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The 4 Daily Habits of Effective Facebook Business Page Managers {or What the Wise Owls are Doing}

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There’s a stream of new “things to do” in Social Media bombarding you every day right? It’s impossible to keep up and you’re feel a tad overwhelmed? I don’t blame you! There’s a lot that you can do, alot that’s not worth doing, and only a small handful of tasks that are actually worthwhile doing. Here’s 4 of the daily habits I strongly recommend to all the clients that Mentor, Workshop and Club with me.

The 4 Habits of Effective Facebook Business Page Managers {or What the Wise Owls are Doing}…

1. Check your Page daily. You don’t have to post every day (I actually don’t recommend posting every day, but that’s another blog post). Posting 2-3 times a week is ideal (but this varies per industry. My book explains this in detail and helps you tailor a posting frequency that suits your business.) Don’t abandon your Page for weeks and weeks and weeks and then wonder why no-one interacts with you when you decide to make a re-appearance (if this has happened to you, you may need to read this….) Bottom line is, you have to turn up for your Fans so be prepared to check your Page at least once a day.

I recommend you check your Facebook Page whenever you are doing all your other admin tasks (eg checking emails, placing orders, faxing, making calls) so that checking your Social Media soon becomes a daily habit.

2. Reply to any comments or direct messages. When a Fan leaves a comment on your Page or takes the time to send you a private message, it is important to reply to them personally and individually. Replying within 24 hours is vital. If you can respond faster than this, you are a rockstar (online). Leave it longer than this and your Fans will lose interest in what they messaged you about.

Remember that when someone leaves you a comment, they are sussing you out. They may be a potential customer. So treat each comment from a Fan as a potential buyer in your shop. Facebook is potentially like an online store, so attend to your “online” customers just as you would attend to your customers in real life.

3. Post interesting content. About 2-3 times a week, post content that is interesting to your Fans and content that is also relevant to your business. It is important not to post randomly (I blogged about the issue of “Relevant vs Random” earlier here….)

  • Ask a question
  • Post an interesting photo
  • Share a link to an article that will be relevant to your Fans
  • Post a video or photo album
  • Keep your Fans up to date with the highlights of what’s happening in your industry

Take the time to find material that will be enjoyed by the Fans following your Page and you will reap the rewards when your Fans interact with you, and perhaps even buy from you.

4. Find new Fans. There’s a multitude of ways to grow your Fanbase. This is such a vital part of your Social Media strategy that half of my book is dedicated to this topic ! But one of the major ways to find new Followers is to “Like” other Pages that are relevant to your industry. You may even want to leave a comment on their Page as well. By being active on other pages that are synergistic with your business, that company may Like you back and *Voila* {queue: sound of cymbals clashing}, your Page is revealed to all their Followers too.

Take some time to make a list of the companies that are your industry leaders and also companies that support you. By tapping into their Fanbase, you are effectively attracting Followers that are already highly targeted to your business.

There are other habits of highly effective Social Media Managers, but these are the four basic habits that are worth cultivating every day. Take some time to ensure these tasks are included in your daily routine and you will lay a solid foundation of sound Social Media Management that other strategies can be built on top of.

Managing your Social Media effectively, and for the long term, is about pacing yourself. I recommend becoming familiar with a few tasks like the ones above, before adding a few more. There is no point having a mad burst of doing “everything”, avalanching into Social Media overwhelm, then abandoning your Page.

To discover more of what to do and what not to do on your Facebook for Business Page, my book contains a 10-step method to help get your FanPage rocking, to purchase the book click here….If 1-on-1 is more your style, I can help you progress further with a personal session, to enquire about a coaching session click here

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here Request a Call-Back to chat about a 1-on-1 Session with Francesca Grab your seat to the upcoming Facebook Business Workshop here Join us at “The Social Media Club” here

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge Engagement on your Facebook Business Page {or Getting Back on the Horse after Holidays}

Business Facebook Fan Page

If you have not posted much over the holidays, chances are highly likely that the “number of people talking about” your Page has dropped significantly in your absence. So if you have had a few weeks of “light duties” since Christmas and have not maintained your Facebook Page very much, you may be feeling a bit like this little guy above , a bit bamboozled by the loss of Engagement on your Page. {I am guilty as charged Your Honour!}

There is nothing wrong with taking some time out to spend with family and friends (and this is entirely healthy) but once you’re back on deck, it doesn’t take long to see that the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page has dropped to a very low level. If this has happened to you too, then read on, I will share some Engagement-rescue-tips with you below….

A successful Facebook Page needs to be managed regularly, but taking time out to unplug from gadgets and technology is just as important.

But don’t panic, we can get your Engagement levels back up again in a jiffy. And the reason you want as high an Engagement rate as possible, is so that your Page can be more easily found (which will in turn help your Page grow faster and spread through Social Media.)

You can measure “Engagement” on your Page by dividing the “number of people talking about this” by the “number of Likers” x 100. This will give you the percentage “Engagement” on your Page.

So if your percentage Engagement has dropped significantly (as mine has too), I have outlined some easy steps below to help fix this post-holiday-too-slack-to-post-problem….

And thank you to all the folks that inboxed me this week asking me how to remedy this issue, it’s a timely reminder that a successful Page is a Page that is maintained. IGNORE your Page and Facebook will never work for your business….

So if you’re just getting back on the horse this week, here’s my Top 3 Tips to help boost the engagement on your page and get your Page rocking again….

Getting Back on the Horse – Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page after being too slack to post over the holidays….

1. Schedule Some Posts. Take a bit of time this week to pre-schedule a handful of posts for the coming few weeks. Believe me, with a workshop only a week away and lots of mentoring sessions booked in, the “schedule” button is a god-send to me right now! This takes the pressure off you as you get back on deck with everything else you also have to do in your business. At the same time, having some pre-organised posts will help to ensure that your Facebook Business Page does not drop any further in its level of Engagement, and we don’t want that! The steps for how to schedule a post are listed here and the reason why you don’t want to lose too much more engagement is because of EdgeRank, which I also explain here.

The “average” Engagement level across Facebook across all industry types is 2%, so if you are sporting an Engagement level that is higher than this, give yourself a pat on the back right now. But ideally, you want to aim for “super-engagement” which I explain here, but don’t worry about being “super-engaged” this week, you’ve got the rest of this year to be super-awesome. {No pressure. LOL}

2. Post Juicy Content. And by JUICY I mean content that YOU KNOW will be highly engaged. From my extensive research for my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” I discovered that some posts clearly did better than others. For example, videos are more highly clicked than most other types of content, hands down. Photo Albums are also highly interacted. So take some time when you are scheduling posts this week to really cherry-pick some great content that you know will be more highly engaged than just a plain message without a visual.

Even just posting “Visual” content alone will help to boost your Engagement very quickly because it will naturally attract more shares, likes and comments.

And if you want the full lowdown on what is the best content to post, when to post it, and who to post it to, half my book is dedicated to this topic, it is that important!

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here

3. Plan a mad rush to your Page. One of the the quickest and most effective ways to boost your Engagement is to organise a way for your Fans to stampede towards your Page. I am not joking! Through the use of the “checkin” feature or via  “Fan uploads”, you can arrange for a rush towards your Page. I know this is a little “manufactured” but this is a powerful way to instantly boost the engagement on your Page. So pick an event you have coming up soon, ANY EVENT, and set up a competition where Fans win a prize when they “check-in” to your Page. For example, if you run a bar and have Happy Hour this Monday night, why not empty out that cupboard-full of promotional material you’ve been hoarding from the liquor companies the last 2 years and offer your patrons a cap or t-shirt in exchange for a “checkin” to your Page? If you run a play centre or restaurant, offer a freebie in exchange for a “checkin”. However if your business is not face-to-face or not group oriented, then run a promotion where the best review or comment, or best photo or video that is uploaded to your Page, wins a prize.

There are many ways to effectively use the “checkin” feature and getting a customer to upload a photo, video, comment or review to your Facebook Business Page is just as powerful as a “checkin”. Either of these functions will trigger the Engagement on your Fan Page to shoot up almost instantly soon afterwards.

Basically because the quick rush to interact with your Page makes it look very popular as it suddenly becomes more highly engaged.

Using “checkin” or “Fan uploads” is like a double-word-score = you not only get super-charged Engagement, but this in turn feeds the Facebook EdgeRank machine, giving you more EdgeRank points than a standard post, spreading your Page even further than before. This gives your Page the “snowball” or “viral” effect which is a phenomena that I explain in detail in my book.

For more advice on how to build a positive brand online, the next Facebook MasterClass starts soon in Bangalow. This is a 3-day Intensive and Interactive Workshop with myself stepping you through the 10-step process to build a successful Facebook Page. The Workshop is run at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay. For more info or to book your seat, click here…. If 1-on-1 is more your style, I can help you progress further with a personal session and to enquire about a coaching session click here. Or if you prefer to discover at your own pace, my book contains a 10-step method to help you get rocking on your Facebook Business Page, to purchase the book click here….

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here Request a Call-Back to chat about a 1-on-1 Session with Francesca Grab your seat to the upcoming Facebook Business Workshop here Join us at “The Social Media Club” here

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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Maps with Benefits

Business Facebook

Adding your “street address” to your Facebook Business Page has more benefits than you think. And the benefits are worth it. Alot of folks running home-based businesses don’t want their “real address” publicly revealed, but the benefits of entering your street address far outweighs the very minimal risk that you may inherit a Facebook-stalker.

I blogged about the main benefits of adding your street address last year in this blog post here, so if you’re keen to discover the primary reasons why you need to enter your street address, I recommend reading this earlier blog post first.

But today I want to highlight another really important reason why you need to enter your street address on your Facebook Business Page. And that is, the “Recommendations Box”. Here’s what the Recommendations Box looks like below…..

Business Facebook

The Recommendations Box gives “Social Proof” like no other feature on Facebook. Anyone can “like” your page and “share” your posts on Facebook, this in itself is an endorsement of what you do, a “bravo, keep doing what you’re doing, pat on the back” kinda thing.

But the Recommendations Box allows an individual to really recommend you. I mean, “Recommendations” is like an actual review. Actually, it is a review. And if you think therefore that collecting as many Recommendations as possible on Facebook would give your Business Page lots of Kudos, Mojo, Ju-Ju, Street-Cred aka Social Proof, then you thought right. The “Recommendations Box” is like Facebook Juice on Steroids because it also gives you loads of EdgeRank points….

So can any Facebook Business Page sport the ever-powerful “Recommendations Box”? Yes. And there are two very simple steps to grabbing one of these babies for your Fan Page….

Step 1. Enter a real physical address. Without one, you won’t have access to the Recommendations feature. I know you may hesitate and be reluctant about this, but at least a PO Box, something that will register an address on Facebook for your business. (Be warned, it must be a real address. Enter a bogus address of the paddock down the road or the power station next door, and Bing will know. Bing knows these things. I say Bing because Facebook uses Bing to manage their maps, not Google. Also it must be a unique address, you can’t use an address that someone else has used before for their business.)

To enter your street address simply go to Edit Page/Update Info and enter your street address there. It may take several minutes, hours or days to display your map on your Business Page, but the map will appear on your Business Page once Facebook and Bing do the little dance they do together to update their databases.

Step 2. Once you enter your street address and your map is showing (you may need to come back at a later time to check this if the map doesn’t display straight away), you will see that a cheeky little box suddenly appears right under the map itself, called “Show this map on the page”. You must tick this box. Leave this box un-ticked and your Recommendations Box will never show. And that’s all it takes to be missing the Recommendations feature, an un-ticked Map box! Here it is below, ticked.

How to Facebook Business

A few other things worth noting….

  1. You can’t leave a “Recommendation” as a business entity. You can only leave a Recommendation as an individual. You must therefore “switch” to your Personal Profile to leave a Recommendation for another business. So because of this…..
  2. You will never see a “Recommendations Box” displaying when you are in your Business Account. You will only see it when you are operating from your Personal Profile
  3. There is no rule to say you can’t leave a Recommendation for your own Facebook Business Page from your own Personal Profile, so recommend yourself away. Unless you think it’s a bit naff to do this, then don’t (totally personal choice).

Lots of clients have asked me about the “Recommendations Box” lately, and having a street address (and a map) is key. I highly recommend you get both so that you can enjoy your “Maps with Benefits” !

I share my extensive research on the topic of  “Facebook for Business” in my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business”. Hope it can help you too.

Buy “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” , eBook or Printed, here Request a Call-Back to chat about a 1-on-1 Session with Francesca Grab your seat to the upcoming Facebook Business Workshop here Join us at “The Social Media Club” here

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Busting The Myth about “Add Interest List” – the {not-so} “Quick Fix”

marketing Facebook businessRiding on the back of this Facebook Business hotbed of controversy, are those that are trying to implement a “quick fix”. I don’t blame you, I’d love one too. But as with all “quick fixes”, they are either “not so quick” or “do not fix”. And this solution is both (not quick and not fixing)….

Yes I’m talking about the “Promoted Post” drama which has been going on for weeks now (I blogged about this last night too here….)

Every Business Page I see today seems to be advising their Fans to click the “Add to Interest Lists” button to ensure that their Business Page remains in the NewsFeed of their Fans.

There are two problems with this “quick fix”….

  1. You can only “Add to Interest List” from your Personal Profile. So if you’ve been clicking on the “down arrow” underneath a business’ cover photo and wondering why you can’t see it, this is why, it’s because you are viewing the other Business Page from inside your own Business Page. You need to hop over to your Personal Profile and “Add to Interest List” the other business Page from your Personal Profile…
  2. Adding a business to an Interest List does not add the business to the regular News Feed where most Fans spend most of their time surfing. It only adds the Business Page to the News Feed of the “Interest List”, which is a different News Stream altogether. This is great in theory, but is really only useful if the Fan is in the habit of using their Interest Lists. When was the last time you hopped out of your regular News Feed to surf the feed inside your “Interest List”? Yup, you get where I’m going with this…. a bit impractial….

“Adding to Interest List” is one of those “quick fixes” that is great in theory, but is not going to work very well in reality.

I doubt many folks will finish surfing their regular Facebook News Feed and say “okay great, now I’m going to surf a whole new  News Feed in my Interest Lists because I haven’t had enough News Feed Surfing tonight”. Nope, I think they’re most likely going to say “I’m done”, skip over the News that is sitting in the Interest List and step away from their computer…

So this is not a fix at all really.

Some folks are claiming that “Adding to Interest Lists” is restoring the visiblity of that Business Page to their News Feed. But which news feed? Their Personal Profile news feed? Their Business Page news feed? Or their Interest List news feed? I am testing this at the moment too, so I will get to you with my results, but it sounds sketchy to me.

What is the only solid solution? I advise all Business Owners to focus on the 3 primary key factors to online success on Facebook, and they are ENGAGEMENT, CONTENT + FANBASE.

I share my extensive research on these 3 topics in detail in my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business”. Hope it can help you too.

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The Mighty Hullabaloo (over the Changing Facebook Algorithms and the new Pay-to-Promote)

Facebook businessI don’t normally take a stand on issues that are flying around, I tend to park  in neutral, but I’m going to voice my opinion on this current controversy, which I’m sure will kick up some dust.

What I’m talking about here is the DRAMA over the changing Facebook Algorithms the last few weeks and the furore over the new “Pay-to-Promote” feature that Facebook has recently introduced. There’s lots of folks complaining about having to pay for posts and how Facebook “is supposed to be free”. Let’s get this into perspective because I think the controversy has been a little unbalanced and one-sided lately…..

The facts….

  1. Facebook Business Pages have been around since 2007. That’s a full five years that businesses have had the remarkable opportunity to promote their businesses online  FOR FREE
  2. Facebook Advertising has only been around the last few years. THIS IS OPTIONAL. No-one is holding a gun to your head to advertise on Facebook. You can still operate your Facebook for Business Page FOR FREE, no-one is forcing you to advertise.
  3. The Facebook “Pay to Promote” feature has been around for a couple of months now. Again, THIS IS OPTIONAL. You can take it or leave it.
  4. The statistics I’ve seen flying around this week is that only between 10-25% of your Fans are seeing your Business Posts. Guess what, the “average” number of Fans that saw your business posts before the promotion feature started, was only 17% anyway. THIS IS NOT NEW. It’s called EDGERANK and it has been around since the start of Facebook Business Pages. It is vital that you understand how EdgeRank works and how it affects your Page, and how/when your Fans see your Posts. I have a blog post about this here if you want to read more (I highly recommended that you understand EdgeRank if you want to get some results from your Facebook Business Page!)….
  5. There are 1 Billion people sitting on Facebook every month, and 3 Billion posts a day. I have been asking my clients this week, “Do you want a piece of this?” and “Hell Yeah!” has been the resounding cry! Facebook is the 3rd largest population in the world, why wouldn’t you want a piece of this action for your business!

My approach to all things Social Media….

  1. My approach is to UNDERSTAND the rules and work within them
  2. Rather than get upset about Facebook moving the furniture around, I simply work out WHAT’S NEW, WHAT’S CHANGED, WHAT’S GONE and work out a plan for how I am going to use the new or changed features from there
  3. For MISSING features, I simply work out WHAT I NEED TO CHANGE IN MY OWN BUSINESS PLAN to compensate for the missing features
  4. I say, be grateful as a business that you do have acces to a  FREE PLATFORM like Facebook to advertise your business with, online
  5. BE AWARE of the Paid features that are AVAILABLE to you, and make choices in your business about when to pay for a service. Base this choice on your specific needs and remember there is nobody forcing you to pay for advertising or promoted posts. Make a plan for what you will pay for, and what you won’t and stick to it.
  6. BE DISCERNING. Don’t pay for a promoted post just to spread your latest blog post. Use the PAID features wisely. Set a clear budget for promoted posts and stick to it. For example, if you have an event coming up, why not use a PROMOTED POST to ensure that you get a wider spread of Fans that will see (and come to) your event? Makes sense to me! A “promoted” post on Facebook is typically $5 or $10. This is a damn sight cheaper than a newspaper advertisement to promote your event?!?!!?

marketing Facebook business

My advice to all Small Businesses using Facebook….

The advice to my clients this week will be the same as the advice to my clients last week, and that is, that nothing has changed from a Strategy point of view. It just means that you have to ensure that you are taking these steps below…..

  1. Be clear about your CONTENT. Make sure it’s relevant and specific to your Fans
  2. Work on your ENGAGEMENT. This will elevate the position of your posts further to the top of the News Feed of your Fans so that they actually see your business and click on your posts more often. This will help to “spread” your business throughout the community of Facebook. There are loads of ways that you can improve your Engagement
  3. Have a strategy to build up your FANBASE. If your Following is steadily increasing, then the number of people that will see, share, like and comment on your posts, will snowball and will help you gather more Fans and attract a larger Following to your Page (this is the viral nature of Social Media).

My book Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business is dedicated to these 3 x topics above of CONTENT, ENGAGEMENT + FANBASE. My book is based on 3 years of dedicated research on these subjects areas where my overall aim of the book was to help small business owners feel….

  1. Empowered to run their business their way, and no longer be at the mercy of Marketing Companies or PR departments
  2. Knowledgeable about what they need to do, and the steps they need to take, to get the most out of Facebook for their Business as a FREE ONLINE MARKETING TOOL
  3. Aware of the various PAID OPTIONS available to them within Facebook
  4. Skilled with the tools they need to make a choice between the various FREE and PAID options that Facebook is making available to all businesses, as it best suits their mission, aims, purpose and intentions of their business.

Bottom line is, Facebook has leveled the playing field for all businesses. Online marketing is no longer confined to the big businesses with the big marketing budget. Small business now has the ability to make a big splash online if they treat Facebook as their online marketing partner and learn how to best utilise the tools available to them

So for my 2 cents worth on this topic folks, it’s not about what Facebook can do for you FOR FREE, it’s about how you can BEST USE the features that Facebook is offering you, to maximise the benefits for your business. This is how I see it. In other words, get this into perspective people, let’s get our big pants on and let’s get on with dealing with the changes at hand. Did we complain when floppy discs went to CD? And when CD’s went to DVD? No, we just evolved. So let’s evolve what we need to do, rather than whinge about it….

Oh, and another thing, Facebook (and all of Social Media), is also primarily about building community and sharing your knowledge, love and wisdom with your customers. It is about creating an opportunity for your clients to connect with you on a “Social” platform. Let’s not forget that it’s not just about making a dollar. These other “touchy-feely” aspects of Facebook are just as important as any other reason to use Facebook to promote your business.

Overall folks, let’s keep positive about this! We couldn’t expect ALL the Facebook features to STAY FREE FOREVER right? Seriously? We forget that Facebook is a  PRIVATE COMPANY, and they need to MAKE MONEY too, just like you and I. Can we really blame them for adding some EXTRA PAID OPTIONS in an effort to make money and elevate their share price? Can we begrudge them this? I don’t see any other company that is publicly-listed on the Global Stock Exchange, come under this much scrutiny because of their efforts to try to make some cashola and bring home some bacon….

It would have been really nice for Facebook to have stayed completely 100% free forever, but this is a fantasy. The true reality is that we live in a world of business, driven by cash, and the need to generate it. Facebook is no different in this desire and need to make a profit

I would love to hear your thoughts on this very hot topic Peeps? Leave me a comment on my Facebook Page, and let’s have a good pow-wow….

PS. And for the cynics out there, I am not paid, reimbursed or compensated in any way shape or form, by the  Facebook Corporation, to say anything favourable or positive about them. These opinions are my own and are completely unsolicited. Yep, I truly believe that Facebook Business Pages are  the best thing for small business since sliced bread. But then, I fully embrace the best of all the online tools available for my business, free, almost free or totally unfree.

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Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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How Scheduled Posts can Save You Time & Get You More Fans

Business FacebookHave you discovered the “Scheduled Posts” feature on Facebook yet? There are some Facebook features that are “take it or leave it”, but every once in a while, Facebook actually adds a function that is really, really neat. And the “schedule” button is one of those functions that really gets me rocking and rolling. It’s only been introduced very recently, so it’s not surprsing if it hasn’t caught your eye yet. It’s been a real life-saver really.

This little beauty allows you to “calendarise” your Facebook posts.

So if you wanted to release a particular post at 7pm tonight but you’d rather be watching the latest episode of “How I Met Your Mother” with your teenager, then you can schedule the post to be released at 7pm tonight, without the need to be in the same room as your PC at all, during this essential-TV-viewing-teenager-bonding-time.

There are significant benefits in using the “Schedule” button….

  1. You can quickly type your posts when it is most convenient for you (eg during a quiet period of your business) to be displayed “out of your standard business hours”. This means you are not tied to your PC when you would rather be having a life {shock horror}
  2. Conversely, if you have an event coming up (or an uber-busy work-week planned), and you think you will be too busy to post during work hours for a while, then you can schedule your posts out of hours, to be released during business hours, at a time when you know you will be tied up. Your business then still appears in the News Feeds of your Fans, rather than missing out on visibility all together during that time period. This gives your business the crucial exposure it needs, when it needs it most, and the potential to gather more Fans, even while you are too busy to “be there” on Facebook.

Some crucial pointers….

  1. Don’t use Hootsuite or any other “External” programs to post to Facebook.  Yes you can use these programs to post to Twitter and other Social Platforms, for sure, but not for Facebook. It will affect your Edgerank (Facebook Business Page Ranking), and not in a good way. I have written a previous blog post about what Edgerank is here. This is crucial to understand for Facebook Business Success, but in a nutshell, you need to be “inside” Facebook when you post. So don’t be tempted to post from an outside program to save you time, instead, the best time-saving function available to you within Facebook is the “Schedule” function. So use it to your heart’s content.
  2. Think about the best “times” to post. I share my extensive research on this topic in detail in my book and give you loads of tips on how to work out the best times for you to post in your business. You need to meet your target market at the best times, otherwise you are wasting your time on Facebook and I show you in my book the steps to figure this out specifically for your business (every business is different and hence the “best times” to post is different too). However if you would like some personalised help to work out the best times to post for your business, we can explore this in a 1-on-1 session together if that suits you better.

So, where to find this said “Schedule button”… {drum roll please}….

As this is only a new-ish feature (September 2012), most of my clients haven’t noticed this button yet, which is not surprising since Facebook seem to be moving the furniture around almost every day….

Funnily enough, the “Schedule button” is actually right under your nose …..

scheduling Facebook posts

  1. To setup a “scheduled post” simply click inside the “Status bar” and start typing your post
  2. When you are finished typing, click the small clock icon on the bottom left hand corner of the status box (note that this tiny clock icon does not appear until you actually click your cursor inside the status box, and then it appears, as if by magic)
  3. When you click the clock (try saying this ten times fast!), a “Year” pops up. Just choose the year you would like your post to be displayed. I suggest keeping your posts to within the week (too much can happen in your business between now and next year!)
  4. After you select a year, a month option pops up, and so on for day, and time
  5. Click the Schedule button on the bottom right of the status box, to diarise this post for the time you have specified. For this dummy example above on “The Like Effect” Facebook Page, I entered 7:30 tomorrow morning so that my post could “appear” in the Facebook news feed starting 7:30am

But what if I change my mind?

Do not fear, Facebook have thought of this as well. To change the posts that you have “scheduled”….

  1. Click on “Edit Page”
  2. Select “Use Activity Log”
  3. And you will see all your scheduled posts there in a list
  4. Here you can change the date and time of the future-dated posts, or cancel them all-together, so you still have full control over your posts even though they are diarised….

activity log Facebook for Business

If you’re looking for more information on this topic, or want to discover how best to use Facebook for your business, join us for the upcoming Facebook for Business Workshop, get my book or reach out to me for a 1-on-1 mentoring session…. And let’s get this party started!

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How to Change How Often Facebook Emails you (and Save your Sanity)

business coach

Have you ever felt like you could scream at your PC with the number of emails you get about friends tagging other friends, friends checking in to a cafe, friends of friends of friends commenting on your next door neighbours daughter’s best friends cat? You’re running a business right? And all this is just cluttering your inbox (and driving you insane……)

Here’s the steps to turn your email frequency to “important updates only” rather than getting an email for every-single-individual-goddam-freakin-thing-that-ever-happens-to-your-friends-on-Facebook……..  here’s the steps to your saving grace before you kill someone….

  1. In your personal profile
  2. Click the down triangle (top right hand corner)
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click “Notifications” on the LHS menu
  5. On the top right hand corner, tick the “email frequency”. By ticking this box, you get important updates only and your sanity back. By leaving this box unticked, you get individual emails and you slowly write your ticket to a mental assylum or kill your friends, whichever happens first…

Simple solution. DONE.

Facebook is a revolutionary tool for business but now you can have your sanity back too. THANKYOU AMEN Hallelujah brother

For this and other great ways to optimise your Facebook for Business Page for your business success, get my book. Or if 1-on-1 is more your style, I am available for personal sessions in person, over the phone, over email or let’s chat over skype in our pyjamas (that’s how serious business is done these days)….

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How to “Invite” Your Friends to “Like” your Business Page

Business coachSo you want your Fanbase on Facebook to grow right? One of the best places to start is to invite your friends to “Like” your Business Page. Your friends support you, they are your advocates and your cheerleaders, and most of them won’t mind sharing Facebook love with you….

Here are the steps to “Invite” your Friends on Facebook to “Like” your Business Page….

  1. Go to your Personal Profile
  2. Click on your Home Button (your news feed)
  3. On the LHS menu, click on the name of your business under the area that says PAGES
  4. Scroll to the top of the screen and click “Build Audience
  5. Select “Invite your friends
  6. Tick all the names of the people you would like to invite. You don’t have to tick them all, but the more friends you invite, the better!

For this and other great ways to optimise your Facebook Page for your Business success, get my book. Or if 1-on-1 is more your style, I am available for personal sessions in person, over the phone, over email or let’s skype in our tracksuit pants….

Buy Book Now “Novice2Ninja” Book a Session with Francesca

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Invisible Business on Facebook? EdgeRank deMystified

Facebook essential for Business Marketing

Alot of my clients lately have been complaining that their Fans are not seeing their posts on Facebook anymore. How do they know this? Because their customers are saying things like “You’ve dropped off Facebook!” or “I never see your posts!”

Could your business also be invisible on Facebook? Is this why you’re not getting the results you want on your Page?

Don’t worry, Facebook has not abandoned you. What’s happened to you is one word, it’s called EDGERANK.

What is Edgerank you ask? Well, it’s a score that Facebook gives to your Page. Errrrr, yes, you are being rated. It is also called NFO (or News Feed Optimzation) and yes, you guessed it, the score of your Page affects where you appear in the News Feed of your Fans or if you appear at all. {Gulp}

So how does EdgeRank work? Well, there is a mathematical formula (below) which you don’t have to worry about, so don’t stress. The bottom line is that Facebook only shows the higest ranked posts in the News Feed of their users (your Fans). The higher your Page score, the higher up in the News Feed your posts will appear. Have you ever noticed that some posts just seem to linger at the top of the news feed for hours, sometimes days? It’s because those Pages have a very high EdgeRank score. So they not only appear closer to the top of the News Feed and are more easily found by their Fans, but they also last longer in the News Feed and have a chance of being seen by more eyeballs. So yes, how long a post stays visible in the News Feed also depends on the EdgeRank score of the Page.

Facebook News Feed Optimization NFO

Why does Facebook do this? This seems unfair right? I mean, why can’t all posts be equal, be given equal air time, and all Pages be given a fair go?…. Well, basically Facebook wants their users to love being on Facebook. No,  addicted to being on their platform. They want the experience of Fans to be enriched so they only show the best Pages. This way the Facebook company will have a long-term captive audience on their platform. Makes sense right? The more people that use the Facebook system daily, the more advertising they may click on while they’re chatting with their friends. Reality check, Facebook is a business too and they need to get the most bang for their buck. So if you have a low EdgeRank score, your posts may not even make it out of the gate. Eeeek. But do not fear, I am here to help.

So what does EdgeRank mean for your Business Page? It means two things…

(1) The better your content, the better you engage your Fans, the better timing of all your posts, the better your EdgeRank score. Simple as that. So if your EdgeRank score goes higher, the more visible your posts will be in the News Feed of your Fans. And Voila, you suddenly appear in the News Feed of your Followers again. So yes, it is a cycle, cause-and-effect, you have to have better posts today to rank higher in the News Feed tomorrow.

(2) Don’t give up. You do need to regularly post and regularly interact with your Followers to have a successful Facebook Page. Facebook is not set-and-forget. You do need to maintain your Business Page, and EdgeRank makes sure that you do this.

So how do you achieve both (1) and (2) I hear you ask? I have dedicated the first half of my book to sharing with you the secrets of generating better content, better engagement and better timing on Facebook. The second half of my book then is dedicated to how to improve your EdgeRank score so that your page can go from invisible to kicking-arsely successful. I also share with you how to build momentum on your Page and what you need to do to super-charge your Fanbase so that you have an army of raving Followers that adore you, buy from you and refer you to their friends. Do you want a piece of this? Buy my book now and stop wasting time and discover how you can have a kick-arse Business Page too!!

Buy Book Now “Novice2Ninja”

Here’s what everyone’s been saying about this book!

This book is THE 101 for Facebook success – Channel Seven
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This book is an ideal tool for businesses everywhere – FasterLouder & Canstar

I now have the confidence to use Facebook for my business and for my clients – CalabashMedia

You can click here to read more reviews about Novice2Ninja….

I hope this post has been helpful in demystifying why your posts may have dropped off the planet. I am a small business too and I thank you for your support in buying my book. Without your support, I could not keep solving the problems so that you can get on with more important things – like running your business!

Also, if you loved this post and found it helpful, I would be very grateful if you shared it :)

Talk again soon xx

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How to ReSize your Profile Photo & How this Helps Build your Fanbase on Facebook

Profile Photo on Business Facebook pageDid you notice the profile photo on your Facebook Business Page got bigger a few months ago? Is your Profile Photo now chopped off , distorted, stretched or weird looking? Is this bugging you? It should! Because you need to fix it pronto! This is one of the first things a potential fan will see (and possibly potential customer) when they first visit your page….

The reason why your profile photo may now look distorted, is because in April Facebook made a minor tweak, increasing your profile photo from 125 x 125 pixels to 160 x 160 pixels. So we all needed to make an adjustment to cater for this new size profile photo.  It’s also important that your thumbnail is still recognisable all over FaceBook. So here are the steps to fix both your profile photo + thumbnail photo….

Fixing your profile photo…

  1. Make sure you have a great photo to start with. This can be a logo or a great image of your business. Statistically, customers tend to connect more with a face than a logo, but hey, choose whatever best suits your business and brand
  2. In any photo editing program e.g. PhotoShop or iEditor, find the “size” function. Every photo editing program has one of these “image size” features, it’s just a matter of finding it
  3. In the “dimensions” setting, make sure the dimensions are to “pixels” and not “cms”.
  4. Set the height and width to 180×180 pixels. I know this is confusing, since I said that Facebook changed the new profile picture size to 160×160 right? But when Facebook displays your photo, it actually takes 20 pixels off all the edges for “padding”. So make sure your profile looks great in the 180×180 size and Facebook will re-size your profile photo automatically down to 160×160.
  5. Save this new size (180×180 pixels) and re-upload this newly sized photo via edit profile picture/upload photo which is the menu that will appear when you hover over your profile photo on your page

Fixing your thumbnail….

  1. Your thumbnail is a different size again (smaller). This is the photo that’s left all around FaceBook when you leave a comment or like a post.
  2. You actually can’t upload a thumbnail sized photo, but you can do 2 things to make sure your thumbnail is recognisable all over Facebook-town.
  • One, Make sure that there is a bit of padding around the core centre of your logo or face. That way, when the profile picture gets trimmed down, the main centre part of your photo is still recognisable. An unrecognisable photo all over Facebook is no good to you – it’s not representing your business very well….. A great thumbnail photo is one way to help build your Fanbase. By leaving a comment on another business page, this exposes your business to new potential Likers. By making sure your thumbnail photo is unique and not weird looking or distorted, your page will be more attractive to potential “Likers”. Voila – more “likers”! Yes please !
  • Two, once you’ve uploaded your newly sized profile photo, hover over the “edit profile picture” menu again and choose “edit thumbnail”. This will allow you to slide the photo to display the bits you want. (It slides 4 ways, up-down, left-right, so play around with it until you’re happy.) Or the other option is to tick the “scale to fit” checkbox. This shrinks the whole photo down to the thumbnail size so that you don’t have to crop it if you don’t want to. Again, play around with both these two options (moving the photo around versus scaling to fit) and see which option looks best. You can’t use both options at once, it’s either move the photo around or scale it down…. like this….

profile photo on faceboko fanpage

For more great tips like this on how to build a successful presence on Facebook and how to build your fanbase, hop on over to my ebook and click “BUY” – you won’t regret it :) It’s jam-packed with great insights and loads of tips like this that will help you kick arse on Facebook, and it also supports me being able to deliver more great tips like this for you EVERY DAY for FREE xx

Francesca Esposito-Rose
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