Branding Just Got Social {Top 20 Tips to Make Your Business “Social” and Announcing Facebook’s new “Search” Feature }

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{BREAKING NEWS TODAY} Facebook has just announced they are launching a new feature called “Graph Search” which will allow users to search their Personal Friends, Facebook Business Pages and Connections, for data they are looking for. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that businesses must continue making their Facebook Business Pages more interesting and relevant.

I have assessed the impact of this Facebook change and my suggestion for Facebook Business Page owners is to ensure that your Page is fresh and up to date, to make that sure you are active on your Page, and to always post relevant & quality information that your Fans will be interested in.

So what the hullabaloo does this mean for your business exactly and, more importantly, what impact does this have on your Facebook Business Page?

At the last “Social Media Club” of 2012 (November), the talk I gave answered this very question (I must have ESP. lol)! The topic I spoke about was called “Branding Just Got Social” and we jammed it, sparking a fun and healthy debate….

Here is a summary of what we brainstormed about….

Top 20 Tips to Make Your Brand (Your Facebook Page, Your Business) “Social”…

  1. Use Q&A on your Facebook Business Page. Questions are interactive and not only a great way to get some free “R&D” on your Page by asking your Fans what they really want, but asking questions will also make your Fans feel important and involved. Asking questions is also great for the Engagement and EdgeRank on your Page (read more about this here…)
  2. Use your Facebook Page to network with other businesses. Take the opportunity a few minutes a week, to “Like” other business Pages that are synergistic with your brand. Take some time to share their posts. If you share the love, these businesses will love you back (and so will some of their 4,563 Fans).
  3. Share your Knowledge. Primarily, we visit your Facebook Page to learn about the topic of your business. Not to buy from you. However if you can keep me interested in your topic, the likelihood that I will buy from you down the track when I am in the market for your product, is very high. But for now, just keep me interested in what you have to say. Engage me now and I will love you later (when I am ready to buy from you in the future).
  4. Infuse your Facebook Page with Feeling. I visit so many Pages where the love has left the room, it makes me sad. If you love what you do, show it. If you don’t love what you do every day, you have bigger problems at hand.
  5. Paint a Picture for your Fans. Show your customers your Dream, the Vision of your Business, the Big Picture. Give your Fans ideas on how to use your product. Allow your Fans to have a Visual experience of your product. Give your Fans Style Guides, a  How-To series, Video Tutorials. A picture paints a thousand words.
  6. Share Memories on your Page. Share your own recollections of your business, your milestones, your achievements. Share the triumphs of your customers and celebrate your Fans successes on your Page. Make your Page a place of nostalgia, fun, support and community.
  7. Filter the News. Don’t make your Fans work for the juicy bits. It’s your job to trawl through the mountain of major stories from your Industry, Environment or Area and give your Fans the Top News that they would be most interested in. Remember, keep it relevant to your business. If you sell insurance, I am following your Page to find out Insurance Industry news, not to hear where to get the best coffee down the road from your office.
  8. Share the Love. Shout-outs are awesome and show that you are awesome too. Use “@Mentions” and “Tags” to give visibility to a company or person that has done something well. Everybody loves to be acknowledged for a job well done and there’s a lot of Kudos in Sharing the Love on your Page. It not only shows that you are collaborating online, it also shows that you are a top business to deal with offline.
  9. Tell Your Story. An existing business I started mentoring a few months ago said they had no stories to share on their Facebook Page. This made me very sad. “Seriously?” I said, “How about the story of when you first started? How about the Vision you had when you first started your business? How about any big project that you are working on? How about some exciting news in the Pipeline? How about that new trainee that started or that new product you are launching. There’s 7 stories right there.” Once I say to a business owner that YOU ARE YOUR STORY, Your Business is your Story, What is happening in your Business is your story, this opens the floodgates and the ideas start pouring out. Try this yourself by asking these very questions and see what story ideas you can come up with to share on your Facebook Page? If you need some help finding the Voice on your Page, this post here could help…. The 1st half of my book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” also concentrates on how to develop a Voice and Your Story on your Facebook Page.
  10. Tune into your Customers. Respond to their questions. Read between the lines. “Listen” to what they are asking for. REALLY LISTEN. And RESPOND.
  11. Turn up for your Customers. Take the time to interact with your Fans. DAILY. Spend at least 10 minutes a day replying to your customer comments and seeing what they have to say. This will make your Page rich, inviting and a fun place to be. My book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” condenses into 10-steps the key elements to successfully manage your Facebook Page in 10 minutes a day.
  12. Add a Shop to your Page. There is no reason why Fans cannot become Customers on your Page. It is important that your Facebook Page is a productive Social Sales Channel or you are wasting your time on Facebook. Install a shop or direct Fans to a link on your website that will allow them to Buy Online Right Now. Customers should be able to buy from you, when they are ready to, without having to look too far.
  13. Reviews. Ask for them. Chase them up. Cherish them when you get them by sharing them on your Facebook Page. Getting reviews online is like asking your friends for the best company to use when you are looking for a service. Reviews or “Social Proof” are like pink diamonds, rare, extremely valuable and give your business loads of Street-Cred, Ju-Ju, Mojo & Status.
  14. Be Active. If you turn up, DAILY, that’s half the battle. Be consistent by maintaining your Page every day. 10 minutes a day is all it takes and I show you how to most effectively spend those precious 10 minutes in my Book and Workshops.
  15. Sell the Benefits of your product.  Why should a customer buy your product and not your competitor’s? Show them why you’re better than your competition down the road.
  16. Solve a Problem. Identify what problem your product is solving and communicate this to your Fans. As a business owner, you need to understand your customers’ needs, and how to satisfy them.
  17. Have a Compelling Message and Be Clear about it. If your message is confused, folks won’t buy from you. Simple as that. You must be clear about what you are selling and who you are selling it to.
  18. Inspiration and Positivity. There is enough negativity in the world, don’t you think? Keep your Facebook Page upbeat and cool people will hang around it. Let your Page run amok and it will be as pleasant to visit as the local dumpster. Make your Page a place of inspiration, a place to be uplifted. Let the joy be there. We all crave more joy.
  19. Keep it Relevant. Ensure you only post stories and news that will be relevant to your Fans. If you post randomly, your Page has little chance of success. If you need some help outlining a Social Media Strategy for your Facebook Business Page, my next workshop is enrolling now where we build your Facebook Strategy from scratch, assuming no prior knowledge or Facebook experience….
  20. Have a Focus. Have a Plan and ensure your Social Media activities are part of your overall Business Plan and are not just a tack-on. If your Facebook Business Page is an after-thought, you will never build a community let alone Convert Fans to Paying Customers…. put some planning into your Page and you will reap the rewards by way of a strong fanbase, fans that buy from you and become repeat customers and a vibrant active Facebook page that reflects your brand well….
Are you ready to build a Brand that is Social?  If so, building a Facebook Business Page is an excellent place to start. In my upcoming Facebook For Business Workshop we build your Facebook for Business strategy from scratch. Or if you’re just dipping your toe in the Social Media Sea for now, you are most welcome to come along to the next Social Media Club where we brainstorm a range of online marketing strategies every month. These are all steps towards growing and supporting your brand online in a positive way. If you are ready to kick-off your business year for 2013 and prefer some 1-on-1 guidance, my mentoring sessions could also help.
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With Gratitude
Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.
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