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Relevant vs. Random: A Strategy for Success

Last month, I ran a competition on my Facebook Page. The competition was asking a question in response to this video here by Eden Riley of Edenland….

And the question ran along the lines of ….

What does this blogger do to make her win the award of Australian Blogger of the Year?”

The person that answered this question correctly, not only won a free copy of my eBook Novice2Ninja, they also understood the primary factor that is the basis of online success. Jodie Heylen of The Gift Post (Gold Coast) won the competition and I promised to blog about this once the competition was over.

However this is such an important concept to get your head around that I re-ran this competition last night at “The Social Media Club” and yep, I gave away another free copy of my Book to the first person that guessed correctly.  This time, it was  a printed copy of my book. And for those of you that have followed this competition twice already, I promise there won’t be a 3rd!

So here goes, and the answer is.. {drum roll} RELEVANCE. Do you want to know why RELEVANCE is THE most important factor to ONLINE SUCCESS?

Here is “RELEVANCE defined”….

Relevance is like current, but current is only about timing.

Relevance is similar to important, but important is only about the order of priorities.

Relevant is almost like related, but not that’s only the half of it.

RELEVANT is the opposite to RANDOM, and a whole lot more.

You see, when I first started in Social Media about 4 years ago, I posted randomly for several months. My page sucked and I felt microscopic. I finally figured that RANDOM POSTING DOES NOT WORK. If you adopt “Random Posting” as your strategy, you will end up with a Facebook Business Page or Blog that is made up of loosely connected ideas, that may or may not be related to your business, and basically you will end up with a mish-mash of concepts. And guess what the problem with a random strategy is? It is not clear, it’s not focussed and not targetted. Bottom line, “Random Posting” will not help your business and will certainly not generate any sales.

There are many reasons why Edenland is a successful blog. But the one single reason why Eden Riley won “Australian Blogger of the Year” is because what she blogs about is RELEVANT. Edenland is a collection of thoughts and opinions on what is currently controversial and what is happening at the forefront of current culture. Riley’s “product” is controversy and anything topical. She is also very engaging, authentic, honest, real, human, kind, she’s all those things. But most of all, the essence of what she talks about is RELEVANT to her Fans. Why? Because her Followers are also concerned about the impact that these emerging issues have on society and how it will affect their lives, jobs and future security. Riley taps into that big-time.

So let’s start with “the Don’t's”….  Here is what NOT TO DO online….

  • Take for example, a lawyer that has mostly a Generation-Y market of 25-35 year olds. If this lawyer was to blog about Lady Gaga, this would make this lawyer’s blog current. But it wouldn’t be relevant because Lady Gaga has nothing to do with law.
  • If you were a real estate agent and you posted Footy Tips, this could be interesting and fun to some of your Fans, but this is NOT ON TOPIC. Footy Tips are not relevant to your business or to your customers (who are on your Page as property buyers and renters).
  • If you were a Tourism Page, posting about the gripes you have with city centre parking or the complaints you have about the new Highway coming through, this is NOT RELEVANT to the fans that are buying your products (Tourists are interested in the tourist experience, not the dirty laundry/behind-the-scenes-infrastructure-issues).
  • If you were an oil painter, and you blogged about jewellery, this would be INTERESTING and loosely related to canvas painting, however if you kept this up, you would soon start to lose your Fans or at least, they will stop engaging with you on your core topic of oil painting on canvas.

By doing any of the above you would start losing your Fans and your page would start to suck dismally, or worse, bomb all together. Put simply, you will lose your tribe. Your Peeps will simply go elsewhere to get their “fix” of the love they want on that particular topic. This is because your fans are following you specifically because they want to connect with WHAT YOU DO and WHAT YOU REPRESENT.

Let’s then define the “Do’s” of how to achieve Online Success….

You need to blog or post about what is RELEVANT to your business PLUS what is relevant to your TARGET MARKET.

  • So if you’re an oil painter, post about oil painting only. Best brushes to use at home, different techniques to achieve different effects, top-tips to properly wash brushes…..
  • If you’re a real estate agent, post about how great it is to live in your area, news about events coming up that make the region a joy to live in, renovation success stories that turned a mega profit….
  • As a business lawyer, blog about copyright issues that are currently in contention, business issues to watch out for, new workplace laws that may affect small business owners….
  •  In tourism, post about events coming to the area, restaurants and the accolades they have recently won, or the best coffee in town….

Eden Riley blogs about topics that her Fans are interested in PLUS the topics that are current and are MEANINGFUL to her Followers. Therefore Edenland is a highly RELEVANT blog. The week she blogged about chicken fillets to represent breast implants, there had been recent debate in the media about young girls having plastic surgery to feel beautiful and accepted. So this video was ON TOPIC and relevant to her Peeps, at the time…

I therefore define RELEVANCE as being

  • BOTH RELATED to your business
  • AND ALSO RELATED TO your target market

I also use RELEVANCE as the number one FUNNEL to cross-check my content before I post anything on any of my Facebook Pages. So before I post to my blog or Facebook page, if the topic does not make it through the RELEVANCE funnel, then I scrap it. It is not the right CONTENT for my page or blog if it does not make it through my filter.

I consider this principle of RELEVANCE vs. RANDOM to be the most important underlying factor to your success online. Get this wrong and your Facebook Business Page or blog will bomb. Yes you have to be engaging, the more engaging you are, the more your Fans will dig what you do. But you can be engaging and still be irrelevant. You can be engaging and random. It is important therefore to be engaging AND RELEVANT.

So the keys to ONLINE SUCCESS are….

  1. UNDERSTAND your target market and what they want to hear & read about
  2. Make sure your topics are CONNECTED to your business and are ON-TOPIC with what you do
  3. With these two filters in mind, then generate posts that are both MEANINGFUL to your target market (1) and CONNECTED to your business (2) = THIS WILL GIVE YOU RELEVANT CONTENT

Laywers, I advise you hold back on blogging about the latest Monster-Ball rap and stick to the topics that your Peeps are interested in, and if your Fans are mostly Generation-Y, then why not blog about the latest “Stop & Search” laws which would be of huge interest to this age bracket? Knowing their rights when they go out may be at the fore-front of their minds and may spark some great discussion (and engagement) on your Facebook Page or blog. Yes you must understand what your target market likes and wants to read about, but that’s only the half of it. What you talk about on your blog or Facebook Page must also be related and connected to your business (see poster below).

Social Media Strategy

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Super Engaged

Business MentorSo after working with me for 1 week, my client Keeping Up With The Holsbys has completely smashed the definition of “Super Engagement”. This is where the number of people talking about you is MORE than the number of fans that you have on your business page. This is so rare, I have only ever seen this once before on the Oprah Winfrey page! The average “Engagement” across Facebook is 2-3%. However this gifted mummy-blogger, writer and photographer, has skyrocketed to 169% engagement after applying the methods from The Like Effect for only one week. Now that’s what I call TOTALLY SMOKING. Go Danielle !

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Don’t Believe the Hype – Facebook is Not Dead

There’s been a lot of talk recently that the rocky launch of Facebook on the stock market is a sign that the company, as we know it, is dead. Some folks would have you believe that Facebook has run its’ race. Don’t fall for the recent share-hype – Facebook is Not Dead. Far from it. And for anyone with their Business already on Facebook or looking to get onto Social Media, don’t panic. As my teenage son would say, “It’s all good.”

In this post I talk about the 10 main reasons why your Business STILL needs to be on Facebook even though the recent share-float is off to a shaky start. I just want to clear the air on this subject because it’s been bugging me every time someone says “haven’t you heard the share launch has failed so Facebook is over?” Alot of the clients I mentor and work for have also been asking me to write a post on this topic as some folks are now worried that they have been wasting their time putting their businesses onto Social Media.

Okay, so here’s the deal. The share launch has not failed. In my opinion, it is just finding its feet (and having worked in the stock market industry in my earlier career, I’ve seen companies take aaagggggeeees to sort out their stock-launch teething problems). And Facebook WILL find it’s optimal share-price, just give it some time. Why am I so confident about this? Let’s get real. Facebook was a strong company BEFORE the share float. And guesss what, it’s still a strong company AFTER the share float. Facebook just needs to find its right price, in the marketplace, in the real world. A wobbly share float doesn’t wipe out the company. It just means that the accountants and the underwriters need to get the logistics right. The Google share launch didn’t go according to plan either, back in its’ day. But Google founds its’ feet, eventually. And the last time I looked, Google share prices were looking very healthy. Besides, Facebook must be a strong company to even consider a share launch in the first place.

Question: How many companies before today have had a rocky start on the stock market?

Answer: Loads, we just don’t hear that much about them. Yes I do believe that Facebook has copped a fair share of media hype over this share launch. But Facebook should expect that, being such a large company.

And let’s not forget that share prices only ever reflect the sentiment of the stock market within the economic climate at the time. There is also a general lack of enthusiasm from the stock market when internet-based companies want to float some shares, regardless of how strong the company is. Traditionally, the stock-market has always treated “Internet” companies with great caution.

However, online, in the internet world, Facebook still rules supreme. Why do I say this? Because here are 10 great reasons why your business STILL needs to be on Facebook….

  1. Out of all the companies that are offering TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS online for you, Facebook is still one of the biggest companies on the inter-webs. And out of all the Social Media platforms available today, Facebook is still the biggest. By a long shot. Facebook has almost 1 billion users and no other system online comes close to this. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world.
  2. Facebook is rivaling Google for the biggest slice of internet attention. That’s a lot of eyeballs that could be looking at your business and who could be buying products from you. Your business needs to be on Facebook. Your business needs these eyeballs looking at your products.
  3. Facebook is a free platform to showcase your business. On Facebook, you can find new customers that you never had before. Treat Facebook as a brand new shiny market that your business never had access to. Treat Facebook as a free website for you business, but with loads more dialogue.
  4. Facebook has very deep analysis of its 1 billion users. This analysis is given to you on a silver platter in the form of Facebook Ads. You can grab this opportunity and advertise your little heart out to the preferences of a slice of these 1 billion users. There is NO OTHER platform on this blue planet that gives you this kind of accurate demographic to advertise to. Marketing companies spend thousands of dollars to reach a targeted audience like this in any other scenario. Compared to all other forms of advertising, Facebook advertising is actually very low cost, from only a few dollars a day. Pretty inexpensive marketing really.
  5. Facebook is a community, and this community is not going anywhere else anytime soon. The community on Facebook is driven by something a lot deeper than economics; it’s driven by the human need to connect. After food and shelter, our need to belong is very primal and instinctive. Whether you use Facebook for business or pleasure, everyone on Facebook is essentially CONNECTING with eachother.
  6. Facebook for Business is just marketing and it should be an important part of the marketing mix for your business. Relying on Facebook alone is a mistake though. I always advise the clients that I mentor one-on-one that it’s essential to use various different tools to market your business. Do not rely on one platform alone. However, just because the initial Facebook share float has not gone according to plan, this does not mean Facebook should be ignored as an advertising channel for your business.
  7. Including Social Media in your business is very important if you want to remain competitive and if you want new customers to discover your product. Discovery is the first step to achieving a sale. Without discovery, there is no sale. Facebook is a powerful way for your product to be discovered.
  8. Facebook is a brilliant way to engage your customers. Here is a juicy opportunity to regularly remind your customers that you exist, and hopefully, they may purchase again from you in the future. Facebook allows you to frequently be in front of your customers, when, chances are, they may have otherwise long forgotten about you. Treat Facebook as a big subscription list but with pictures and alot more fun :)
  9. Facebook is a perfect place to do market research – asking questions of your Fans about products they may want or services they may need, is a match made in heaven. This is a free forum for market research folks!
  10. And most important of all, you can make money on Facebook! Facebook is just another shop front for your business. I can’t imagine why anyone would want fewer channels for selling their products!


My opinion? This share price kafuffle is just teething problems in the back-office-accounting department. So it looks like the share-price organisers got a few things wrong at this share-launch party. So what! We’ve all thrown a dud party or launched a dodgy product, right? And yes, if your business is already on Facebook, I do believe you have turned up to the right party (online).

My advice? Ignore Facebook at your own (business’) peril.

So it’s a big phat…..

Facebook essential for Business Marketint

…. from me….

What do you think? Do you think Facebook is doomed? Or can you see the benefits of Facebook for your business? I’d love to hear your opinion on this…. And can you think of other great reasons to be on Facebook with your business? Drop me a comment and tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you…… and don’t forget to like this post if you found any information in this article interesting or helpful….



Francesca Esposito-Rose

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