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Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge Engagement on your Facebook Business Page {or Getting Back on the Horse after Holidays}

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If you have not posted much over the holidays, chances are highly likely that the “number of people talking about” your Page has dropped significantly in your absence. So if you have had a few weeks of “light duties” since Christmas and have not maintained your Facebook Page very much, you may be feeling a bit like this little guy above , a bit bamboozled by the loss of Engagement on your Page. {I am guilty as charged Your Honour!}

There is nothing wrong with taking some time out to spend with family and friends (and this is entirely healthy) but once you’re back on deck, it doesn’t take long to see that the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page has dropped to a very low level. If this has happened to you too, then read on, I will share some Engagement-rescue-tips with you below….

A successful Facebook Page needs to be managed regularly, but taking time out to unplug from gadgets and technology is just as important.

But don’t panic, we can get your Engagement levels back up again in a jiffy. And the reason you want as high an Engagement rate as possible, is so that your Page can be more easily found (which will in turn help your Page grow faster and spread through Social Media.)

You can measure “Engagement” on your Page by dividing the “number of people talking about this” by the “number of Likers” x 100. This will give you the percentage “Engagement” on your Page.

So if your percentage Engagement has dropped significantly (as mine has too), I have outlined some easy steps below to help fix this post-holiday-too-slack-to-post-problem….

And thank you to all the folks that inboxed me this week asking me how to remedy this issue, it’s a timely reminder that a successful Page is a Page that is maintained. IGNORE your Page and Facebook will never work for your business….

So if you’re just getting back on the horse this week, here’s my Top 3 Tips to help boost the engagement on your page and get your Page rocking again….

Getting Back on the Horse – Top 3 Tips to Super-Charge the Engagement on your Facebook Business Page after being too slack to post over the holidays….

1. Schedule Some Posts. Take a bit of time this week to pre-schedule a handful of posts for the coming few weeks. Believe me, with a workshop only a week away and lots of mentoring sessions booked in, the “schedule” button is a god-send to me right now! This takes the pressure off you as you get back on deck with everything else you also have to do in your business. At the same time, having some pre-organised posts will help to ensure that your Facebook Business Page does not drop any further in its level of Engagement, and we don’t want that! The steps for how to schedule a post are listed here and the reason why you don’t want to lose too much more engagement is because of EdgeRank, which I also explain here.

The “average” Engagement level across Facebook across all industry types is 2%, so if you are sporting an Engagement level that is higher than this, give yourself a pat on the back right now. But ideally, you want to aim for “super-engagement” which I explain here, but don’t worry about being “super-engaged” this week, you’ve got the rest of this year to be super-awesome. {No pressure. LOL}

2. Post Juicy Content. And by JUICY I mean content that YOU KNOW will be highly engaged. From my extensive research for my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” I discovered that some posts clearly did better than others. For example, videos are more highly clicked than most other types of content, hands down. Photo Albums are also highly interacted. So take some time when you are scheduling posts this week to really cherry-pick some great content that you know will be more highly engaged than just a plain message without a visual.

Even just posting “Visual” content alone will help to boost your Engagement very quickly because it will naturally attract more shares, likes and comments.

And if you want the full lowdown on what is the best content to post, when to post it, and who to post it to, half my book is dedicated to this topic, it is that important!

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3. Plan a mad rush to your Page. One of the the quickest and most effective ways to boost your Engagement is to organise a way for your Fans to stampede towards your Page. I am not joking! Through the use of the “checkin” feature or via  “Fan uploads”, you can arrange for a rush towards your Page. I know this is a little “manufactured” but this is a powerful way to instantly boost the engagement on your Page. So pick an event you have coming up soon, ANY EVENT, and set up a competition where Fans win a prize when they “check-in” to your Page. For example, if you run a bar and have Happy Hour this Monday night, why not empty out that cupboard-full of promotional material you’ve been hoarding from the liquor companies the last 2 years and offer your patrons a cap or t-shirt in exchange for a “checkin” to your Page? If you run a play centre or restaurant, offer a freebie in exchange for a “checkin”. However if your business is not face-to-face or not group oriented, then run a promotion where the best review or comment, or best photo or video that is uploaded to your Page, wins a prize.

There are many ways to effectively use the “checkin” feature and getting a customer to upload a photo, video, comment or review to your Facebook Business Page is just as powerful as a “checkin”. Either of these functions will trigger the Engagement on your Fan Page to shoot up almost instantly soon afterwards.

Basically because the quick rush to interact with your Page makes it look very popular as it suddenly becomes more highly engaged.

Using “checkin” or “Fan uploads” is like a double-word-score = you not only get super-charged Engagement, but this in turn feeds the Facebook EdgeRank machine, giving you more EdgeRank points than a standard post, spreading your Page even further than before. This gives your Page the “snowball” or “viral” effect which is a phenomena that I explain in detail in my book.

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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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