebook. Anyone can “like” your page and “share” your posts on Facebook, this in itself is an endorsement of what you do, a “bravo, keep doing what you’re doing, pat on the back” kinda thing.

But the Recommendations Box allows an individual to really recommend you. I mean, “Recommendations” is like an actual review. Actually, it is a review. And if you think therefore that collecting as many Recommendations as possible on Facebook would give your Business Page lots of Kudos, Mojo, Ju-Ju, Street-Cred aka Social Proof, then you thought right. The “Recommendations Box” is like Facebook Juice on Steroids because it also gives you loads of EdgeRank points….

So can any Facebook Business Page sport the ever-powerful “Recommendations Box”? Yes. And there are two very simple steps to grabbing one of these babies for your Fan Page….

Step 1. Enter a real physical address. Without one, you won’t have access to the Recommendations feature. I know you may hesitate and be reluctant about this, but at least a PO Box, something that will register an address on Facebook for your business. (Be warned, it must be a real address. Enter a bogus address of the paddock down the road or the power station next door, and Bing will know. Bing knows these things. I say Bing because Facebook uses Bing to manage their maps, not Google. Also it must be a unique address, you can’t use an address that someone else has used before for their business.)

To enter your street address simply go to Edit Page/Update Info and enter your street address there. It may take several minutes, hours or days to display your map on your Business Page, but the map will appear on your Business Page once Facebook and Bing do the little dance they do together to update their databases.

Step 2. Once you enter your street address and your map is showing (you may need to come back at a later time to check this if the map doesn’t display straight away), you will see that a cheeky little box suddenly appears right under the map itself, called “Show this map on the page”. You must tick this box. Leave this box un-ticked and your Recommendations Box will never show. And that’s all it takes to be missing the Recommendations feature, an un-ticked Map box! Here it is below, ticked.

How to Facebook Business

A few other things worth noting….

  1. You can’t leave a “Recommendation” as a business entity. You can only leave a Recommendation as an individual. You must therefore “switch” to your Personal Profile to leave a Recommendation for another business. So because of this…..
  2. You will never see a “Recommendations Box” displaying when you are in your Business Account. You will only see it when you are operating from your Personal Profile
  3. There is no rule to say you can’t leave a Recommendation for your own Facebook Business Page from your own Personal Profile, so recommend yourself away. Unless you think it’s a bit naff to do this, then don’t (totally personal choice).

Lots of clients have asked me about the “Recommendations Box” lately, and having a street address (and a map) is key. I highly recommend you get both so that you can enjoy your “Maps with Benefits” !

I share my extensive research on the topic of  “Facebook for Business” in my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business”. Hope it can help you too.

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here Request a Call-Back to chat about a 1-on-1 Session with Francesca Grab your seat to the upcoming Facebook Business Workshop here Join us at “The Social Media Club” here

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
Business Mentor, Online Specialist, Author, Speaker & Social Media Business Specialist

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