The Benefits of Entering Your Street Address: Tips to Optimizing your Facebook Business Page

Optimise Facebook Business PageAlot of my clients have been asking me lately whether they should add their real street address to Business Pages? Short Answer YES! Long answer, there are many  benefits in doing this. In this post I explain the two top reasons why adding your street address will greatly improve the performance of your Page. I also explain the steps to do this….

Most folks are concerned about privacy on their personal Facebook Profiles, but there are some great benefits that go along with adding your street address to your Business Page. So business owners, I would be adding my street address pronto if you haven’t already done so….

Here are two great reasons why you need to add a real street address to your Facebook Business Page right now….

1. Subcategory. There are 3 x new fields that Facebook magically opens up for you once you add yuor street address. These 3 fields are “subcategory”. Besides your major category which your overall “type” of business, the “subcategory” allows you to refine what you do a little more. Once you add your street address, you are allwoed to add three x subcategories to your Business Page. The super-duper benefit of this that once you do this, anyone looking for your type of service in your local area, will find your Business Page as matching the type of product they are looking for. For example, if you are a Retail Store and your category is “Shop”. Once you add your street address, you can now also add more of a description of what type of “Retail Store” you are. So say you are vintage. You may be able to add “Vintage”, “Antiques” and “Second hand” as your 3 x subcategories. I have just made these up, but you get the general idea. THEN, when someone is searching for “Vintage” or “Antique” or “Second Hand” on Facebook, in your local area, your business will come up when it would not have previously come up before in a customer search.

2. Map. The 2nd major benefit of adding your street address to your Business Page, is that once you do this, your business now comes up ON THE MAP. On the Facebook  Map I mean (which is in fact a Bing map, Facebook use Bing maps. not Google Maps). So without an address, you simply don’t appear on the Facebook map. Again, it is very powerful to be able to display a map on your Business Page, it also ranks you in Facebook searches. Having a Facebook Map also helps with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but that’s a whole other post….

And what if you don’t have a shop you cry? What if you run an online business? If you are not a bricks & mortar business, do not fear, you can also use a PO BOX as your “street address” so go out and grab one today…..

How to add your street address….

  1.  Simply click on the About Box underneath your Cover photo
  2. You can enter your street address there
  3. Once you have entered this, Facebook may take 1 minute or 1 month to process your address. If the “subcategory” field and map do not appear within a few minutes, make a note to come back to this later. You will need to come back to this screen to physically type in your “subcategories” – Facebook will not fill this in for you….

For this and other great ways to optimise your Facebook for Business Page for your business success, get my book. Or if 1-on-1 is more your style, I am available for personal sessions in person, over the phone, over email or over skype….

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With Gratitude

Francesca Esposito-Rose B.Inf.Tech.

FaceBook Business Specialist

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