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The 4 Daily Habits of Effective Facebook Business Page Managers {or What the Wise Owls are Doing}

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There’s a stream of new “things to do” in Social Media bombarding you every day right? It’s impossible to keep up and you’re feel a tad overwhelmed? I don’t blame you! There’s a lot that you can do, alot that’s not worth doing, and only a small handful of tasks that are actually worthwhile doing. Here’s 4 of the daily habits I strongly recommend to all the clients that Mentor, Workshop and Club with me.

The 4 Habits of Effective Facebook Business Page Managers {or What the Wise Owls are Doing}…

1. Check your Page daily. You don’t have to post every day (I actually don’t recommend posting every day, but that’s another blog post). Posting 2-3 times a week is ideal (but this varies per industry. My book explains this in detail and helps you tailor a posting frequency that suits your business.) Don’t abandon your Page for weeks and weeks and weeks and then wonder why no-one interacts with you when you decide to make a re-appearance (if this has happened to you, you may need to read this….) Bottom line is, you have to turn up for your Fans so be prepared to check your Page at least once a day.

I recommend you check your Facebook Page whenever you are doing all your other admin tasks (eg checking emails, placing orders, faxing, making calls) so that checking your Social Media soon becomes a daily habit.

2. Reply to any comments or direct messages. When a Fan leaves a comment on your Page or takes the time to send you a private message, it is important to reply to them personally and individually. Replying within 24 hours is vital. If you can respond faster than this, you are a rockstar (online). Leave it longer than this and your Fans will lose interest in what they messaged you about.

Remember that when someone leaves you a comment, they are sussing you out. They may be a potential customer. So treat each comment from a Fan as a potential buyer in your shop. Facebook is potentially like an online store, so attend to your “online” customers just as you would attend to your customers in real life.

3. Post interesting content. About 2-3 times a week, post content that is interesting to your Fans and content that is also relevant to your business. It is important not to post randomly (I blogged about the issue of “Relevant vs Random” earlier here….)

  • Ask a question
  • Post an interesting photo
  • Share a link to an article that will be relevant to your Fans
  • Post a video or photo album
  • Keep your Fans up to date with the highlights of what’s happening in your industry

Take the time to find material that will be enjoyed by the Fans following your Page and you will reap the rewards when your Fans interact with you, and perhaps even buy from you.

4. Find new Fans. There’s a multitude of ways to grow your Fanbase. This is such a vital part of your Social Media strategy that half of my book is dedicated to this topic ! But one of the major ways to find new Followers is to “Like” other Pages that are relevant to your industry. You may even want to leave a comment on their Page as well. By being active on other pages that are synergistic with your business, that company may Like you back and *Voila* {queue: sound of cymbals clashing}, your Page is revealed to all their Followers too.

Take some time to make a list of the companies that are your industry leaders and also companies that support you. By tapping into their Fanbase, you are effectively attracting Followers that are already highly targeted to your business.

There are other habits of highly effective Social Media Managers, but these are the four basic habits that are worth cultivating every day. Take some time to ensure these tasks are included in your daily routine and you will lay a solid foundation of sound Social Media Management that other strategies can be built on top of.

Managing your Social Media effectively, and for the long term, is about pacing yourself. I recommend becoming familiar with a few tasks like the ones above, before adding a few more. There is no point having a mad burst of doing “everything”, avalanching into Social Media overwhelm, then abandoning your Page.

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