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Francesca, I just wanted to let you know that I found lots of things from your book really useful. When we first bought it I started reading it from cover to cover, now I go to it for reference whenever I need to and it works really well like that and I always end up reading other bits over again. My husband also tinkers with FB a bit so he has been using it too. The other thing I like about your book is that its not dry and boring. I would never normally buy a book to do with computers. but your book is very light and easy to read and that makes the information contained in there far more accessible to normal non-IT people like me.” Suzanne FlowerDay, Owner of Circle of Life Botanicals

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I have been involved with social media for several years now, both with business and personal aspects. The Like Effect gave me the confidence to have a voice instead of taking a back seat and just observing what is going on around my profile. It inspired me to build a personality for my company that is “likeable” and easy to interact with. All within a time frame of ten minutes a day. Thanks Francesca!” Michael Dlask, Co-Founder, Salumi Australia, salumi.com.au

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This book “Novice2Ninja – Facebook for Business” has been one of the best investments I have made in my business so far. It is easy to follow, informative and actually enjoyable to read! Thanks Francesca!” Sharron Rutter, Owner, Semi D’oro www.facebook.com/SemiDoro

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Being in the digital industry myself, I was sceptical to purchase a book such as ‘ The Like Effect’. But I realised, I didn’t have the time nor the patience to become an expert at social media, especially the intricate details of Facebook for business! I’ve been in the industry way too long to understand that the internet is forever moving. And Social media is no exception. It was a dark art for a while, and no one really knew what to do with it. Nor did anyone have the confidence to actually share their thoughts with the rest of the world. My clients expected me to be an expert immediately on this new platform, and I guess I should be. Hence this book came in very handy!!

The author is very thorough and digs deep into the detail, which helps put social media, as a medium, into perspective.  Her chapter summaries and on-the-spot exercises are superb and spot-on-the-mark. They forced me to apply my own perspective right there-and-then (which I find to be the hardest step when it comes to generating my own content). The author clearly explains when content would be relevant to my industry or not and I found this to be extremely helpful. After all, I only have limited time to learn this new platform of “Social Media”.

With the small investment of this book “Novice2Ninja”, I have been able apply what it taught me, not only my own business, but I also now have the confidence to advise my clients how to approach Facebook for their own businesses.” Kelly Fitzpatrick, www.calabashmedia.com

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In my line of work as a Social Media Officer for two companies, I’m finding that Social media is still a hard sell to ‘old guard’ business people for two reasons. (1) It’s not an exact science and (2) not everyone  understands the power of it. To top that off, it’s difficult to quantify the real results you get as a direct result of the hard work you put into Social Media, let alone measuring the benefits of the time you take to create the content.

This in particular is why The Like Effect “Novice2Ninja” is an ideal tool for businesses everywhere. Not only does it demystify the toughest social media market around (the Facebook universe being the domain that everyone wants to rule in), but it does so in language that is both insightful, funny and easily accessible. Because of this, this book is a great resource for both high-end executives who want to understand why their company suddenly requires a Social Media Team, and also to the mum and dad small business owners who want to put their name on the map.

While Facebook is one piece of the social media puzzle (but a large one), this book is a valuable tool for the first time user who suddenly finds they are taking the reigns of the company Facebook page. And while more experienced social media experts may already be familiar with some content of the book, it’s an essential read regardless of how experienced you are in social media as this book really gives you everything you need to know about how to be successful in Facebook for business, on a plate, so that you’re not wasting your time.

But what this book does most brilliantly, is that it teaches everyone the value of customer engagement at all costs. Fan engagement is a value that this book actually measures and weighs. But the book goes one step further. It actually teaches you how to measure the social media results of your own company! So just for this reason alone, it is easy to recommend this book. But there are many other reasons why both the inexperienced and the experienced social media initiates should be reading this book right now. “  Alex Rappel, Web Communications and Social Media Officer for www.canstar.com.au and www.FasterLouder.com

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The Like Effect is THE 101 for Facebook success, and the insights in this book offer timeless advice that can be applied to all marketing vehicles. Even if Facebook as we know it was wiped off cyberspace tomorrow, the concept of user generated content, and the use of social media to engage customers is here to stay!! The creation of unique content to entertain and relate to your customers is a concept that is relatively new in the timeline of marketing. Never before have we had such personal access to our current and potential customers. So many businesses struggle with how to deal with this personal relationship and The Like Effect demystifies this with a clear and concise Back to Basics approach.  The Like Effect “Novice2Ninja” guides you through the process, and encourages you to stick with what you do best as a business, and embrace the fact that ‘You are your story’! It also demystifies the fear of inviting unbridled customer feedback. This book’s positive approach to feedback as an opportunity for product development and genuine discussion, is a refreshing take on ‘putting your money where your mouth is’. Both as a Media professional with 20 years experience, and as the wife of a Director of a Small to Medium business, I say this book is a must read!”  Philippa Spork, Integration Strategist, SMG Red, Seven Network, Brisbane

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I recently read thelikeffect “Novice2Ninja” and it’s a must read! As the executive director of a national events business I felt I didn’t have time for Facebook. How wrong was I! We now realise that it’s an integral cog of our marketing mix. I have now engaged a new strategy to improve my online presence. I found the chapters on frequency of posting especially relevant. We found the book was well written and fun and the succinct summary tables are really helpful as I will be using my Melbourne manager to manage a new campaign for our business. Thanks to thelikeffect for pulling us into the 21st century! And for older businesses and the non tech savvy that are complaining about the online curse stealing away their incomes – it’s time to embrace and glean the benefits of the e-revolution.” Tuc Markandu, Executive Director, www.toplessevents.com

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This book “Facebook Business Success” is taking me ages to read. Why? Because although I thought I knew social media and Facebook, I obviously don’t. I have to keep stopping reading to fix something I am doing wrong. Brilliant stuff. ” David, David Freund Photography, www.DavidFreund.com.au

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Francesca taught me so much, she is generous and patient.” Eva Heath, Heath’s Antiques www.heathsoldwares.com.au

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Started reading the book “Novice2Ninja” today. Even though we already have a Facebook page, I have already picked up some valuable tips :) ” Sue Walker, Owner, Stewart’s Menswear, www.stewartsmenswear.com.au

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As a lawyer I do ALOT of reading and I’ll tell you why this book is excellent, Francesca has done very well at packaging what is essentially a multi-faceted and sometimes very complex material in an accessible and enjoyable way. This book is so very well done, that I would have to give it “top marks” and it hands-down “goes to the top of the class” in the topic area of Social Media and Internet Marketing. This book is a massive pat on the back for this author and a wonderful credit to Francesca as a writer; it is the only Social Media book (and I have read quite a few) that has really helped me understand how to truly integrate Social Media into my business effectively and successfully within the area of law.” NC, solicitor (name withheld upon request due to professional reasons)

Francesca was amazing to work with as a mentor for my business. She was efficient, insightful, compassionate and very knowledgeable. The depth of her knowledge just blew me away. She took my business from a holding pattern and propelled me forward, but what I loved most was that she tailored everything to suit my business which was great, I didn’t feel like I was getting generic advice. She really knows her stuff. I can highly recommend Francesca to streamline any business. ” Melinda

Buying this book is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. I loved it to bits. It was simple to read and gave me every step I needed to go from the very beginning to advanced. I had no clue where to start in Facebook but this book gave me everything I needed to know and I haven’t needed any other resource – “Facebook Business Success” had everything I needed in one neat package. I loved the real examples, the method was easy, the quotes were inspirational page after page. Where’s the “love” button? I’m stoked that I’ve graduated to “Ninja” status of managing my Facebook business page in 10 minutes a day. Woo-hah” Kerry

My boss asked me to look after our “Social Media Strategy” one Friday lunch time – and I do have a traditional marketing background – but I was secretly freaked out – I had no idea how to run a Facebook Page for a business! I knew I needed to do something fast and a crash course over the weekend seemed like a good solution – then this book caught my eye. It was insightful and thorough, and I was able to get the job done quickly because the book shows you all the precise steps you need to do.  By COB Friday I’m freaked out and by SOB Monday I’m the expert. I loved thelikeffect so much that I also signed up for Francesca’s weekly email support. It’s just nice to know I have some security and personal support from a Facebook Business Specialist as I have needed to hit that “Panic button” a few times….. highly recommend to any business or SMO  starting out….” Nathan


Wow, I love thelikeffect the book. I love thelikeffect the people. These guys are really great. Francesca is very warm and friendly and really knowledgeable. I setup my Business Facebook page ages ago but I was stumped with what to do and found myself staring at a blank screen. Then I found thelikeffect. I didn’t know how to move forward but Francesca quickly got me onto the right tracks. She knows so much – she’s absolutely brilliant at what she does. I highly recommend Francesca to anyone that is frustrated with their Facebook Business page that’s not working for them.” Marina K. Sydney